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Reasons to Join Your Neighborhood’s Facebook Page

Abby Slutsky has enjoyed being a member of various neighborhood Facebook groups.

When building a new home, you can get help from neighbors who have been through the process.  Special thanks to Pixabay for use of your photo.

When building a new home, you can get help from neighbors who have been through the process. Special thanks to Pixabay for use of your photo.

Whether you are building a new home or already part of a neighborhood, the perks of joining a Facebook page that is for your specific neighborhood can be beneficial. Here are some reasons why you should join one.

Reasons to Join Your Neighborhood Facebook Page if You Are Building or Not Local

1. Making New Friends

If you are building in a new neighborhood and relocating to a new area, a neighborhood Facebook page can provide a way to connect with your future neighbors from afar. Making friends online gives you an opportunity to connect with people who have common interests. Building a home can take a long time, so online communication can give you the time to build a friendship that can form a foundation for when you meet in-person.

2. Neighborhood Discounts

You may be able to learn about discounts that are available for out-of-towners who are moving to the area. For example, I recently learned about a discount code that gives those building a home, discounted hotel rooms in the area if they book at certain designated area hotels. If you are checking on the progress of your home periodically, travel-related discounts can add up to hundreds of dollars.

3. Insight Into the Builder

Neighbors may share their concerns or praise for the builder. Some existing home owners will provide tips that may make your dealings with the builder go smoothly.

Quick Overview of Reasons to Join a Neighborhood Facebook Page When Building a Home

This quickly highlights the benefits of joining a neighborhood Facebook group if you are building a new home.

Connect with new friends.Identify neighborhood discounts.Learn about the builder.
Have something for sale? It may be just what one of your neighbors needs.

Have something for sale? It may be just what one of your neighbors needs.

Reasons to Join Your Neighborhood’s Facebook Page Whether You Are Already Local or Moving to the Area

1. Neighbors Are Likely to Provide Valuable Information

No matter what information you need, it is likely that one of your neighbors or future neighbors may be a solid source for getting it. Here is a list of info that comes to mind, but this list is by no means exhaustive:

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  • Recommended contractors
  • Recommended physicians
  • Home inspectors
  • Babysitters
  • Local merchant information
  • Playgroup or school information
  • House of Worship suggestions
  • Hair stylist recommendations
  • Information about local children’s sports teams

2. Pet Information

Since pet information includes a host of items, furry friends deserve their own section. A neighborhood Facebook page can share information about local dog parks, veterinarians, dog walkers, kennels, groomers and favorite pet-friendly restaurants and hotels. Additionally, I have seen posts for missing pets or announcements about neighbors finding pets and looking for their owners.

3. Activities and Event Notifications

If you are interested in becoming active in your community, it is nice to know what is happening there. Every neighborhood offers different amenities, While some may have nothing more than an annual block party organized by neighbors, others have extensive activity schedules organized by professional activity directors. Your involvement depends on your ability to know the schedule, Alternately, if you want to create an event, a neighborhood Facebook group is the perfect place to generate interest, get help and build momentum for your own event.

4. Help Dispose of Unwanted Items

Every move seems to require purging of unwanted items. Even if you dispose of many items in preparation for your move, it is likely that you will arrive at your new home with another round of items that you do not really need or want. A neighborhood Facebook page may be the ideal place to learn about a local, online marketplace or nearby thrift store, In some instance you may find a home or buyer for an item on the neighborhood Facebook page.

5. Neighborhood Danger or Hazard Notification

These notifications can vary vastly. I have seen information about construction nuisances, problems with common neighborhood areas, and warnings about wild animals.

Joining a neighborhood Facebook group goes beyond increasing your circle of friends. It gives you the ability to make the most of your neighborhood and community by helping you transition into an active resident. It also allows you to know your neighborhood, so you feel confident and safe within it. If you haven’t joined your neighborhood Facebook page, consider joining. In many cases, you will have to apply as they are usually private groups dedicated to the concerns of your specific neighborhood.

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