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Outdoor Storage Ideas – 10 Picks for Your Deck or Patio

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It has been a couple of weeks since I started to revamp my outdoor space. I was always passionate about styling up the patio with the right furniture. Here are the tips for dreamy outdoor oasis.

Most of my customers say that they get blank when it comes to decorating the place and giving it a cozy and personalized touch! Worry not! Here comes the expert's view on how to style up your outdoor space and that without a big dent in your wallet.

Since every living area is different, some may have a tiny patio while the other may have a spacious deck, the one thing all they need is enough storage space. You can transform an ordinary-looking backyard into a state-of-the-art and wondrous place with the right strategy.

The one quick fix to get the scoop of popularity among your social circle is creating fantastic pine floating shelves and giving your unused wall a life! Without further ado, let's jump in to find insane decorating ideas for your backyard, deck or patio.


Why are we always short of storage?

Storage is needed no matter how spacious the home is. To cope up with storage problem, get furniture that multitask and use vertical space or hang items up. Declutter the space often, look for creative ways to use the space more effectively, be choosy and allow limited furniture to come into your home. Storage issue is more common in big families especially if you have kids, their toys are everywhere, and it pisses you off the most when you step in any of their toys at night for your visit to a washroom. The best way is to install wooden floating shelves without designating any sort of floor space to them. They are inexpensive and keep items in the right place. Besides helping you out in storage, wall shelves amp up the aesthetics value of the site. Having enough outdoor space storage allows you to put all those items in your outdoor area that have no use indoors.


DIY storage ideas to organize your essentials

Here comes the storage ideas to liven up the outdoor space and give you the perfect storage solution.

Put it in the ottoman

It is hard to think of any piece more functional than ottomans. This multi-purpose furniture does double the job, provides you a storage facility and can serve as a coffee table. The storage depends upon the ottoman's size; the deeper it is, the better it will be. Having one ottoman outdoor allows you to put anything from stashing towels, gardening tools and spare blankets.

Compact cabinet

If the backyard is modestly sized and you are still looking for outdoor storage, consider adding a garden cabinet with enough room to stack all handheld tools. Put it in a place where there is no sun, or paint it weather-resistant stain. You can also use hooks to add additional storage to the cabinet.

Add a resin wicker table

The resin wicker table may seem like an ordinary side table, but some of it’s models may come with a sneaky surprise. If you raise the bar height; it comes with cooler storage underneath. The multi-function patio table will be the perfect thing to give your outdoor storage a personality.

Transform a bookcase into an outdoor bench

Here comes an ingenious idea! Do you have a bookcase? If yes! Excellent, fill cubbies with foam and add paint! Boom! Here comes the multifunctional bench that has not cost you an arm and a leg. The idea is simple: you don’t need to be a handyman to execute it.

Use a hanging organizer to store gardening tools

A hanging organizer is a simple solution to keep some tools in the right place. you can stuff the pockets with everything you want from gardening gloves to plant stakes to clippers. You can hang it anywhere you want either on a wall of the greenhouse or tool shed.

Build a coffee table with storage

An outdoor crate coffee table with storage goes an extra mile to satisfy your outdoor storage needs. The multipurpose table is not hard to build. Simply gather some wooden crates and paint them with vibrant color, add some caster wheels, and here comes the coffee table with plenty of storage for your outdoor essentials.

Simple garden tool rack

Do you have an old wood that you got from your last DIY project! You can give it a new life by making it your tool rack. It is not necessary to have plain wood, simply repurpose an old long wood or get a longboard, slap it with a color, and add personality to the storage.

Hang buckets on your fence

The backyard does have vertical storage possibilities! All it takes to be creative and think out of the box! This can be a terrific minimalist toy storage solution to keep your kiddo's items in place! screw some hooks into the fence and hang the durable and water-resistant plastic bucket from each. It’s a simple way to keep kid’s toys organized and within reach.

DIY Pegboard

Attach a pegboard to your outdoor space, customize it the way you want. Add hooks, baskets, and shelves to store anything you need to host gardening. A rolling cart providing easy mobility goes a long way in moving it and bringing it out to the patio. Pegboards are sturdy and can easily hold up to 100 or above if professionally installed. It is advisable to paint them with a paint gun instead of rollers. If you mount where it can get wet, consider using aluminum since it is water-resistant and does not rust.

Gardening organizer

If you have an old pallet, you can utilize it by putting it together to form a DIY gardening table. It can be used as a potting plant and for storing supplies. You can add hooks to hang some tools. You can also mount a pretty planter to liven up the entire setup.

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