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Mother Is Changing But...


Mother is changing

The mother no longer appears constantly
In a daze
In the throes of work all day
Mom is wearing a cool jeans top now
Mom is now making time for herself too
Because mother is changing now.

Mom no longer sits in front of the stove
Blowing wood and making eyes red
Mom now in the smart kitchen
Creates new recipes
If you get bored, then swiggy
Ordering a parcel
The real mother is changing now.

Mom no longer spreads hands to Dad for small needs
And the mother-in-law and the husband do not eat
On the contrary, the mother now earns by shoulder to shoulder with the father
Yes, she really is.

Mom no longer cries old-fashioned groans
Sasava Nananda Javanese does not take it
She no longer says the woman's birth is false
Instead, she teaches paratha to the boy and karate to the girl
Yes, mother is really changing now.

Mom is laughing, dancing,
Living like the mind, changing according to time, behaving as you like

But .....
As soon as the baby cries
Her footsteps, however, are staggering
Really why is mom changing so completely?
The mother has changed completely ... but the same love has not changed .... and this mother is needed nowadays ... according to the understanding, according to the time, according to the children and according to the generation, it is necessary to change ... For all ladies ...

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