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Building a House - My Creative Process - Part One

Sandra is a Cash Application Specialist by day and a Decorating and Design Enthusiast by night! Creative design is her passion.

Overwhelmed by Building a Home?

The creative process of building a house can be overwhelming. In this article I will walk you through the steps I took to make sure my new home was exactly as I had dreamed. I will not only explain the process but I will also include photos and design concepts that I created to help me visualize my ideas. This helped to ensure that I was going to be happy with my decisions. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed creating my new home design.

These are the beginning steps of my creative process.

Step One

Create a Pinterest Board


Choose a House Plan

Step Three

Make the Plan Your Own

Step Four

Choose Exterior Selections

Step One: Create a Pinterest Board

In my opinion, step one is easy! Go to and create a Pinterest board. I titled mine "House Ideas". (However, I would recommend making more specific boards for each room). Then just start browsing to find things you like. You can also search key words. I would start with "Home design aesthetics". Here are some examples:

  • Modern
  • Modern Farmhouse
  • Farmhouse
  • Mid-Century Modern
  • Traditional
  • Bohemian

Once you find the one you love, then you can search these terms below in that aesthetic. See examples below:

  • Kitchens
  • Kitchen Hardware
  • Bathrooms
  • Cabinets
  • Tile
  • Carpet
  • Kitchen and Bath Fixtures
  • Lighting
  • Flooring Types
  • Paint colors

Creating this board will help you narrow down what type of design you like and make the creative process a bit easier. It's much more difficult when you start making design selections if you have no idea what you like.

Step Two: Choose a House Plan


The first step in the creative process was choosing a house plan. Our builder allowed us to choose from about 3 different plans. We were also allowed to make changes to the plan if we desired. Keep in mind, all builders are different and the process will be different. Here is a list of a few questions to ask yourself when choosing a plan:

  • Does this plan have the aesthetic that I am wanting? (Modern, Farmhouse, ECT.)
  • Will this plan work for my lifestyle? (Open Concept or Separate Rooms?)
  • Do I plan to retire here? (Stairs or No Stairs?)
  • Do I enjoy outdoor living? (Deck or Patio?)
  • How much storage space will I need? (Enough closets and cabinets?)

Asking yourself these questions, can help you decide on the house plan that will work best for you.


Step Three: Make the Plan Your Own

First let me say, I don't know if all builders allow you to do this step, but our builder let us change our floor plan.

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When we asked ourselves the questions in step two, it caused us to see the house plan was not perfect. So we began to make some changes to the floor plan. Here is a list of things we changed in our plan:

  • Added a larger deck
  • Moved the main floor laundry to our master suite
  • Reconfigured the master bathroom
  • Made the master closet accessible through the master bath instead of the master bedroom
  • Moved the main floor bathroom to where the laundry was located
  • Added a pantry
  • Added a walk in closet in one of the basement bedrooms
  • Removed the closet in the entryway to open up the space
  • Removed the third stall of the garage

Once we changed everything on the floor plan, it had to go to the architect to be re-drawn and approved.

See the before and after drawings below.


Step Four: Choose Exterior Selections

The next step we did was to choose our exterior selections. This is where your Pinterest boards can start to come in handy. You can go back and view all of the exteriors of the homes you love. Then get a plan together! Here are the choices that I made:

  • Dark Gray Siding
  • Black Trim
  • Cedar Siding by the Front Door
  • Modern Door with Windows ( Painted Green instead of the Teal)
  • Modern Garage Door
  • Modern Light Fixtures by the Garage
  • Modern Light Fixture by the Front Door
  • Cedar Colored Composite Decking
  • Black Metal Railing for the Deck

Most likely there will always be issues. Here are a couple that we ran into on the exterior choices.

  • I forget about the doorbell! I now need to replace what they put up because it is white and does not have the look I wanted.
  • We really wanted black windows. It was recommended to us that we just get a black aluminum wrap because the black windows are really expensive. I made an assumption that somehow the windows would look black because I didn't really understand the process. Now we will be getting our windows painted because I do not like how they look white.

Make sure that you always understand what is being done to your home. Ask a lot of questions.

Anyway, once I had my choices made, I created a drawing of the exterior to help me visualize the look of our home. I believe being able to see what your home will look like can be helpful. See the drawing below:


We Got a Deal!

Most of the items in our home we had to purchase through our builder, however, we did purchase this modern wall sconce to go buy our front door. I love how the light illuminates from the top and bottom. You can also adjust the width of the light. We are so happy with this purchase and it was a steal! Check out the link below.

Thanks for Reading Part One

Well friends, those are the first four steps of my creative process while building a home. In the next article I will start with Step 5 and begin tackling the interior designs and selections. Stay Tuned and Thanks for reading!

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