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Pine Furniture Is Still a Great Option

We have had this large chest getting on for 20 years and it still looks good and works for us

We have had this large chest getting on for 20 years and it still looks good and works for us

No longer fashionable?

Pine and mahogany furniture seem to be a little out of fashion currently. Gone are the days when old dark brown furniture was much sought after. This type of mahogany furniture was often ornate and these days minimalism is on trend. Mahogany can look classy but this traditional dark wood seems to be getting replaced with a light oak.

Pine was the ultimate wood a few years ago but the light tan wooden furniture constructed from pine is rarely given house room these days. However pine is a wood that will adapt to various styles and can, and does, suit some of the streamlined furniture styles of today.

However there are still some great pieces of furniture made out of pine. Huge dressers and shelving is still available in pine wood. Many people fell out of love with pine furniture because of its colour. The wood was often stained with an almost orange coloured varnish. Pine does not have to have this garish colour though.

Pine dressers and drawers

Pine furniture is available in many shapes and sizes. It is possible to buy:-

  • Bedroom furniture
  • Dining Tables and Chairs
  • Coffee tables
  • Shelving
  • Kitchen Units
  • And more.

Although pine furniture is less popular these days there are still plenty of outlets. On-line there are more than a few pine furniture retailers. It is possible to get a really good deal but you need to be cautious. I have had mixed results with on-line purchases of pine furniture.

It will probably be better to check out a local cabinet maker, or similar retailer. This will often enable you to buy fairly individually styled furniture.

Solid pine will wear better and look more stylish than imitation pine.

Locally we still have a few retailers who sell stripped down traditional furniture. This can then be stained, by you if preferred, to the colour of your choice. It is possible to lime wash pine furniture but often a varnish will look better. If you are not a lover of golden coloured pine try a clear varnish or basic wood stain.

If you are buying newly made pine furniture opt for wood that is sourced with the environment in mind. Some manufacturers will state where their wood is sourced from. Ideally the wood should be at the very least being replaced to minimize deforestation of this beautiful planet of ours.

For those of you with some knowledge of carpentry there are plans available for the construction of dressers, drawers and the like. This can be very satisfying and may even lead to the creation of a family heirloom of the future. Cheaper woods may be very knotty. If this does not suit the style of furniture you are trying to create shop around. Sleeker pine may be a little more expensive though. However it is hard wearing.

In the UK shaker style furniture is currently popular. Pine suits this style of furniture although currently light oak seems the mote popular choice. Still it is nice to be a little different, isn't it?

Remember though that if you follow fashion you may have a pricey road ahead. It is better to find a classic style of furniture that will not look out of place a few years down the road. To my mind pine furniture can fit this bill.

Buy classic styles made in good wood, if you can afford it and enjoy the warmth it will bring to your home.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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© 2009 Ethel Smith


Ethel Smith (author) from Kingston-Upon-Hull on December 11, 2012:

Thanks for dropping by sweetipie. We still have a fair bit of pine furniture in our home and love it. With age it improves I think

SweetiePie from Southern California, USA on December 11, 2012:

People in the mountains still love the pine furniture. There are stores where some people custom make this stuff.

Ethel Smith (author) from Kingston-Upon-Hull on June 12, 2010:

Yes billy or paint it

billyaustindillon on June 12, 2010:

Great hub Ethel - I guess you can always stain your wood :)

Ethel Smith (author) from Kingston-Upon-Hull on January 31, 2010:

I still like some pine Habee. I am sure it will regain popularity in the UK in time

Holle Abee from Georgia on January 30, 2010:

I like the light pine and have several pieces. Interesting hub!

Ethel Smith (author) from Kingston-Upon-Hull on September 28, 2009:

So do I loveofthenight. I am an old fashioned piney

Loveofnight Anderson from Baltimore, Maryland on September 27, 2009:

i love this wood, i guess that i am not keeping up with the times.

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