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Rainbows are MAGIC

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One of my creations inspired by Rainbows - Follow Your Dreams

One of my creations inspired by Rainbows - Follow Your Dreams

Let's face it, the mad virus has evidently done tricks with our sense of being, and disturbed our equilibrium. The shock, the cooped-up feeling, the anxiety of having to go out with a face mask not knowing what you'll bring back with you, the mundaneness of daily life having to come up with ideas for what to cook, what to do with kids, and how to go about things can really make one dull. Yes, we totally feel grateful for being around our loved ones and pray everyone stays safe, but the 'grey' feeling is never ending...

This is where small random joys play a big part in rescuing us from ebbing away. A text from a friend with a hilarious meme, a surprise peck on the cheek from your child, the rare 10 minute a week empty laundry basket, the warm coffee you had in peace for maybe once in 3 days, and so on...but nothing beats the collective joy of spotting a RAINBOW. The sheer joy and chirpiness around the house when everyone races to grab their phones to take their best picture of the day, all the while thinking of posting it on social media, that joy my friend, is priceless! I have found that surprise rainbow spotting a much needed push to cheer the heck up!

Double rainbow spotted in London

Double rainbow spotted in London

I have collected many a rainbow pictures over the years, each with a distinct memory of nothing but happiness, mostly around my children. It's funny how quickly the rhyme of the day changes from Incy Wincy to anything to do with colours. Mine love to uncap their sharpies and doodle away more rainbows on paper, while I enjoy dipping my paintbrush into my Kureteke Gansai Tambi paints and make some of my own to put them up in my studio...clearly, the random rainbow spotting has something to do with this need for creativity within the family. A much needed relief, even for a little while, from screens!

In the UK, during the pandemic first wave, every Thursday at 8pm, we would gather at our doors and clap for a full minute for the NHS as a collective 'thank you'. My children were the most enthusiastic in painting Rainbows to display on our windows (dozens!), and probably the noisiest in our street. Someone on social media groups even joked that one of their children called the natural rainbow a 'Covid19' logo! I couldn't disagree at that child's logic to be honest! I doubt we'd ever forget the association, especially in the UK, between the coronavirus pandemic and rainbows.

Small acts of kindness

Colourful Thank You card made by my children for the grocery delivery person.

Colourful Thank You card made by my children for the grocery delivery person.

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So what have we learnt about these MAGICAL rainbows, you ask? That it instills a childlike joy in young and old alike, that you can't avoid paint and sharpie marks, eek; that you must have space in your phone or camera to capture this natural beauty to avoid disappointment, and that it brings people together, both at home, and on social media when you share one! So don't feel shy, now that you know the MAGIC it creates, go ahead and paint your own rainbow, make a sweet rainbow card for someone, share a picture with your friends, and don't hold back your smile, it's needed, and very precious for our mental wellbeing, specially during these uncertain times! Enjoy the Magic of Rainbows!


Manjushree Abhinav on August 31, 2020:

Wow, that's so beautiful. The image plus the imagination.

Alice Nie from shenzhen china on August 30, 2020:

romantic people do like rainbow

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