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Motherhood Chronicles: Reasons Why Solid Area Rugs With Borders Are a Good Idea.

Charlene loves all things home related and has a wide range of knowledge/skills learnt day-to-day as a caregiver, home-maker, mom and wife

"I love when my kids tell me they're bored. As if the lady standing in front of a full sink of dirty dishes is where you go to get ideas about how to have a good time.'-Anonymous



When you are a mother and a furry-pet owner then having nice things is not always possible. Let me elaborate: As a woman, we all love to look good and usually have grooming levels. When you are single these levels include being buffed, smooth and glossy however once you are a mother that level is significantly lowered to smelling your t-shirts before putting them on, and having a shower is the equivalent of a spa treatment.

The same can be said for our homes, where we have the definition of what a home is. When we single or without child then having neutral and light aesthetically pleasing visual touches all over our home. That glass piece that looks like a crystalized fairy you inherited from grandma or how about that alabaster armoire from great Aunt Mertle or even that gorgeous, lush carpet piece from Rome...well, once you are a mom then those beauties need to all go into storage till your youngest turns 16.


Unless of course greasy fingerprints can be disguised as modern art or food spills becomes Feng shui then yip you need to lower your ‘feels like home’ vibes. As a mom, if the kids are happy and fed then that is a win for the day. Moms' needs fall on the wayside sometimes, that is why for sanity's sake compromises need to be made. Today’s motherhood chronicle leads to the compromise of home deco using a solid area rug with borders and the reasons it could work as a balance in having something aesthetically pleasing in your home.


· Ideal for children and pets

Kids and pets can be hard on your area rug, therefore, choose the area rug that is durable, easier to clean, and ideal for your children and pets. Overall, you need an area rug for your home that is supremely soft yet sturdy, so that kids and pets can play on it comfortably.

· Designs

Designs are not instinctual, particularly when it is about choosing what works for you. A wacky design can make your room look modern or well, not especially if it does not suit your taste. Therefore, it is always important to invest in an eye-catching rug design that can complement the furniture and walls of YOUR space more effectively.

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· Quality

Sure, the quality of your rug will affect its longevity and reliability. Therefore, it is a good idea to choose a rug made of high-quality material that will hold up to your daily life therefore choose the quality of area rugs you can rely on for an extended period of time.

· Affordable and elegant

In the right place, area rugs are meant to enhance the overall look of your space. However, it is important to choose an elegant area rug to décor your space wisely which will enhance the aesthetic of your room properly by placing it strategically.


· Easy to clean.

Clean your rug as instructed. Undoubtedly, area rugs are made up of different materials, therefore, cleaning and care of these rugs will vary. To take the best care of your area rug, it is important to see the instructions on its packaging and this care will ensure the longevity of your area rug.

General tips to take care and clean your area rugs.

  • Vacuum your area rugs on a regular basis to avoid any dirt and debris build upon them.
  • Vacuums cannot pick pet hairs from area rugs. To remove these, you have to brush your area rug.
  • Foot traffic can put extra stress on your area rug. Make sure to keep turning these on and off to even out the wear on every side.


No matter what type of solid area rugs you have, a little attention and care can help you to keep them in good shape for long. I advocate and prefer the rugs with borders because somehow it brings a certain Je ne sais quoi to my rooms since it seems like a structured look. At least as a mom, you can have a touch of pretty and structure somewhere even if it is not you specifically. Well, I speak of myself here, as I type this article wearing stretch pants with a stained T-shirt and my curls in wild disarray. Hey, I pick my battles...


Charlene Gallant (author) from Cape Town, South Africa on February 01, 2021:

Hi Pamela yes I agree hey adults are sometimes just as messy as kids( my hubby being a prime example lol).Thanks for your interest:)

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on January 30, 2021:

I like area rugs, and I like your very practical suggestions, Charlene. I don't have young children at home, but it is amazing how much dirt adults bring in also. I like the cute ending of your article. Thank you for sharing.

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