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Pune Vs Mumbai - Which Is the Better City to Live in

Pune Vs Mumbai

Pune Vs Mumbai

While choosing a hotel for stay, you look for the offered facilities, cost, location, accessibility, value, amenities, reviews and few other things and take the decision accordingly. You always choose the hotel which fulfill most of your demands and the expectations. Same applies when you choose a city for your residence. Here talking about Pune and Mumbai, we will observe which city is a better place to live in based on several factors.

Location and Environment

When we compare location of both the cities, Pune is located at a place in Maharashtra from where most major cities are at 2-4 hour drive, while Mumbai lies on a place which is not seen or visited by many people. It is sheltered and private. Some beautiful places like Lonavala, Lavasa, and Mahabaleshwar among others are just 1 hour drive away from Pune.

Pune is situated on a plateau, amidst many small hills which give the city a unique charm. Mumbai is also located along the coastline which in itself is an advantage because it has beaches, but all are pathetic and dirty. Mumbai lacks the natural beauty because most of its part is occupied by the residences, industries, commercial buildings and transport facilities. Owing to the very high population density, Mumbai is disgustingly dirty while Pune is comparatively greener and cleaner.

Climate and Crowd

There is no doubt that pleasant climate of Pune is much better that that of Mumbai. It scores many times higher than Mumbai's hot, humid and irritating climate.

When taking crowd in the consideration, most people in Pune belongs to the middle class while on the other hand, 50% of Mumbai's population lives in slums. Mumbai is also the home of India's most Billionaires. It is a cosmopolitan city where people from different cultures, regions, religions, speaking different languages live together in harmony. Mumbai presents a spectacular display of unity in diversity. Pune is also attracting people from different cultures and regions in the country as a result of booming IT industry. So, a clear judgment is difficult to be made based on the crowd and it depends upon one's personal interest.

Transport Facilities

If you intend to use the public transport for your daily commute, Mumbai is much better than Pune. Its train services is the best in country despite of being crowded. It is very efficient and runs almost 24 hours. Bus service, taxi and auto rickshaw services in Mumbai are far superior and frequent than in Pune. But if you have your own vehicle, you will be forced to waste hours, fuel and money in the long traffic jams in Mumbai while Pune has less crowded traffic and you can reach your office on time.

Education, Healthcare and Other facilities

Both cities scores almost equal in the education and healthcare aspects. Both cities have very good educational facilities and are the homes to many reputed institutes. Educational and research institutes like FTII, IISER, IITM, NCL, ARDE are part of Pune's education infrastructure while Mumbai too is the home to institutes like IITB, TIFR, BARC, CBS, etc. Both cities have decent facilities for dining, shopping and entertainment.

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No other city or place comes even close when we talk about the humanity, hospitality and friendly attitude of people of Mumbai. People of every status, religion, category and profession in Mumbai just love their city, they help each other. The evident of same was presented during the 2006 blasts and the 2005 floods. Friendly nature and hospitality of people of Mumbai even to the strangers is very kind and can't be compared to Pune or any other city in India.

Cost of Living

Mumbai just don't have the space to give you a separate home for living or it cannot be afforded by the middle class family. The rates of real estate have skyrocketed in past few years and now beyond the reach of middle class. Even if you want to rent a flat or apartment, it is going to cost you like nothing. Whereas Pune is much better in this regard, reality is booming here and you have several options of affordable housings.

Key Takeaways

Pune scores better than Mumbai at the following

  • Travel distances and times are more manageable.
  • Several options of affordable real estate, both rent and permanent housing.
  • Surrounded by several beautiful hangout places.
  • Clean and Green environment.
  • Good weather and climate, you literally don't need AC anytime in the whole year.
  • Information technology hub.

Mumbai scores better than Pune at the following

  • More career and job options.
  • Home to world's largest film Industry, Bollywood.
  • Wider range/variety of living, options available. Starting with basic to highest possible level.
  • Auto and rickshaw driver don't cheat on you.
  • Public Transport is way better compare to Pune or any metro in India.
  • Better National and International connectivity.
  • Better availability of water and electricity within the city.

Apart from Pune or Mumbai, if you wish to make your residence in any other city, have a look at the future of that city by analyzing its master plan, you can find high resolution master plan maps of Indian cities, states, towns or infrastructure projects at Master Plans India website.

Still, it is the individual's choice.


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