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Multi-Point Door Locking Systems

Most locking systems are single-point locking systems, which is to say they lock into a single plate on the frame of the door. Single-point locks include most cylindrical, tubular, and mortise locks. An apartment door might have a two-point locking system such as a keyed cylindrical lock and a keyed deadbolt on the same door, but these kinds of locks only secure one side of the door. True multi-point locking systems secure two or more sides of the door. Following are some examples.

Von Duprin 9957

Von Duprin 9957

Von Duprin 9857 or 9957

The Von Duprin 9857 or 9957 exit device offers 3-point locking with strikes on the threshold, door frame, and header. Relatches automatically when door is closed. Full range of exit device trim available. Some of the other options avaiailable:

  • Battery operated or hard wired alarm
  • Electric Latch retraction
  • Electrified trim
  • Fire rated exit device

Entry from outside by key if exit device trim and rim cylinder is used.

Models start at under $2,000.00


Securitech, of New York, manufactures a wide variety of multi-point locking devices. Shown below right is the MP-4800 series multi-point police lock, available in 2-point, 3-point, and 4-point locking versions. Can be locked or unlocked by cylinder from outside, turnknob (or cylinder) inside. Heavy duty cylinder guard available. Door status and bolt status monitor switches available.

A 4-point MP-4800 series lock with Hard Guard cylinder guard starts at less than $600 retail.

Other models offer:

  • Exit alarm
  • Electrified trim
  • Exit device functionality

See their web site (link at end of article) for information on the rest of their multi-point locking devices.

Securitech MP-4800 Series

Securitech MP-4800 Series

Sargent 7000 Series

Sargent 7000 Series

Mul-T-Lock 415G

Mul-T-Lock 415G

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Sargent Manufacturing

Sargent makes the 7000 series lever lock (second picture, above right) with concealed vertical rods that locks the door top and bottom on the lock side and a 3-point mortise lock (not shown) called the Triad mortise lock that locks the door at the top, middle, and bottom of the lock stile.

7000 series available in four different functions and multiple trim styles and finishes. Electrified trim available.

The 7000 series starts at about $2,200.00 retail.

The Triad starts at less than $800 retail.


Mul-T-Lock, based in Israel, offers a wide variety of multi-point locking systems primarily for installation inside new wood or hollow metal doors. Pictured above right is the 415G series heavy duty multi-point mortise lock for hollow metal doors. Like Securitech, Mul-T-Lock offers a wide variety of multi-point locking devices. The 415G as pictured on the Mul-T-Lock Israel web site features 15 locking bolts: 14 locking into the door frame and one each into the header and the threshold.

Mul-T-Lock offers their patented high security cylinders for extra security.



The Arm-a-dor 2-point exit device, manufactured by Sargent and Greenleaf of the United States, is widely used as a back door lock for pharmacies and mall stores. Available in auto relock and manual relock models. Arm-a-dor devices offer no entry from outside. Options include:

  • Alarm
  • Auto Relock
  • AC power or battery operated
  • Double door kit
  • Request to exit monitor switch

Arm-a-dor exit devices start at less than $1,000.00 retail.


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