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Perk Up The Indoors With Air Plants: Air Plant Design Inspiration

Air plants have always amazed me, wispy mysterious plants that exist without soil. Air plants are found in the southern United States and South America, there are an amazing variety of air plants in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors (over 600 species). Air plants are beautiful, easy to care for, needing no soil only bright indirect light and water to survive, a very versatile plant to arrange and style in any area of your home. An air plant is a plant that thrives almost anywhere so you can get super creative with it: upside down, hanging off wood, in pottery, baskets, seashells, rocks, on driftwood, unique planters, terrariums, framed, the possibilities are endless.

An ingenues way to display air plants in a bathroom. Shampoo tops were used to make the plant containers, so be on the lookout for unique bottle tops to use to display hanging air plants. Check out the full how-to on Design Sponge.

A winter looking centerpiece made from materials from a rain forest makes a fascinating centerpiece. Create a centerpiece using air plants and a chicken wire tube filled with Spanish moss.

The centerpiece can be created any shape and any size you want. Follow the Southern Living Magazine step by step directions with pictures to make the eye-catching centerpiece that will lend an air of elegance and sophistication to your table.

Use votive cups with air plants to decorate each place at your table. Set the decoration above the place setting or on the napkin. Turn this table decoration into place cards, use wood, aluminum, or plastic plant tags to write your guest's name onto and place with air plants/votive cups for distinctive place cards.

Caring For Air Plants

Air plants like indirect bright sunlight and filtered, distilled, or rainwater. They can be watered by misting them regularly and by submerging them in water every 7-10 days. If the leaf edges start to curl in the air plant needs a good soaking in the sink overnight to fully rehydrate the plant. They like warm temperatures 50-80 degrees.


Add a pinch of orchid fertilizer to the water in the mister you use to mist your air plants. You can use a low-copper liquid fertilizer, diluted to 1/4 strength. Fertilize air plants monthly.

Mounting Air Plants

Air plants have roots but they are used for anchoring rather than nutrients. When mounting an air plant remember you will have to water it and the plant needs indirect bright light. Air plants can be mounted on wood, cork, seashells, stones, the items this plant can be mounted on is almost limitless. There is one thing to be aware of, copper will kill air plants. Many pressure treated woods contain copper and don’t use copper wire. Using plant stake wire is best just be sure to use a wire that will not rust to attach the air plant to its base; it feeds the plant iron.

Air plants prefer to be mounted directly on a surface. You can use glue or wire to attach the air plant to a surface. If you are attaching air plants to wood and are going to hang the wood on the wall, first drill the hole in the wood before mounting the air plants on it. Beware and don’t use glue with toxins (think green) or hot glue guns which will burn the plant. Also remember if the plant display is placed in a sunny window the glue will soften. Waterproof liquid nails works great.

Place a small amount of glue to the mounting material. Push the plant onto the glue being sure not to entirely cover the bottom of the plant or the stem. Leave a bottom area free of glue so not to restrict root growth.

After mounting an air plant don't cover the base of the plant with moss trying to hide the glue or root area as the moisture can cause rot. If you choice to use moss be sure to use only small pieces. The plant will grow and cover the glue or wire up.


Air plants in pretty jars or bottles make great gifts. If you know someone who likes plants but has no green thumb and can’t keep plants alive an air plant would make a great gift.

If you have a grown child going off to college or moving into their first place make a special gift of an air plant. Look around your home for a unique item for the plant or an item to mount the air plants to that your grown child will recognize and remember from your home.

Hanging Glass Bubbles

Hanging Glass Bubbles

Decorating your home with air plants can become addicting. You can add a few air plants among your other house plants and use the air plants to disguise soil in potted trees. When shopping at discount and dollar stores look at the jars, glasses, glass items to find inexpensive items to use with air plants.

Air plant frames

Air plant frames

Air plants can be used to enhance a home’s décor, with the amazing colors, the many varieties of air plants and how versatile these plants are the possibilities are endless. Adding air plants to your home décor can be an easy and low cost way to perk up a space, well-tended and healthy air plants will have a look like a coral reef.


Care for Air Plants

Mounting Air Plants

Air Plants Tillandsia: Mounting Air Plants


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