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Product Review: Wallflowers by Bath & Body Works (2012)

My Butterfly Wallflower with Strawberry scent.

My Butterfly Wallflower with Strawberry scent.

What are they?

Wallflowers are Bath and Body Works' (Limited Brands) version of a Glade Plug-in. They come in all shapes and sizes, my favorite being the Butterfly. Those are called Starters.The plain starters come in white, off-white, black, brown, sand, etc. They are a cone shape or a simple tulip shape. Novelty Starters are those like the Butterfly, Pink Jungle Flower, and Tortoise. Depending on the season, the Novelty Starters may differ.

The bulbs that you plug in are called Refills.

Fragrances and Designs

Wallflowers come in a variety of scents, depending on the season and some fragrances are carried year round. In the Spring my favorite is Fresh Picked Strawberries.Others include Aloha Vanilla, Island Margarita, Tiki Beach, and Coco Lobo. For the summer 2012 theme of American Boardwalk, you can choose from Beach Grass, Sun Tan, and Oceanside. ***UPDATE: The most recent theme for Spring 2016 features scents like Beautiful Day, Spring, and Honeysuckle. Right now they have a limited edition Kitchen Spice scent that I really enjoy.

Regulars include my favorite, Frosted Cupcake, Fresh Linen, Sweet Pea, and Japanese Cherry Blossom. You can also get the AromaTherapy fragrances like Energy- Orange Ginger.

Some bulbs have a design on them. During Christmas time some have snowflakes and during the spring there is one with a ladybug in the grass.

Have you used BBW Wallflowers? What is YOUR rating?

My double Wallflower, almost empty.

My double Wallflower, almost empty.



Most people I have talked to at work generally enjoy their Wallflowers. The product guide tells us one Wallflower bulb will last about 30-45 days. Generally, customers have found this to be true. However, I disagree. The single bulbs only last about 1-2 weeks for me. I use mine in my bathrooms. The liquid is still there, but the smell does not last. I'm not sure if I'm just used to it or what, but even strong scents like Cinnamon Stick run out quickly.


I have a Butterfly in my bathroom. I think it's elegant and beautiful. Bath and Body Works does a great job providing variety of choices. I have a very large addition in my house and I keep the litter box by the back door. I use a double Starter at the other end and it works fairly well. The only complaint I have is that the doubles only come in three colors and never in novelty shapes. During semi-annual the double Starters go on sale for $2-$3. Most people do not feel they need the doubles, though, and they rarely sell. It depends on your preference and needs.

Wear and Tear

Wallflowers have a built-in mechanism that will stop it from working if a fuse is blown. This can be frustrating, but if it happens you can bring it in and exchange it for a whole new one. I bought my Wallflowers over 6 months ago and they are still working. Durability probably isn't an issue, but if it is take advantage of the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

The bulb doesn't really get hot, so you don't have to worry about little ones getting burned. The small holes at the top do get warm, though. The problem I have with my toddler is that if he pulls it out of the wall (which he sometimes does) the liquid drips when turned upside down. So be careful if you're moving your Wallflower. Also, if your house is like mine and you have a mirror right above your outlet, you can turn the Wallflower up to 90 degrees to better fit. Just be careful it doesn't leak.

The other issue I have is that it leaves a slightly colored streak on my wall from the steam. The streak comes right off with a baby wipe, but I do have to wipe it down every few days.

Packaging and Use

Wallflower bulbs are a pain to get open. Find the perforated part and rip and you'll be fine. Then you have to twist off the white cap. This is difficult because you have to twist it clockwise to open and counterclockwise to open. (Instead of lefty loosely, righty tighty, it's backwards) I can never do it and I get frustrated and make my husband do it. Then you have to twist it into the Starter counterclockwise as well. If you are confused or think it's too much trouble, just ask an associate to load it in for you and wrap it in a plastic bag.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee Policy

If your Wallflower stops working, just bring it back to the store. If you plugged it in and decided it doesn't match or you don't want it, just bring it back to the store. If you want to keep the Starter but hate that scent you picked out, just bring it back to the store. See where I'm going with this? If you have a receipt you will be given a full refund or be able to make an even exchange. If you don't, you will be given a store merchandise card for however much the product is being sold for that day.

This is one of the best features of Bath and Body Works. It makes it so easy for customers to really test out their products and not feel tricked into their purchases.

Wallflower with refills in it, Refill two-pack in Sandalwood Vanilla, a coupon, and a survey.

Wallflower with refills in it, Refill two-pack in Sandalwood Vanilla, a coupon, and a survey.

Tips and Tricks

Bath and Body Works in General

  1. Order online or wait for the semi-annual when Wallflowers are on sale for 50% or more off. If you can't wait, or want scents that are not on sale, the general price is $6.50-$12.50 for the double refills, $6.50 for individual refills or 5 for $18. The Wallflowers themselves cost $4.50-$12.50. Some are also nightlights, which I love.
  2. Always take the survey on your receipt. The company actually listens- much of the changes made by the company come from these surveys! If you leave a voice mail, we get to listen to it, which really boosts morale in the store. Also, it gives you a $10 off your next $30 purchase coupon that never expires.
  3. Check if the day you're shopping is a coupon day. If they are giving out coupons, purchase something small like a PocketBac or a trial sized lotion. You can use that coupon the same day. Coupons are usually $10 off a $30 purchase or a free item with purchase. If you shop online ask for a free shipping coupon.

Wallflowers Specifically

  1. Don't be afraid to drop it- Those bulbs are made of thick glass. I drop them all the time and I haven't broken one yet!
  2. Is it working?- A trick I use is to plug it in under a mirror. If it's working, you'll see streaks of steam rising up your mirror. (This gets annoying to clean, though).
  3. Double Wallflowers- I tried mixing fragrances. Please don't make my mistake.
  4. Candles- They put candles of the same scent out as testers but the candles don't always smell the same as the Wallflower.

Check out my video on how to change a Wallflower. (They're backward.)

Why I'm An Expert

I was a part-time sales associate at Bath and Body Works. I was employed from September 2011 to November 2012. I have seen the trainings and I have spoken to customers about the products. Not only that, but I am also a customer and use Wallflowers in my home.

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Maria on February 13, 2018:

I need to know is this wall flowers have ever cause a house fire ?? I know a restoration business that takes care of fires and they said that this wallflowers causes fires is that true ????

Britney (author) from Southern California Desert on November 23, 2013:

I'm not sure :(

Britney (author) from Southern California Desert on November 23, 2013:

Yes :) Sometimes they stop working cause they have a mechanism that shuts it down if it gets too hot. If this happens just bring it back in the store for an exchange.

Carrie on August 03, 2013:

Does anyone know how to fix the mechanism when it shuts off, during a power surge? Mine stopped working. I know B&BW will replace it, but I was hoping I could fix it myself.

tab on July 03, 2013:

Are they safe to leave plugged in when im not home

Britney (author) from Southern California Desert on November 19, 2012:

Yes. The 100% satisfaction guarantee is true! Do a straight exchange without doing a return so they don't give you the sale price (if they're on sale when you make the return).

Britney (author) from Southern California Desert on November 19, 2012:

To check if it's working try putting it in a bathroom plug near or under a mirror. Within a couple of hours you should see a streak of steam up your mirror. If it isn't working (even the light part) go ahead and take it back to your BBW store and they will give you an exchange, no questions asked. However, if there is a sale on Walflowers and you don't have a receipt, they will only give you the discount price. There's a way to exchange a product without returning it! Make them do it that way. :) Hope this helped.

TSB on November 11, 2012:

Thanks for the info on Wallflowers- Since you are employed at BBW can you answer this for me- I have several wallflowers that I've had for about 8 months now and they've stopped working (outlet is active but scent refills do not deplete and do not give off any scent) - Will BBW still allow me to bring in the non-working wallflowers and exchange for new? I don't have a receipt.

NiTa on October 11, 2012:

I just bought my wallflower, I put it in my bedroom. but I don't smell any scents in my room. can you help me?

and I bought the starter with lamp, just about 5 minutes when I turned the light on, the lamp suddenly dead and now there's no lamp at all

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