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Organizing Your Collectibles


Are your collectibles messy and all over the place? Do you need a little TLC to make your collection look as special as it feels to you? From coins to clocks and everything in between, this guide will show you how to begin the process of organizing your collectible items.

The first thing that you need to do is to ask yourself how you want to view your collectibles. Do you want to display them out in the open? In that case, you'll have to find some means of presentation that isn't just lining them up in a straight row on whatever clear surface you may have available. Do you want your collectibles to look creative or do you just want them displayed for organizational means? If you're collecting things like figurines, do you want them to be in action poses or do you want them in organized rows?

The next step is to categorize your collectibles so that you can group your collectibles together while coming up with your ideas for displaying them. If you want them to be neat, you can organize them into categories. An example would be displaying your coin collection by year, which would give them a museum-like feel while making it easy to keep them neat and tidy. If you collect action figures, you can recreate scenes from the appropriate work, though it's important to make sure to have boundaries between each scene to avoid making your collection look messy. If you’re recreating scenes that these action figure characters participated in, then you want to make sure that it’s obvious and doesn’t just look like a messy shuffle.

The third step is to invest in organizational accessories. If you've got a collection with larger objects, going with display stands and/or risers would allow for more space and a better look. Shelves are an appropriate accessory for almost any collection because they help raise your collectibles to eye level for easy viewing. You can buy little stands for each of your collectible figures as well, so that if you decide that you want to display them out of their boxes, you can be sure that they stay in the position that you want to display them in. If you collect coins or cards, you should consider coin or card books to protect and neatly display your collection. Of course, there is an abundance of different things that you can buy that will help you organize and display your collections. It might be a good idea to go visit a hobby shop so that you can look at all of the different things that are offered, so that you are sure that you’re putting money into something that will work better than anything else for you. Remember that this is your collection, this means something to you. So you don’t want to settle when there might be something that will work better for you.

How can you effectively organize your collectibles without it looking way too neat and tidy to be personal? You can also mix and match your collectibles, which'll create more a more creative and personal presentation. For example, don't keep comics in one place and posters in another. You can create shelves in tribute for your favorite characters, comics, movies, or people. If you really want to get creative while doing this, you can also add things like collectible stickers or other appropriate items around the center to make your collectibles appear more interesting if you're interested in displaying them. Think about what these collectibles mean to you and what space you have to host them. You can recreate the styling that reminds you of where your collectibles came from. Or you can incorporate it into the decorative style that your home already provides. Make it something that you will be happy to look at every day, because they will always be there.

Keep creativity in mind when you’re trying to decide what to do with your collectibles. If the above steps don't work for you, you can find numerous other ways of erecting shelves and tables for your collectibles or even consider using an entire room for them. In any case, you should always take into consideration how much space you have. You can also look at other people's collections and get inspired like that.

Organizing your collection on paper might also be good idea because keeping a list of what you have and what you don't have is a good way of avoiding buying the same thing twice. It also makes it easy to figure out if something goes missing, and it can help you keep track of everything if you ever move. You can keep track of your collectibles using computer programs like Word or Excel. Depending on your collectibles, there might also be websites befitted to your specific tastes.

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