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Natural Solutions to Pests in Your House Like Roaches, Ants, and More

Are there pests in your home? Have you tried unnatural methods to get rid of them? Pesticides can be effective, but they also aren't good for your family or pets to breathe in. Read this article if you want to know ways to have a pest-free house without using harmful chemicals.

First Things First

Clean your house. Pests like messy, dirty homes, so keep them away by simply cleaning up any dark spaces in your homes (i.e. closets, cabinets, attics, etc.).

Fill any holes that you see in the walls. Rats and other pests usually enter homes through holes and cracks around the house. If you have rats and the hole is much to large to fill with putty, you may want to try placing steel wool in the hole. Rats will not chew through this material. If you have a big problem with rats, call a professional. They live in large quantities and could be a large task for someone without professional experience.



There are many solutions to getting rid of cockroaches in your home, so do not resort to using harmful chemicals. Cockroaches can be exterminated with a number of household items. You will want to identify where the cockroaches are gathering in your home and spray one of the following mixtures on them:

4 tbsp. soap with 1 qt. water

2 tbsp. borax in 1 qt. water

Catnip soaked in water

Once you have sprayed the roaches, you will want to vacuum them up in order to prevent more pests from coming. To keep more roaches out of your home, place garlic, bay leaves or non-toxic traps around your home.



Ants are a common pest to have in a home, but where are they coming from? This is what you need to identify first, before attempting to save your house from an ant invasion. The ants are most likely from outside and have found a trail leading inside of your home. Clean up any crumbs to avoid attracting more to your home. Once you find out where they are coming from, rub white vinegar or a lemon on the area. They will not want to come back. Here is a short list of other ant deterrents:


Mint Leaves


Cucumber Peels

Sad dog with flea collar

Sad dog with flea collar

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Fleas can be a nuisance for both you and your pets. Fleas like to attach themselves to pets when it is hot outside, so expect a visit from them in the summer months. In order to keep them off of your pet, put some apple cider vinegar into their drinking water. Those fleas will not want to go near your pet after that.

If you pet already has fleas, shampoo its fur with a mixture of water, cedar oil and vinegar. Use a thin comb to get them untangled from the fur and eventually they will drown in the water.



Mosquitoes may be known as the most useless creature in the world, but they are definitely not unnoticed. There are numerous bug repellents made especially for these annoying pests, but many of them are harmful for pets and young children. For an all-natural and safe bug repellent, mix 1 part garlic juice with 5 parts water and put it in a spray bottle. Spray this mixture on the exposed parts of your body and you will be safe from bites. (However, you may not smell too good.)

To keep mosquitos and other flying creatures like moths out of your home, make natural sticky paper that will attract and collect all kinds of insects. To make sticky paper, follow these steps:

1. Cut thick paper into strips about 2 inches thick and eight inches long.

2. Punch a hole in one end of the strips and tie a small string to it.

3. In a pot, mix equal parts of sugar, water and honey and simmer until sugar is dissolved and it is evenly mixed.

4. Dip the strips of paper in the mixture and hang them to dry over a baking pan.

5. When the strips are dry, hang them by doors, on porches and anywhere you think a lot of insects are flying by. The insects will be attracted to the sweet scent and will stick to your homemade fly traps.


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