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Raymond Everill & Sons, Limehouse studio

Stunningly hand painted

The most beautiful plate I have ever seen from the "Evesham" collection

The most beautiful plate I have ever seen from the "Evesham" collection

My first purchase- the bowl

My first purchase- the bowl

Even the inside of the bowl is beautifully painted.

Even the inside of the bowl is beautifully painted.

Full sized sugar bowl

Full sized sugar bowl

matching plate in pastel colours

matching plate in pastel colours

An imposing family tea pot

An imposing family tea pot

Victorian Birds

Victorian Birds

Minature tea set

Minature tea set

Same tea set but with Paul Smith and different shapes

Same tea set but with Paul Smith and different shapes

My minature tea set that I thought was "Eveshan"

My minature tea set that I thought was "Eveshan"

Matching tray for the tea set

Matching tray for the tea set







My one oddity, I don't think it is hand painted

My one oddity, I don't think it is hand painted

Raymond Everill

I know very little about Raymond Everill, what I do know is pieced together by hearsay and comments by dealers when I have bought his works. I have tried to assemble what I do know and let the painting speak for itself.

What started me to collect

I started my collection about two years ago when I bought a bowl at an auction and thought how beautiful it was- the bowl seemed to follow me around the auction room lingering in my thoughts until I was lucky enough to get the winning piece. How little did I know that this one lot would start me on a quest to discover what I could of the makers origins.

Check the back stamp

Every piece I have from Raymond Everill has a back stamp on it with at least Raymond Everill and Sons, sometimes Stoke on Trent is added and sometimes the name of the pattern. When I bought the plate in the first photo it was marked "Evesham" so I now feel quite confident that this is the "Evesham" pattern.

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The attention to detail is remarkable- as you can see the pattern of the bowl continues on the inside as well as the outside , you can even see the individual brush strokes- totally astounding to me.

Nearly every piece by Everill bears his signature, R Everill, sometimes it is so hidden within the painting that you really have to search.

Somewhat naively I originally thought that the Everill's would have a factory that made the china and then passed it to dad who did the painting. It appears from common beliefs held by many I have spoken to, that the company bought in blanks made by Spode and then hand painted them. Indeed further hearsay also says that Raymond Everill had been a painter at Spode and then when the painting went abroad, a move which contributed to the companies demise, he opened up his own business as this was what he had spent his life doing.

Minature painting

I think what really demonstrates his outstanding ability is his miniature work. The work on normal sized objects is outstanding but when transferred into miniature it is out of this world. I cant convey the superlatives needed to describe this work. My first piece was a tea set with birds on. I have found two pieces which are marked as being Victorian Birds which is probably more accurate than the description it was sold under which was "Birds of Paradise"

I own two minature sets which are very similar, indeed I initially thought I had bought one I already had until I looked closely at it. The cups , pots and bowls are in a different shape.. I try to buy pieces that are of the same pattern but a different shape. I have found that there are a wide range of pieces from plates and bowls to pirate chests! ( I missed that at auction as it went too high for my meagre budget)

Further investigation on this showed that one of the Backstamps was made by" Raymond Everill and Paul Smith." Further investigations have shown a range of items that were made under this label. I have seen advertised, a clock, urns and lidded pots with this backstamp.

Based in the Midlands, England

Initially I understood that Raymond Everill sold his work at Antique fairs throughout the Midlands , perhaps because he was based in Stoke on Trent and travel would have been easier. Obviously he must have changed business direction at some point producing goods for Paul Smith. I have seen both miniature and full sized work in this genre.

Sometimes the patterns are ever so similar but not quite the same. I expect this is because of the individualism shown in each piece of work. I have a minature tea set in what I originally thought was the "Evesham" pattern, yet when you look closely at it there is quite a difference.

Some of the miniature sets come on trays- which are beautiful as they have a large enough surface to capture the true beauty of the pattern.

Sometimes I buy odd pieces. I have included photos of them as other collectors may just recognise what they have any perhaps if their piece is named, they could tell me the pattern. All of these are miniatures and all are so very beautiful

There are some pieces that I don't have, despite my intensive efforts to find them. By browsing through old on line auction catalogues I have become aware that Raymond Everill hand painted figurines. I understand that they were numbered in a series as when the come up in these catalogues they are always numbered 1 or 6 or 9 and so forth.

I do have one anomaly in my collection, which I sense was perhaps a change of direction for Everill that may or may not have continued as I don't have any other evidence and I have never seen another piece like it, I just don't know! I bought a small tankard at acution. The Backstamp is Everill and Sons but there is no signature that I can see, which is highly unlikely. Much of the surface remains the original white and the design does not seem to be handpainted . However aside from that It is a lovely tankard and I would willingly own other pieces like it


How much is a piece of Everill worth? It really is down to demand at the time of purchase. I have paid anything between £1 and £5 for odd pieces and between £15 and £50 for the tea sets. I have seen the "Evesham" pattern on sale for significantly more. However, as with everything it is only worth what it is worth to an individual on the day that they buy it. In some respects I see it as my childrens pension fund. I estimate that these items were painted somewhere in the 1980s to 1990s and will only start to realise their value when more people become collectors. Latey most of the minature tea sets I have seen for sale on sites such as E bay are in the £40 range, without trays- which is quite sad as the trays make a good stand to display them on.

If anyone has any information on Raymond Everill and the work that he did please let me know as I am sure that there are a lot of fans out there who just don't know anything about their favourite pottery painter.

Please have a look at the comments on this hub as that is where this information finds its way.


Naomi on January 28, 2019:

I have some pieces that my Nan has collected over the years - she never quite managed a set and always wanted the teapot - which you have! I was just wondering if I could send pictures and you could tell me if they’re worth holding on to or if you yourself would be interested in them?

Teresa Robson on June 19, 2017:

I just bought a vase with lid at an auction. Until then I had never heard the name. Shame on me as I am British

Frances Horne on November 15, 2015:

Fascinating information thank you. I have some lovely pieces of Raymond Everill hand painted Evesham pieces including a stunning tea pot and dinner plates. The painting is exquisite. I didn't know anything about the artist until I read this.

andywells on January 06, 2015:

Should anyone consider selling then I would be happy to hear from them.

Paul blatherwick on December 22, 2014:

I owned a China shop in Matlock derbyshire some15years ago and dealt with Ray for some years .He was a terrific craftsman and even sculptured assorted figures and items before concentrating on chinaware. I also have retained certain pieces of one-offs in memory with at least two totally hand painted dishes, one directly off his lounge wall! he was a terrific craftsman and would love to catch up with him again!!

Mandy novacki on August 25, 2014:


Just thought you may want to know I have a large collection of Raymond Everilles "country cottage"all pieces are signed and dated from late 80's early 90's.let me know if you want to know more about them as like you I also think they are stunning pieces.

MrsVivien Upton on January 23, 2014:

I have a several pieces or everill pottery they are all the same pattern, the fruit one, I also have a mniture tea set in both in the fruit pattern and another one in a pattern i would describe as poppy both have their trays. The latter one I bought on Ebay because I liked it, it was not until it arrived I realised it was an everill that cost me £10 about three or four years ago.

I too knew nothing about the Everill pottery, but I have to say I agree that it is beautiful, and is of great quality, I too hope one day it will be of value to my children. PS I enjoyed reading these comments, it is nice to know there are other collecters out there

Barbara on January 10, 2014:

So pleased to see the interest in the work of Raymond Everill as I have quite a collection of his pottery and a Toby Jug style Ann Bolyn and Henry Vlll. Some of what I have was purchased in Stratford on Avon where we saw a full size teapot, cream jug and sugar bowl in the Evesham design which I just had to have. We were told that a lot of his work was going abroad to America and Japan via the tourists. My collection consists of the aforesaid set , six cups and saucers, bread and butter plate, soup toureen, (medium size) soup toureen (large) trinket box and temple jar. All this in the Evesham design. Also I have a similar collection of Impressionist which includes a tray and an extra temple jar. I have a large display cabinet full of the stuff which is most admired. So pleased to see so much interest as people don't seem to be collecting anything anymore. Younger people seem to be more minimalist which I think is a great pity. I

john on November 20, 2013:

Appears to signed for Bankruptcy in 1991.

Lisa 333 on September 12, 2013:

Yes your right G Everill is one of Raymond's sons.

CASE1WORKER (author) from UNITED KINGDOM on April 06, 2012:

Yvette Humphries- I have a country cottage sugar bowl but it is actually painted by G. Everill- Raymond's son (as far as I know).

I bought my bull in a china shop in Stratford Upon Avon- (near the river) they had a little of Everill left but it was 18 months ago.

Apart from that I tend to watch sites like E bay to see what comes up, or read the catalogues of local auction houses- it is a little like looking for a needle in a haystack but when you get a piece you like it is a great feeling.

Yvette Humphries on April 06, 2012:

I have a beautiful tea cup and saucer. The design is country cottage, bought from a charity shop and I love it. I cannot find any pieces the same on line or know very little about him. Can you recommend where to look for designs and info

CASE1WORKER (author) from UNITED KINGDOM on March 23, 2012:

Anyone wishing to sell-I see quite a lot of items for sale on e bay

chris on March 22, 2012:

My dad has collected miniture teasets from lime house i don't no what to do with them as there are about 10 diferent sets brought in the 1990s i think

brian on August 08, 2011:

raymond everill and sons lime house 22 gladstone st basford stoke on trent st46jg.designs in production latterly 1990/91 bramble princess royal evesham impressionist victorian birds harvest gold country cottage

CASE1WORKER (author) from UNITED KINGDOM on July 24, 2011:

Audrey- lucky you- I havenot bought anything for a couple of months- keep looking though and good luck with your search!

audrey on July 24, 2011:

Hi Caseworker - I have just found today - in the loft !!! a beautiful lamp base which is the same as the urns I already have, (but the base is not separate) - complete with a matching shade, which is cream edged with matching colours. This too I purchased from the shop in Stratford. I had forgotten I had put it there for safe keeping, it is now sitting alongside the others on my sofa table. Still looking for more pieces, but hard to source.

CASE1WORKER (author) from UNITED KINGDOM on June 22, 2011:

I have seen plate paintings but not one of haddon hall

Sharon on June 22, 2011:

Has anyone come across a haddon hall painting by R Everill, as I have a plate with it on.

CASE1WORKER (author) from UNITED KINGDOM on April 24, 2011:

Audrey- I went in that shop in February! I think G Everill was the son of the firm! They still have a few pieces but not many

Audrey on April 24, 2011:

I too have some pieces of his work, which I purchased several years ago in a beautiful china shop in Stratford upon Avon. I have the bowl, small vase, bell, teapot (signed by G Everill though) and 2 stunning urns with lids on a stand. Somewhere in the house, I have a brochure that I got at the time of purchase. Raymond Everill signs, and adds a date but G Everill has not.

Hard to source !!! also have been looking. These items were all purchased in Stratford, whilst we were on holiday. The detail, and skills in his paintings are amazing.

CASE1WORKER (author) from UNITED KINGDOM on November 05, 2010:

wow! if there is anything i am wrong on please e mail me and i will correct it. I adore his work it is so delicate yet so vivid! The first day I saw my Evesham bowl I just knew I wanted it and each piece is the same. Any background on Mr Everill would be appreciated as this man deserves his place in history

Lisa on November 05, 2010:

Yes he really is very talented. I have had the pleasure of looking at a lot of his work over the years and been lucky enough to see him work on different pieces as he is my uncle.

CASE1WORKER (author) from UNITED KINGDOM on May 21, 2010:

thanks, if not an investment i will still enjoy

Rob Hanlon from Epicentre of everywhere on May 21, 2010:

Fascinating topic, very informative on the practicalities (prices) and possibly an investment for the very near future (?). Great stuff.

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