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Sexy Master Bedroom Diy Makeover!

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Does your master bedroom need a makeover?

How do you feel when you enter your master bedroom? What thoughts come to mind? If you don't have any thoughts on it, or if you feel overwhelmed by it, you may need a master bedroom makeover! Notice your physical and emotional response when entering your room, do you feel tired, lonely, stressed out, or overwhelmed? Simple changes can be made to improve stress levels, relaxation, and enticing romance.

Besides the kitchen and bathroom, your bedroom should make you feel safe, comfortable, and in the mood!

How colors affect the mood in your home

The function of a master bedroom

Your master bedroom should first and foremost serve 3 main functions before having any other purpose...

  1. Your room should be relaxing and enticing for sleep
  2. Your room should be clean and safe for when you are ill or sick
  3. Your room should be a retreat for relaxation, and nurturing to your relationship (if you are in one)- Have some SEX!

You don't have to be an interior designer!

You don't have to be an interior designer to have a nicely decorated home or bedroom. When in doubt, keep things clean and simple. Solid colors can be calming especially earth tones, or clean colors.

The first thing to do is to remove clutter, trash, and junk. Anything work-related should be removed and organized someplace else. Your bedroom should never double as your office space. Any electronics you do not need should be removed, such as TV's, extra lamps or lights, radios, humidifiers, air purifiers, fans. If these items are not used or needed for sleep or romance, remove them. Avoid eating in your room unless you are sick. It's not the kitchen!

Pick up clothes and organize them. It's not sexy to see dirty socks or underwear on the floor, nor should the room make you feel like you have chores to do. Get rid of clutter and garbage. If you keep books in your room, organize them neatly. Choose simple functional comfortable linens and blankets. Sometimes patterns are to busy and are distracting to the mind, preventing solid restful sleep. Adding solid color curtains or blinds are nice too. If the light is an issue, hang blackout fabric over any windows. You can secure it easily with push pins and not severely damage your walls. Blackout fabric can be obtained by the yard from a fabric store for a few dollars, which is much cheaper than buying specific blackout blinds.

Your room should be your private retreat a place to rejuvenate. Remind other family members the importance and courtesy of always knocking before entering. Other than a beloved pet, spouse, or lover, no one should be in your bedroom but you. Children especially, do not allow them to have territory in your bedroom, from the moment they are born they are learning to be independent and should sleep and lounge in their own bedrooms, not yours!

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Add some romance!

To create an atmosphere that promotes love, try these suggestions...

When in a relationship, think in pairs. Your room should be balanced with two lamps, two nightstands, and an equal amount of pillows on both sides...think side by side symmetry. Try solid colored linens for a clean contemporary look. Some fabrics are especially nice depending on your mood or the time of year. Consider splurging on a nice set of high thread count sheets (600 is usually very comfortable, and anything over that you rarely notice as better), flannel sheets are nice during colder months, and silk, satin, or something equally as slippery can be fun for those romantic nights! Add softly scented candles for more ambiance, or LED battery-powered candles for "mood" without worry. Dimmable lights or color changing lights are a nice touch. Some small battery-operated fountains are nice too. A framed photo of you and your spouse/lover is a nice touch as well.

Try a few of these suggestions and I guarantee you will find that your mindset and mood changes when entering your master bedroom, which will improve your overall well-being and quality of life.

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Kathy Tobacco from Fayetteville, Georgia on February 16, 2017:

Much of this advice is sound. However, the suggestion to splurge on high thread count sheets as high as 600 could lead people astray. High tread count does not equal better sheets and often 600 would be marketing overkill that could leave you with heavy stiff sheets that pill. Better advice is to do research and learn what you prefer in feel, and then do more research to find a set of sheets that would meet your desires. My 300 count Sol organic sheets are the softest cotton sheets I have ever felt in my life and were less than 150 for King Size. But I like a light percale feel. I recommend the sheet advice at Sleepopolis where I got 20% off for my sheets. Also I would add that a sexy bedroom should reflect the woman's style and taste, and even use her monogram on the sheets and pillows. Men like to be invited into a woman's world.

Rebecca (author) from USA on January 13, 2013:

Thank you! :)

peachy from Home Sweet Home on January 13, 2013:

Making the master bedroom a romantic place to settle down is a good idea to enhance the romance in the air. Good tips. Well done hub.

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