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Polymer Flooring in the Garage: Main Varieties and Advantages


To avoid all type of possible harm and damages to your car, and to make sure it serves you for a long period of time - it is advisable not to use outdoor parking, but a proper garage, which will reliably protect your car against the external damage. It is important to fully equip the garage, to take care of the internal climate. That’s why we came up with ”Polymer Flooring in the Garage: Main Varieties and Advantages”.

This arrangement includes the solution of many problems. First of all, it is necessary to have heat-insulation, which will make the air inside not affected by temperature fluctuations outside. Then the summer heat and winter frost will not harm the car. The owner of the garage room should also seal the joints with building materials and ensure a reliable, durable roof.

Floor quality is another issue that should not be ignored. If you try to save money and do not buy a polymer coating for the garage, and engage the usual ground, wood or concrete floor without protection, the consequences will be the most unfortunate. After all, polymer does not allow the floor to serve as a source of high humidity and, consequently, the formation of mould.


What are polymer floorings?

Such a floor is convenient because it can be very easy and quick to arrange, it is not necessary to hire a whole team of experts and you do not need to be a master yourself. No special skills are required. There are a few more notable advantages:

  • The polymer coating dries almost immediately after pouring, so you don't have to wait long for it to become operational;
  • the surface is smooth, durable and long-lasting, and does not crack or deteriorate due to environmental factors;
  • It is a great solution for a garage.

If we rely on the practical experience of the experts, we can confidently say that if you protect the concrete floor in the garage with a polymer coating, you can use it without additional repair for not just years, but decades. During this time the protection will not lose its specifications and will not lose its external aesthetics as well.

Although the poured fast-drying coatings are almost always simply called polymer flooring, these materials are divided into several varieties. These are classified depending on the main components they are composed of.

Here are the main varieties that are offered on the market today:

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  • Methyl methacrylate coatings are produced based on resins, such solutions are used relatively rarely. The main reason is the characteristic suffocating smell, which is released while the composition is still in the liquid state. To avoid poisoning, you must always work wearing special protection. When the floor has already been primed, it is necessary to thoroughly ventilate the room, so that the smell completely evaporates.
  • Epoxy compositions got their name thanks to the resins based on which they are made. For domestic applications, "epoxy" is considered the best solution. Both physical and chemical resistance is quite high, besides, the surface is resistant to moisture.
  • Acrylic-cement mixture, as it is easy to understand by the name, "trying" to be a hybrid of polymer coating and finishing cement screed on the floor. The only noticeable plus is that the cost is relatively low in the end. However, the floor does not have high-performance characteristics in the end.
  • Polyurethane polymer floor coating in the garage - today one of the most popular, and its demand overtime is only increasing. Resistant to temperature, humidity, mechanical stress. At the same time, it looks quite attractive and aesthetic. Such compositions are used by owners of private garages, service centres and parking lots. It is really easy to distribute Polyurethane mixture on the concrete, while perfectly adheres to the metal and wood. Such compositions are used by owners of private garages, service centres and parking lots. It is really easy to distribute Polyurethane mixture on the concrete, while perfectly adheres to the metal and wood. There are solutions with a different design, which differ in colour and shade. This does not affect performance and reliability.

What are the advantages of Polymer Garage Flooring?

Polymer flooring for garage has a number of indisputable advantages. Anyone who can spend a little money on to purchase it, and then some time on the arrangement, will not regret their decision. Especially since it will pay off by saving time and money in the future, when you will not have to repair your car frequently and fix the garage .

Notable pluses that you should pay attention to:

  • A right composition has an almost flawless grip on the surface beneath it. As a result, the vehicle does not skid or slide but passes, stops and moves extremely smoothly.
  • Moisture in any form does not cause any harm to the flooring. You don't have to be afraid of rain or melted snow, or high air humidity, or even corrosion, to which many types of surfaces are powerless.
  • As such, no repair is needed for years or even decades. The floor is not damaged by mechanical stresses, whether medium or substantially above average.
  • Pouring it on the surface is extremely easy. To do this, just grab a roller and go over the entire floor to remove any air bubbles that may have formed on the surface. Since the mixture is initially liquid, it levels out with the underlying surface by itself - no additional processing is required. This is especially useful when covering a large area like a parking lot or a multi-vehicle garage at once.
  • The heat resistance is also top-notch. Whether the ground freezes due to winter frosts or the air heats up during the summer heat, you need not fear that the floor will crack, swell or otherwise suffer.
  • Finally, you should pay attention to appearance. Polymer flooring looks great. The variety of colours allows those who plan to step away from the boring grey interior, to come up with and implement a more impressive design for the garage room. The polymer protection for the floor is stable and smooth, has a characteristic shine, which in combination with the chosen colour makes it aesthetically pleasing and elegant.

The base floor is to be prepared for the future procedure. Before pouring the polymer floor, eliminate too obvious irregularities and structural defects. Otherwise, after pouring, they can "perpetuate" and disrupt the flawlessness of the coating.

But the more reliable, environmentally friendly and durable the flooring, the higher its cost. However, it makes no sense to save on quality, so preparing a polymer flooring for a concrete floor in the garage, for a metal or wooden area is highly recommended. After all, the operating life can be at least ten or even twenty years - to spend once on such material is quite worth it.

The Polymer mixture is best laid on a plane and hardens when the air temperature is above zero, and better - at least +10 ° C or more. Therefore, most work is done in late spring, summer or early fall, when there is no fear of frost.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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