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The RAYCOP RS Pro UV+/Steamless Heat Handheld Allergen Vacuum Cleans The Unseen


There’s More In Bed Than Just You

People spend a lot of time in bed, and it’s not all about sleeping. But while everyone knows to regularly wash the sheets and pillowcases, few seem aware that there’s a lot going on below the surface — as in that they’re sharing the bed with others in the animal kingdom. So let’s get specific even though it’s going to be a bit ugly: the human body is not this clean pristine shape, because skin flakes are constantly coming off, along with other effluvium that is normal for the human body to shed. And it all goes onto the bed, onto the pillows. Now why is this a problem, even if the sheets/pillowcases get washed every week or whenever? Because all this organic detrimus is “food” for microscopic creatures called dust mites. These guys live in the bed and wait for their manna from heaven. Good for them, but not so for humans. That’s because as bad as bacteria and viruses are, dust mites’ feces are worse as they cause allergic reactions. And as there’s tons of these guys, this is really, really bad news. And don’t forget about bacteria and viruses because they’re around too.

So what can you do other than wash everything every other minute (or never sleep in a bed again)? You need to find a way to sanitize — but you also need to do more than just vacuum up the dust mites’ junk; you need to find a way to kill off those dust mites in the first place. And be able to keep on killing them. So isn’t it good that The RAYCOP makes the RS Pro UV+/Steamless Heat | Handheld Allergen Vacuum?


The RS Pro UV+ Does A Lot

The RS Pro is a hand-held vacuum device that does a lot more than just vacuum up detrimus. To start with, it looks space-age because it’s a curved white wing with a handle at the top that is nicely balanced when it’s placed against a surface. No battery here, because there’s a cord that’s plugged into the wall. It’s a good thing that there’s a lot of power coming in, because here’s what is being powered: a vibrating brush; a UV (ultra violet) light, a steamless heated element. So what does all this do? Going with the basics, if you’re going to remove stuff from sheets/pillowcases, then you need to pull this off — which means a vacuum device pulling it all up. In this case it’s a pulsating brush vibrating some 30,000 pulses every minute. Think of it like pounding the heck out of a surface to make what embedded into it come to the surface. A vacuum sucks this up and off it goes through a HEPA filter and then gets deposited into a repository dust bin. This chamber, which is at the top of the RS Pro, is easily pulled out and the inner section which also has a filter holding junk (like dead mites, skin flakes, etc.) can be removed and dumped out. Then give it a simple water cleaning, dry it and return all back as it was.But don’t do it in the kitchen sink — take it to the bathroom and clean it there/let it dry there and wash your hands fully afterwards.


Killing Dust Mites

So this sounds good but shouldn’t there be a lot more going on before that suction does its thing? For sure — there’s that UV light zapping 99% of the bacteria and viruses away (btw - the blue light seen is not UV so no fears for seeing it). But there’s yet another aspect of the RS Pro that is actual death. It’s a built-in blower that sends 150 degrees of hot air that kills nearly 100% of those pesky dust mites. So it’s not just about removing the dust mites’ detriment from a surface, it’s about killing them outright. This is a big deal.

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A Hand-Held That Vacuums Up, Sanitizes and Kills What Isn’t Wanted

Using the RS Pro is pretty simple — especially since the AC cord is attached/ positioned next to one side so as to keep it getting bunched up. Plugged in, the power button that is situated at the top of the handle lights up. A single press turns on the steamless heat, the actuating brushes and the UV light (the UV glow is seen in two top side vents - never aim the UV light at a person or pets’ eyes). You then run it against the bed or cushion, etc in a back and forth manner so as to cover the entire surface area of what you are working on. The system of filtering keeps the junk being collected from expelling back into the air too. But maybe the most important part is the simplest — in that the handle is designed for a comfortable grip and operation which makes using the RS Pro a pleasant experience. And while the vacuum works immediately, as does the UV, give it 5 minutes or so to take care of the dust mites (the eggs being handled by the UV).


As should be obvious, the RS Pro UV+/Steamless Heat | Handheld Allergen Vacuum isn’t limited to working on a bed — couches, cushions and other furniture that people spend time on will benefit as well (dog beds need not be ignored). And for those who look askance at the heating aspect, there’s two similar models but without heat: the RN, which has a strong brushing action for pet owners, and the Lite, which is their most affordable model. More details on this and the other models can be found at

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