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Mozaico, A Charming Way to Bring Art into Your Home (A Product Review)

Andrea helps people refresh their home decor. She studied film, so she knows how hard it is to make something visually appealing.

I find it is hard to get the right creative accents for my walls. Mozaico has art that fits a variety of styles. The pieces are handcrafted by artists.

I find it is hard to get the right creative accents for my walls. Mozaico has art that fits a variety of styles. The pieces are handcrafted by artists.

Mozaico, Handcrafted Art

Selecting the right art for your home can be a challenge. You want something that brings out the best qualities in your living room, kitchen, bathroom, and the likes. One option is to go with a bright-colored mosaic.

Mozaico specializes in the art medium. You can display a design anywhere, inside your home or outside it. The company’s mosaics are vivid and eyecatching. Each mosaic is meticulously crafted by an artist.

What really impresses me about the company is the variety of styles it offers, many of which come from the public domain. It sells mosaics of Impressionist painting reproductions, geometric abstractions, landscapes, seascapes, and floral designs. There is also the option to customize your own mosaic.

Expert Quality

The mosaics are crafted with hand-cut marble and glass tesserae. The artisans rely on traditional techniques from 3,000 years ago. The company specializes in floor art, borders, decorative countertops, wall installations, and designs for baths and pools.

Each mosaic comes with a lifetime warranty, plus the company guarantees your art piece was crafted by an expert and meets high-quality standards.

Mozaico offers free shipping worldwide, so you can buy a mosaic from anywhere. You can also complement your art with a frame.

Table of Contents

  • My Personal Review
  • Gift Ideas
  • Mosaic Installation Guide

So what do I think of the mosaic? It's high-quality, and you're paying for that quality. Looking at the company's website, the art ranges from a couple of hundred bucks to thousands. There is an endless amount of art pieces on its website (personally, I find it's fun to browse for the eye candy).

I have one of the Versace logo mosaics. My husband and I are considering adding it to one of our bathrooms or as an installation outside in our yard. We have a concrete patch underneath our kayaks. I’m also tempted to install it into an outdoor table.

How does the art arrive? The art piece when it comes to your door will be heavily wrapped. There are multiple rounds of packaging. You will need a good knife to cut into it.

The mosaic arrives rolled up; some of the stones may pop off, but this is expected, and there are instructions included with the mosaic that explain how to reattach them. I had one stone pop off around the border. There are also extra stones in the package, just in case something happens.

I really want to stress that it is meticulously crafted by a professional. It is created by someone who has a deep knowledge of ancient mosaic techniques, so it doesn’t look like a middle school project gone wrong. The expert craftsmanship definitely adds to the beauty of the overall image.

It’s prepared in a way for you to install onto (or into) surfaces. You will need some tools to install it, whether into a frame or a surface. This isn’t a simple one-and-done project. It takes time and labor to set it up.

The good news: the company has your back. Mozaico has suggestions for all installation occasions from indoor, outdoor, wet places, countertops, and floor tiling. The company has thought of everything, and it has been around since 2003, so it has run into just about every scenario imaginable.

The mosaic is heavy. You don’t want to mail this to your office and then lug it around on a subway. Have it sent directly to where you want it displayed. I recommend laying it flat on a table and measuring it. It’s always a good idea to double-check measurements.

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If you’re planning to buy one as a gift, I would do so in advance. You could present the mosaic as is, but if you want it installed, you’ll have to add time for labor (your own labor or someone you hire).

If the work involved is too intense to get it “frame ready”, I’d recommend finding a frame shop in your area. Contact the shop with a phone call, email, or Facebook message, and see if they would be willing to frame it. Give them the Mozaico instructions, so they know what the work entails. Frame shops will likely have the right tools if you’re planning to hang your mosaic on a wall, or at the very least, they’ll have advice for you.

The colors of the website images are true to the actual products. I would wait until you receive an object like this before painting walls or adding other design features. Even though the website colors are honest, at least to my mosaic, you should make sure the paint colors, wood types, or textures you have in mind are a smart match with your art piece.

What I love about these mosaics is their versatility. You could add one to just about any room and in multiple different ways. I recommend mosaics for people who love creativity and want their living space to be expressive and lively.

The mosaics are also great for businesses, churches, schools, zoos, and the like. The art isn’t limited to home decorating. The company has styles appropriate for residential, commercial, and recreational interests.

Mosaics are great gift ideas for special occasions. I would buy one of these to mark an anniversary or birthday. Another part of the equation is installing the mosaic, which will take some prep. This could be a fun activity for couples, especially if they're into tools and crafts.

The company has a long list of mosaics that are romantically themed. This includes fairy tale images of princes and princesses, heart shapes, Aphrodite, paradisal gardens, dreamy images of Tuscany, and the Hindu gods Shiva and Shakti. Not to mention reproductions like Jack Vettriano's The Singing Butler.

You could go the extra romantic route and order a mosaic of a floral bouquet and then tell your Valentine you wanted to make sure the flowers lasted (a very impressive gesture).

A mosaic makes for a nice graduation present. You may want to commemorate a part of your house to your graduating senior. You could custom design a mosaic of one of your child's pictures.

This is also a great gift for someone who loves home renovation projects and trying new things. If you know someone who loves to spruce things up, a mosaic might just be what they're missing. Maybe your parents are retired, and they're begging you to come up with projects for them to do (or is that just my inlaws?).

Think outside the home. These pieces would also make for great gifts to large-scale venues, like symphonies and ballet theaters. Some of the mosaics are religious in nature and could be lovely gifts to places of worship.


Steps for Installing

  1. Slice through the outer packaging and remove the remaining layers. (There is a lot of packaging.)
  2. Unroll the mosaic. Save any pieces that may have popped off.
  3. Measure the length and width of the art. You may also want to weigh it.
  4. Flip over the mosaic. Remove the plastic backing.
  5. If it is a large mosaic, split it into sections by cutting through the fiber mesh on the back.
  6. Use a trowel to cover the installation area with an adhesive for your installation.
  7. Skim coat the back of the mosaic with adhesive. This assures it has good contact.
  8. Apply the mosaic to the installation area. Apply even pressure with a grout float. Tap the entire surface.
  9. For vertical installations: place small finish nails between stones to keep them in place.
  10. If a piece is missing, one option is to create your own custom one and glue it using contact cement.

For floors, wet places, and outdoor mosaics, the following steps are required (and come after the above steps):

  1. Use unsanded or sanded grout. A neutral color is preferred. Follow the mixing instructions from the manufacturer.
  2. Use a grout float. Press the mixed grout into the grout lines and cover the entire surface.
  3. Once it has dried, clean the surface with a DAMP sponge followed by a clean cloth. Pick a cloth with a neutral color that doesn't have dye in it.
  4. Apply a high-quality marble and stone sealer.
  5. Your work is done! Enjoy a soda.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2022 Andrea Lawrence

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