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Qualities of a Good Electrician


Every individual, at some stage, requires an electrician to take care of his house’s electrical services and maintenance. An electrician is responsible for doing all the jobs that are related to electrical wirings etc. If you are hiring a person, you must be aware of all the important qualities that a good electrician possesses. Having this knowledge will assist you in identifying between ‘electricians’ and ‘great electricians.

What are some of the Important Qualities of a Good Electrician?

Following are some of the important qualities that a good electrician has. The knowledge of these qualities is crucial, while determining that which electrician you should hire.

1. Well-Qualified and Certified:

A good electrician must always be well-qualified and certified according to his relevant field. There are various educational programs that are designed specifically to enhance the under-training electricians’ skills and capabilities in this field. When a person qualifies in these examinations, he comes as a more refined, experience and capable electrician than he was before.

2. Relevant Experience:

A good electrician also has the required level of relevant experience, which enables him to tackle all the different situations that may arise during his professional life. An experienced electrician also knows the ins and outs of his business, and can help you in many problems. Having a good amount of experience is an added quality to a very good electrician.

3. Price Estimate:

A good electrician is the one, who is able to give you a near-perfect estimate for your whole project. He does not avoid giving you a ceiling price for the entire amount of work. If he is not too sure about an estimate or a quote, he asks you for a visit, in order to judge the amount.

4. Honesty:

One of the biggest qualities of a good electrician, that unlike many others, he is an honest person to work with. There are many electricians, who only try to rip you off from your hard-earned money. A good electrician is the one, who is an honest with you for the entire project, gives you a fair estimate of the price, and gives the best of his services.

You can judge the honesty of a certain electrician through various factors. Having multiple estimates from various electricians for the same project can give you a very transparent idea about his estimate, price, charges and honesty.

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5. Safety & Precautions:

A good electrician always takes care about his safety, as well as of yours. He takes all the necessary steps for his safety precautions, so as to mitigate any possible and probably damage to himself, or to your property. Make sure that he is insured; this fact speaks evidently about his approach to safety and precautions.

6. The Use of Technology:

A good electrician has the quality to update himself and use all the different and more advanced technologies and related pieces of equipment. As technology improves accuracy and mitigates the time required to complete the project, it is essential for a good electrician to incorporate the ever-changing technology and better equipment in his practice.

7. Service Warranty:

A good electrician is the one, who always stands behind his work. He gives you the service warranty for an acceptable period of time. This also shows the level of confidence in his ability and professionalism.

Those were some of the crucial and important qualities that every electrician should possess, in order to excel in his career and to have an edge over his competitors. On the other hand, if you are an individual or home-owner, who is in search of a good electrician, you must evaluate an electrician over the above-mentioned qualities.

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Mike Pugh from New York City on May 12, 2012:

This hub actually works for most service positions, and careers as well, it shows that you fully understand what true integrity and honesty means.

These values and codes of ethics here that you've expressed and provided for your readers is paramount to the true success as a service provider, especially one that is in the business of entering someone's home.

Nicely written and getting voted up, as well as shared.

b. Malin on April 02, 2012:

Thanks Hunbbel for an Excellent Hub on Qualities of a Good Electrician. I just had an Electrician that actually met the qualifications you wrote about. We were so pleased with him. Thanks for sharing this timely advice.

Adom Cruze on April 02, 2012:

I think quality you have mention is necessary to possess every employee of corporate world. "Well-Qualified and Certified", i never being bother with certification. It's really sounds good. But after going thought out your post, i feel sometime you went off bit.

Else it's nice.

Brett C from Asia on April 02, 2012:

Good advice and you raise some interesting points ... especially the service warranty period, not many 'cowboys' will even consider offering one.

Thanks for SHARING your tips.

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