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My mother's kitchen - poetry


The pride of a woman is rooted in a perfect kitchen.

A woman's good cooking is a way to a man's heart.

The style of a mother thrives and shines in her kitchen.

My mother's cooking is second to none.

Her creative recipes are always mouth watering.

Her innovativeness and improvisation is vivid in her cooking.

My mother's kitchen is the pride of the village.

It tells a story of rich art, it's user friendly.

The decoration is magnificent and echo friendly.

Clay pots, plates, cups and spoons-she mix and match.

Plates and cups are neatly lined on the clay shelf.

There is art and witty in the manner the utensils are arranged.

Her water is kept in clay containers which cool the water.

Her kitchen mats are crafted from reeds.

The floor is sparklingly clean.

There is life in my mother's kitchen.

There is hope in her creative dishes.

Her kitchen is a workshop of creative recipes.

There is witty and style in her cooking.

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She can do it - yes she can!

Aroma from dried goat meat in peanut butter,

Always make dad salivate - It's genuinely appetizing.

My mother's kitchen is simply the best.

Her recipes of dried meat in peanut butter,

Have kept us going over the years.

And has made us well nourished children.

My mother's kitchen breathes life.

It's the symbol of true womanhood.

It's a centre of learning.

Indeed my mother's heart is in her cooking.

Her kitchen is unique and its the talk of the village.

It's the envy of the village.

It's the resource centre of the village.

It's the talk of the newly weds brides.

They envy to own one like that.

Nothing makes my mother proud,

Except her stunning kitchen,

And her creative recipes,

My mother's kitchen is part of her.

It's part of her legacy - oh yes!

A true woman takes pride in her kitchen.

My mother's kitchen is simply the best.

My mother's cooking brings joy.

I shall not want!


Masimba Mukichi (author) from United Kingdom on April 02, 2013:

Thanks, MsDora.

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on April 02, 2013:

A beautiful tribute to your mother and her cooking. "There is life in my mother's kitchen." I bet that's true on many levels.

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