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Nutribullet 900w Blender Versus Kenwood Smoothie 2go. a Review

Nutribullet Blender900 V Kenwood Smoothie 2go. A review, comparison. Benefits of blending. What not to blend danger warning. My experience.


My First Taste Of Proper Blended Fruit

My sister made me the most delicious drink one day when I was too ill to face food. It was fruity and fresh and I loved it. If I had not seen her make the drink I would never have believed you could make such a delicious drink just from fruit. The following day I gathered ingredients to blend my own delicious fruity drink that would be full of vitamins and nutrients.

I dragged out my unused Kenwood Smoothie blender from the far back of the cupboard. I tossed fruits, skin and all with water into my blender, blended and excitedly took a drink of my first, home made, blended drink smoothie.

It was horrible and I was tempted to spit it out. The texture felt disgusting. I found it difficult to drink and swallow it was horrendous. I wretched because there thick pieces of grape skin in my mouth and it was not an enjoyable experience at all. I was gutted! I told my sister about my experience of blending for health and how it went so wrong. She explained again clearly how to make the perfect drink and then blend in the Nutribullet.

What Is A Nutribullet?

Nutribullet manufacturers describe this kitchen gadget as a food extractor rather than a blender. The Nutribullet does not remove any of the parts of the food as it blends, but instead pulverises everything including seeds, stalks, skins and pulp – all the parts of fruit and vegetables that contain the most and best nutrients.

Nutrilbullet claims to bursts open all seeds, including flax seeds which are rich in the Omega-3 fatty acid as are chia, walnuts and brussel sprouts which are said to be the best source of Omega-3.

According to Nutribullet, this model 900 series, is a machine which can crack through the toughest of stems and skins to release nutrients, so you get the most out of your vegetables and fruits and there is no waste.

Nutribullet Pro 900

What Is Kenwood Smoothie Maker?

The Kenwood Smoothie Maker is said to be able to blend fruit and veg and retain all the goodness. I got the Kenwood Smoothie maker to blend fruit and vegetables like it claimed it would. The Kenwood will blend cooked and softened vegetables into a smooth soup but I feel by the time I have cooked the food, have of the nutrients will have been cooked away. I want to keep all the nutrients and unfortunately for me, the Kenwood does not do the job I need it to do which is blend.

I found the kenwood Smoothie good for doing soft and frozen food for blending. I did not think it was as good as the Nutribullet for breaking down and blending together fibres in fruit and vegetables. I also did not think a blended drink from the Kenwood was as enjoyable as the same ingredients blended in the Nutribullet.

Kenwood Smoothie did make lovely milk shakes but thats about all it could do really.

Kendwood Smoothie Versus Nutribullet

I blended kale and water in both blenders to see which would really blend and breakdown the kale. In that experiment, Nutribullet was the clear winner. Kale was broken down much more than it was in the Kenwood.

I blended apple, banana, blueberries, kale and frozen strawberries in coconut water in both the Nutribullet and the Kenwood Smoothie. Nutribullet was a clear winner in smoothness and taste.

The Nutribullet was well blended, smooth, fruity and delicious to drink. The Kenwood did not even taste nice and its texture was bitty.

The Kenwood Smoothie does blend protein drinks and soft, peeled fruit blended drinks and milk shakes but does not break down the fibres of fruits and vegetables as well as the Nutrubullet

Kale And Water Experiment

Kale And Water Test

Kale And Water Test

Delicious Kale And Fruit Smoothie

Delicious Kale And Fruit Smoothie

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Creamy Fruity Drink Made In Nutribullet

A quick blended juice using unpeeled apple, banana, piece of melon and some frozen strawberries. A delicious smooth and creamy drink.

A quick blended juice using unpeeled apple, banana, piece of melon and some frozen strawberries. A delicious smooth and creamy drink.

Kenwood better for soft peeled fruit, protein and milk shakes


Blending versus Juicing

There is a big difference between a juicer and a blender. With a juicer, you just get the juice. The fibres and seeds all visible parts of the fruit and vegetables are separated. Juice is the watery substance you squeeze out of fruit and vegetables and it is full of nutrients.

With a blender, all the goodness, including the fibre of the fruit and vegetables is maintained. The blended drink, or smoothie, is a thicker drink and takes longer to digest. A blended smoothie is like a meal in a glass, full of uncontaminated nutrients.

For those on a low-fibre diet, juicing might be a better option than blending fruit and vegetables.

Experiment with milk and waters and find what suits your taste. I learnt that coconut water works best for me and for my milk drinks I use unsweetened Soya milk or Almond milk.

Whether or not you peel your apples depends on how you like the texture of the smoothie. If in doubt, experiment with your fruit and vegetables. Remember, if you do leave the skin on you will be retaining most of its vitamins in your smoothie.

Benefits Of Blending

I do not always have the energy to cook. I have many health problems that affects my digestive system. Blending is a quick and easy way to get nutrients in my body when I am not feeling at my best. I use frozen fruits which are just as nutritional and tasty, when I am unable to get out shopping.

Blending is good for my immune system and helps to manage my inflammation levels.

Blending natural foods is good for the digestion every now and then. A detoxing of the body is a good side effects of blending

Healthy way to lose weight and is good as a nutritional weight loss replacement meal. Blended fruit is really good for but blended fruit still contains sugars in the form of glucose. Too much of any sugar is not good and that includes natural sugars like glucose.

If you have a glucose intolerance maybe is would be a good idea to speak to your gp before blending.

Blending is not only full of vitamins and antioxidants and all the stuff we need for a healthy body and mind, it is quick to do. No pans and cookers to clean when you blend your food.

Blending greens in a fruity drink is the perfect way to get your love ones to eat their greens without them even noticing. Here is more information about blending fruit and vegetables for children.

Medical Warning Of Blending

This warning was in the leaflet sent with the blender. I am grateful for this information otherwise I would be throwing the whole food in to blend.

'The following list of some seeds and pits contain chemicals that release cyanide into the body when ingested. Do not use the following seeds and pits in the Nutibullet';

Apple seeds

Apricot pits

Cherry pits

Plum pits

Peach pits

Nutribullet Or Kenwood? My Decision

I chose the Nutribullet because it really does blend the whole fruit and the Kenwood does not.

My Nutribullet came with lovely hard back book full of information and blending recipes. Also a little booklet, 'Pocket Nutritionist'. This booklet explains, step by step how to build the perfect smoothie. Booklet also includes some information about different fruit and vegetables and the benefits they have to our body and health. Included is selection process of when and how to choose the right fruit and vegetables at the right time for maximum nutritional benefits.


And Finally

If anyone wants to ask me questions, please use comments box below.

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