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Proven Ways of Preventing Cockroach Infestations in Your Home

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Cockroach infestations are preventable

Cockroach infestations are preventable

Cockroaches can be a real pain when they invade your space. They cause diseases such as diarrhea, dysentery, and food poisoning as they move from very dirty places such as garbage bins and latrines and into your food. It is easier to prevent cockroach infestations at the earliest rather than deal with their actual infestations.

To prevent cockroach infestations, do the following for a peace of mind:

1. Deny them food

2. Deny them water

3. Destroy their habitats

4. Bar their entry

Preventing Infestations by Roaches

These simple steps will prevent cockroach infestations:

1. Deny them food

Roaches infest a home in search of food. By depriving them of food, you lessen their chances of survival in your house. Ensure no food particles are lying around after cooking. Clean your kitchen including the utensils after every meal.

Every night, wipe the kitchen counters and appliances. Vacuum the floor and place the bin outside; some distance from the building. Limit your eating areas to one or two rooms at most. Clean these rooms after every meal.

Before sleeping, empty any leftover food in the pet’s bowl and place the bowl outside. Store all the food in the refrigerator or in a cabinet that has a wire mesh. As for food in paper packages, place them in containers with tight lids.

2. Deny them water

Withhold water or moisture in your house and cockroaches will less likely survive. You do this by wiping any spillage on all surfaces immediately. At the end of the day, wipe all surfaces including the sink in the kitchen.

Use a cloth and then a serviette so that it is completely dry. Place all the wet cloths inside a bucket that has a lid or in a Ziploc bag. Empty the pet’s water and turn over the container.

Cockroaches are a menace

Cockroaches are a menace

3. Destroy their habitats

Destroy all the habitats for cockroaches. This includes the garbage bin, which you should place outside at night. Do not place it next to the building as the cockroaches can crawl back into the house.

Seal all cracks in the walls, corners, and shelves. Use expanding foam to seal any holes or crevices under sinks, electric sockets, on drains and pipes, walls, and skirting boards. Ascertain that you plug the sinks at night so that the roaches do not make their way into the kitchen.

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4. Bar their entry

Note all possible entry points and shut them off completely. Check to see if doors and windows fit in their frames. If not cover any space between the doors and floors. Block any space between the windows that these pests can use to get in.

The cockroaches can get entry through any shopping or luggage you bring into your home. Be sure to check that out and if possible unpack from an open space where you will be able to see them crawling away.


Signs of Cockroach Infestation

You can tell that roaches have invaded your home by looking out for these cockroach infestation warning signs:

  • droppings that can be confused for mice excrement.
  • body parts of dead roaches such as wings and legs.
  • egg casings (that are blackish) in places such as under kitchen drawers or on fridge linings.

Eliminating Cockroaches Permanently

Treating cockroach infestations can be successful if you combine several of the methods below:

Use baits, repellants, traps, or cockroach killers. You can also use cockroach infestation solution, liquid concentrates, pesticides for cockroaches, or boric acid. Exercise caution with these solutions if you have pets in your house.

Eliminating Cockroaches Naturally

Most people are wary of using toxic and dangerous chemicals to kill the roaches. They do not want their children or pets coming across and ingest them, as these substances are fatal. Here are natural yet safe methods you can use. Most of these natural items are readily available in your kitchen and do not cost much.

Liquid soap – mix equal parts of dishwashing soap with hot water and pour into a sprayer. Spray the cockroaches to suffocate them as they breathe through pores in their skin.

Diatomaceous earth – this white powder consisting of diatom remains destroys the roaches’ exoskeletons. Diatom refers to a type of algae and is found in most of the household products. Identify and purchase the food grade type because of it is safe for humans and their pets. Mix this earth with ether cocoa powder or baking flour and sprinkle it along the path these pests mostly used and in cracks and crevices.

Lemon – this fruit in any home repels roaches, as they cannot stand the smell. Always add lemon drops to the water you use to wipe off surfaces and to mop the floor.

Baking soda and sugar – a mixture of these two can eliminate roaches. The sugar pulls them to the mixture and the baking soda finishes off the work

Peppermint oil keeps roaches away

Peppermint oil keeps roaches away

Essential oils – the smell of some oils repels roaches. Mix peppermint with white vinegar and water in the ratio 10:1:2. You may also combine the peppermint oil with salt water. Spray directly on them or along the path they use and they will keep off. You can also spray lavender in the places cockroaches like hiding such as drawers, cracks in the walls, or inside closets.

Cucumber- cut cucumber into thin slices and place strategically around your kitchen. The smell repels the cockroaches completely.

Neem – use either in powder or oil form. As a powder, sprinkle it dry in all areas infested by roaches. Otherwise, mix the oil with water in all areas where the pests hide.

Bay leaves – this readily available spice can be used easily. Mill the leaves and sprinkle them all round the kitchen especially in dark corners. You may also boil the leaves and spray the water where the cockroaches hide or frequent.


Cockroaches can be a menace if they invade your home. It is prudent to take the above precautionary measures to prevent cockroach infestations especially, during the cold season. If they appear in your home, use the above methods to eradicate them or call a pest professional.

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