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Healthier Snacking Made Easy! My Review of the EZ Popcorn maker

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The EZ Popcorn Maker

I received one of these beauties as a gift from my father.

The unit consists of a clear plastic dome sitting on a red plastic base. The popcorn kernels are placed in the red part of the unit and the clear dome is then locked into place by two red plastic clips.

How does it work? I believe it works on the same principle as those overpriced microwave popcorn bags.When zapped in the microwave the internal air temperature in the dome increases and the super-heated air begins to pop the kernels into wonderful puffs of popped corn! Simplicity at it's best.


Build Quality

Overall the unit looks pretty indestructible. The dome and the base are made from a sturdy plastic which is dishwasher safe (top load only if you have heating elements). The only point of concern are the little tabs on the side. They look a little flimsy, but are holding up well to date.

How To Make Perfect Popcorn Every Time:

  • 1 EZ Popcorn maker
  • 1/4 cup Popcorn Kernels, (Regular air pop ones)
  • 2 tbsp butter or magerine


  1. Fill the EZ Popcorn maker with 1/4 cup of kernels
  2. Close the EZ Popcorn maker and put it in the microwave on high for three to four minutes. Microwave times will vary depending on the microwave. The rule of thumb is to wait until the interval between pops slows to three seconds in between.
  3. Remove EZ Popcorn maker being careful not to burn yourself on the hot dome (use the handle). Also take care when opening the dome as the escaping steam may burn you.
  4. Melt up some butter or margarine and mix it into the popcorn and enjoy! You can also get creative and use any type of spice or topping that you can think of.
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Cook Time

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2 min

3 min

5 min

4 cups of popcorn

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Ardot (author) from Canada on March 03, 2015:

Thanks DDE!

Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on March 03, 2015:

A good review on the product and healthy snacking is the best thought.

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