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Secret building contractors do not want you to know about, monolithic indestructible concrete homes.

Building designing thin shell monolithic concrete homes since 1983 including dome homes and above ground portable 8 ton safe room domes.

First monolithic concrete bunker home Loxahatchee, Florida circa 1983


First thin shell home

The year was 1982 and the United States had an oil crisis and fuel was hard to find at times. This period of my life I lived in a rural area of Florida called Loxahatchee. I discovered a local pioneer in monolithic concrete construction, a Mr. Brown, who lived in a double dome in North Miami near Miami Community College, Florida.

From his knowledge and using his gunite crew we built a two story concrete shell that only needed to have the windows and interior completed to finish. Unfortunately this completion never took place and this home to be, was torn down.

Indestructibility of a monolithic concrete home


Post divorce demolition by new owners

Years later I spoke with an old neighbor and he told me the story of the demolishing of the Pressler spaceship, as the Loxahatchee locals called it.

First, a large excavator was brought in, a machine on tracks and has a arm that reaches out with a jaw bucket attached. This bounced off.

Next, a 5 ton wrecking ball was brought in. This is a large metal ball weighing 5 tons hanging from a cable tied to a boom that swings the ball into the wall. It bounced off.

Next a crew with fire retardant gear and carbide tip concrete cut saws. My friend said that at times there would be hundreds of spectators watching sparks fly as these saws hit the rebar laid every six inches each way and come near sundown it would be like the fourth of July. This is how indestructible these homes are. The bunkers along Normandy beaches is another example of how strong homes can be built.

1,400 sq ft 2/2 Florida home

Offering pre construction no homeowners insurance builder financing Florida homes.

Offering pre construction no homeowners insurance builder financing Florida homes.

5293 Basket Street North Port Florida

5293 Basket Street North Port Florida


Shotcrete spraying monolithic concrete home North Port Florida

New Year bunker home 2021

Shotcrete crew now on Christmas break will return after the holidays to complete the concrete shell then by Jan 2021 this concrete home should be weathered in.

Design your bunker home pick your homesite

20 years ago my company invested in vacant land around the Port Charlotte area of Florida. As a long time resident of Florida I saw then what had to come the expansion of Tampa and Fort Myers with Port Charlotte in the middle.

Now when I began liquidating these lots I found to my amazement that none had gone up a nickel in those 20 years! Growing up in Florida I remember when swamp land sold for more than $3,000 I surely was not going to give away my high and dry lots on paved road minutes from i75 for $3,000. Know of someone you want to gift give them a piece of land in Port Charlotte. The only win win scenario for me is to build an indestructible home and be the bank with low down low monthly for 10 years NO homeowners Insurance!

Solid concrete indestructible bunker homes creates jobs


ProShot Shotcrete Florence Alabama Expert tunnel pros

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December 11, 2020 North Port concrete shell to be sprayed

Search throughout Florida and nearby states found ProShot Shotcrete that can spray concrete within a tunnel all others know only one method, down?

Ideal method to build my homes is to spray closed cell roofing foam first hang rebar hangars from the foam then come in and spray the concrete against the foam, now you have an insulated concrete structure that only needs a UV protection over the foam. NEVER in my mind did I think that shotcrete pros were limited here in Florida to only a single method of applying concrete, pool construction!

In business NEVER do you want to be at the mercy of a sub contractor. Going forward knowing what I know now I will begin an alternative method of forming that either above or below application can be done.

Creating a monolithic concrete mold with a steel building


Portable arch mold for bunker homes

Using of this steel 21 foot wide metal building X 12 feet long 11 feet high to create sectional pours or sprays. So as not to be at the mercy of shotcrete subs, using this steel building with rebar over the top, local shotcrete or concrete pump subs can create the bunker shell using both methods.

Rebuilding natural disaster indestructible homes

From searching all types of home construction metal containers, metal buildings, fiberglass modules, cast in place delivered concrete forms and none can compete with a ferrocement thin wall concrete home. A person with the ability to tie two sticks of steel together and put mud over the steel can build an indestructible home. Currently DRD Enterprises Inc of Davie has permitted in the City of North Port a 2/2 home that takes 30 yards of concrete to complete the shell which includes the walls and roof. A bag of 80 LB portland cement will make a yard each bag cost maybe $10.

The Bahamas and any flood prone area can build elevated homes capable of withstanding huge tidal surges and yet survive both wind and water. Taking an arch with the top floor at 30 feet will allow folks to elevate above the tidal surge while the water flows below them.

5 Gulf Coast Hurricanes more next year????


Rebuilding stronger and better! Off grid

Now is the opportunity to rebuild stronger and better incorporating 21st century technology this that Puerto Rico failed to do. Instead of spending millions of dollars on systems that will surely blow away again installing systems using alternative energy is a better choice.

Bunker homes are airtight easily off grid capable and incorporate composting toilets, elephant in the room nobody speaks about: alternative human waste disposal.

Port Charlotte cheap land for alternative energy systems

Port Charlotte sits an hour south of Tampa and maybe an hour north of Fort Myers. Both Tampa and Fort Myers cannot expand east due to land restrictions so the only expansion option for both cities going north or south is Port Charlotte.

The ability to buy land in Florida cheaply allows that money gained to be put into alternative energy. Thin shell concrete homes have no air leaks and with the application of closed cell foam on the exterior of these homes no vapor, moisture or heat will ever touch the concrete. This exterior insulation creates a closed interior environment and the interior temperature will remain a constant 76-78 degrees all year. Systems need to regulate this interior temperature can be as simple as a hair dryer for heat and a portable room AC to cool.

Thinking of relocating to Florida? Take a look at the Port Charlotte area and consider a new method of construction and as always.

Where will you go when the wind blows?

December 2020 5293 Basket Street North Port, Florida pre construction sale NO homeowners insurance NO banks

VIRUS hit this project in Florida hard and only now December 11, 2020 have I been able to find a shotcrete company from Florence Alabama to travel to North Port to spray this, what I believe is the next evolution in home construction, off grid bunker homes. Arrival of Proshot expected on or about December 11, 2020. Want to see the next evolution in home construction? Drive by.

July 2019 currently offering 2 bedroom 2 bath 1,400 sq ft indestructible thin shell monolithic concrete home.

Advantages of buying pre construction are that appliances, fixtures, color scheme, etc are of your choosing Plus thousands of dollars in savings. Stop by

5293 Basket Street North Port Florida to have a look

Indestructible 2 bedroom

Indestructible 2 bedroom


Florida homes and lots your design

Design options for bunker homes sections arranged in a multitude of configurations. Concrete arch is three times stronger than a square so a second story framed room is also an option as well as a rooftop pool.



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The Real David Pressler (author) from Planet Earth on December 03, 2020:

Yes I am selling futuristic homes but hopefully educating folks at the same time mercy please

The Real David Pressler (author) from Planet Earth on December 03, 2020:

December 2020 delays due to virus and hurricanes concrete shell to be sprayed week of December 8, 2020 come by and watch how bunker homes are built in two days. 5293 Basket Street North Port, Florida.

The Real David Pressler (author) from Planet Earth on October 20, 2019:

Do wish somebody in the Bahamas would read this article

Mandy Harmon on September 27, 2018:

Heck ya thats really cool-

Liz Westwood from UK on September 27, 2018:

I have certainly not come across these in the UK. Maybe there's space in the market over here for them.

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