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Perhaps It's Time for a Stair Lift

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Ursula55 is the author of this photograph.

Ursula55 is the author of this photograph.

1. Introduction

A loved one of mine who is a senior citizen has been experiencing difficulties in getting up and down the staircases in her home in recent years. For the purpose of this article, I will refer to her as Norma Jean. Norma Jean has suffered various seizures in the past 3 to 4 years, and she has been in the hospital as a result several times. The amount of effort she has to put into going up and down staircases in her residence has contributed to the problem. Therefore, she is going to need a stair-lift system on her staircases; and because she does not have the financial resources to make such an expensive acquisition, she has turned to me to assist her in making this entire task possible.

You may also have a family member who has fallen into similar circumstances, and you don't know what to do inasmuch as that loved one of yours is on a limited income. Well, before I delve into the financial aspects of it, allow me to describe to you Norma Jean's story and how I assisted her in being able to acquire a stair-lift system.

There are different types of stair lifts in accordance with the different needs that each person has. Finding the one that best suits your loved one will be the easy part of this same acquisition. The expense of it all will be the concerning part of it.

Now, your family member or close relative may be lucky enough that their medical insurance covers the cost of putting in a stair-lift system. They may even be fortunate enough to be living in a nation that has Universal Healthcare that may go as far as funding such an acquisition. However, if your loved one lives here in the United States of America and is not sitting on a pile of money, they will need to find out what government programs are available to cover the costs of it in the event that their medical insurance refuses to pay for it.

2. Government Programs For Stair Lifts

Acorn has the best reputation in providing high-quality stair lifts for the disabled and the elderly. Below is a video that showcases what Acorn has to offer.

Acorn Stair Lifts Product Information Presentation

Nevertheless, the kind of stair-lift system that Norma Jean would need costs somewhere in the lower five figures out of pocket, which is money that she simply does not have. Therefore, I contacted our local area agency on aging on her behalf to inquire what the county government could do to make this acquisition possible. The lady who became our point of contact in that agency directed us to another agency that specialized in these situations. That other agency provided Norma Jean with a form to fill out.

I assisted Norma Jean with the form. She signed it. She sent it out and was approved for the installation of a stair-lift system at no cost to her. A gentleman contacted her to schedule an appointment with her to come to her home to do an assessment on her staircases and to discuss the details of how this stair-lift system was going to be put in. I was present at the appointment inasmuch as I had my own set of questions to ask him to ensure that everything went smoothly for Norma Jean. For the purposes of this article, I will refer to this gentleman as Kevin.

When Norma Jean and I finally did meet with Kevin at Norma Jean's residence, one point that she and I stressed to him was that she had moved into her three-story residence back when she was still a strong, energetic woman in her fifties. Back then she had never anticipated that someday she would confront as many difficulties using the staircases in her home as she currently did. We conveyed to him that she did not wish to move out of her residence at this point in time, even though moving into a one-floor house may have seemed like a good idea at one time.

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Kevin told us that he was going to install bars that would enable Norma Jean to get in and out of the stair-lift chairs easily. Because she has two staircases that zigzag from each floor, he discussed with us the possibility of having to put in four different stair-lift chairs.

As of now, Norma Jean is scheduled for the stair-lift system to be installed in her home near the end of May. She is very, very happy about it, because she has been experiencing difficulties walking up the stairs to her bedroom at nighttime when she wants to retire for the evening. One thing is for certain. She will find that her quality of life has undergone a significant improvement once the stair-lift system is up and running in her residence.

Norma Jean's daughter is worried that Norma Jean will not get as much exercise as she does now after the stair-lift system has been installed in her residence. However, my response to that concern is that Norma Jean's safety should come first. She can always speak with her doctor about what alternatives she can pursue to keep her body in good enough shape so that her mobility remains unaffected. In my humble opinion, it will all work out for the best, and she will not be bankrupted as a result of this acquisition.

3. The Importance Of Stairs Lifts

If your family member or close relative is getting up there in years, their being unable to get up and down their staircases reliably could become a detrimental safety hazard for them. Aside from the possibility of falling down a staircase, they need to have a way of going from one floor to another in case of a life-threatening situation. For example, if there is a fire in their residence, a stair-lift system may not get them down their stairs as quickly as they would like; but it is better than their struggling to get down a staircase under the stress that they may not escape the fire in their residence.

When a family member or loved one of yours needs to do their laundry and they cannot afford to hire someone to do it for them, carrying a basket of dirty clothes down a staircase is only going to compound their difficulties in walking down a staircase. A stair-lift system will change their life for the best in more ways than you can imagine. For that reason, this acquisition is not something that should be delayed. Procrastination will only cause the situation to become more and more dangerous as time moves on.

Ursula55 is the author of this photograph.

Ursula55 is the author of this photograph.

4. Final Thoughts

Having a disability or arthritis or confronting old age should not be a death sentence when you or a family member of yours is dealing with their stairs in their home. Most consumers who fit this description are not going to have the kind of money to purchase an expensive stair lift and their medical insurance will not foot the bill for it either. That is, if they have medical insurance.

Stair-lift companies like Acorn will likely have creative-financing options available to consumers who are on a limited income or are of humble means. However, if you or a loved one simply cannot afford to pay for a stair lift system in your residence, your best bet is to explore government programs that will provide the funds to have a stair-lift system installed in your home.

If you are a rich person and you have money to make a whole host of improvements to your home to enable you to get around easily, then I consider you to be among the fortunate few. I remember once seeing a film titled Lady in a Cage on television in which this one wealthy woman portrayed by Olivia de Havilland had an elevator in her residence to take her from one floor to the other inasmuch as she was unable to walk. Most of us don't have deep pockets to afford something that sophisticated, and we cannot rely on the medical insurance industry to have our backs in this regard.

If you are someone who is currently experiencing difficulties in getting up and down the stairs of your residence because of a disability or a health problem that continues to get worse, do not be embarrassed to apply for any government programs that will pay for a stair-lift system to be installed in your home. Your personal safety and health should come first. If you don't know who to contact to find out about such government programs, do not hesitate to reach out to a family member to assist you in that journey as Norma Jean reached out to me. Your loved ones want you to be around and in the best of health that you can be in many years to come.

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