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An Illustrated Guide of the Most Beautiful Flowers in the World

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Plum Blossom

The plum blossom is the most symbolic flower for the Chinese people. Known as the flower that blooms in the cold snowy winter, the plum blossom symbolizes Chinese people with courage and tenacity in difficult situations. Unlike the cherry blossom, the plum blossom looks like it has no leaves. But look closer, the plum blossom has leaves that are dark red. Contrast this flower and its leaves with snow in the winter, you will be amazed at how beautiful the whole scenery is. Even though the cherry blossom is more well known and on most beautiful flower's list, the plum blossom is a very similar flower that you should also look at. This flower is so popular in China that lots of traditional ink wash paintings feature this flower as the center piece.



Lotus is a sacred flower that has important roles in both Buddhism and Hinduism. Known as the flower that symbolizes purity, it is for sure a sight that awes many visitors summer after summer. This gorgeous large water flower is so unique in many ways. In addition to being beautiful, the lotus has many edible parts and play an important role in Asian cuisine. The lotus root is seen in many Asian countries. The lotus seed can be eaten raw as a snack or dried for use in desert recipes. Even the large lotus leaves can be picked during the summer season and cooked with porridge to enhance the flavor of rice.


Peony Flower

The peony flower is in many ways similar to the rose. It is very large and luxurious in appearance. However, what's the fun in this list if everything is already expected. Let's discover some of the other flowers that are just as beautiful as a typical beautiful flower's list. The peony is very popular flower in China and considered to be the king of flowers. It represents elegance, opulence, and prosperity. This beautiful flower is often featured in traditional ink wash painting. The most popular colors are white, pink, and red.



The plumeria flower is a symbol of Hawaii and its exotic tropical beauty. This flower comes in a variety of shades and combinations. If you love a more simple plumeria, go for the white petals with a slight yellow in the center. This color combination contrasts well with a woman of darker complexion. Some women love bolder and more colorful colors, go for the plumeria with a combination of yellow, pink, and white. The plumeria is not only limited to Hawaii. You can always wear it in your hair to accentuate your femininity everywhere.



One tulip flower is beautiful. But what about a garden full of them? The answer is, absolutely stunning. This flower represents Europe. In fact, the tulip garden of the Netherlands, Keukenhof, has tulip flowers of different colors. This sea of tulips is a breathtaking view for Europeans and foreign visitors alike. The different colors of tulips are grown in a certain pattern and well groomed by garden keepers. This amazing sight of human work is definitely worth a visit even for international tourists. However, tulips are seasonal. So, make sure to check out the official website for the best times to see the tulip flowers.

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The hibiscus flower is large and beautiful. Selected as the national flower for Malaysia, hibiscus represents the beauty of southeast Asia. This large tropical flower comes in a variety of different colors, from white to deep purple. Even though hibiscus is able to grow in moderate temperature areas, it flourishes in tropical regions by producing even larger and more vividly colored flowers. Hibiscus in southern California is a lot smaller than the ones in Hawaii.



Dahlia is a flower that is native to Mexico and other parts of south America. This flower is gorgeous and distinct in its appearance. Ranging from small to very large, the larger specimens are impressive. With a lot of small petals, this exotic flower is strongly associated with Mexico. However, it is important to note that Dalia has some important variations in appearance. While the most popular species all have layers of petals, some species are relatively simple with a few petals. This makes it slightly difficult in recognizing the "atypical" dahlia.



Lavender represents France, especially the south of France. This purple flower might be insignificant in small numbers. But a sea of lavender is sight that makes people feel romantic. The purple flower can be incorporated in our lives in different ways. In addition to adding beautiful natural color, lavender has a unique scent that allows chiefs to use it as a herb. How about getting a lavender scented candle to impress your partner? You can also get the lavender scented essential oil for your oil diffuser.



The orchid flower is a uniquely shaped flower that comes in a lot of different colors. This flower can be grown in a pot indoors. You can appreciate the beauty of these flowers at your house. What's the best about orchid? They come in many different shapes as well. Have you seen orchid flower that resembles a slipper? It exists and it will make you marvel at the power of nature! What about orchid flower that looks completely different from typical orchid and then you are surprised to find out that they belong to the orchid family. This is a very interesting and beautiful flower that has a lot more variety than other species of flowers. Be sure to visit an orchid garden that exhibits different species of orchid to really appreciate this flower.



What's more beautiful than a bunch of rose? This iconic flower symbolizes love. In western culture, the rose is known as the most beautiful flower. This is not without good reasons. Just look at this gorgeous flower! If you are not captivated by its looks, the smell will surely get you. This flower is the most popular in the world! To express love, you should buy red roses. To let someone know that you like them, you can buy pink roses. Roses are not limited to romantic situations, you can give yellow roses to symbolize strong friendship. A twist to the traditional mono-colored roses, you can get yellow roses with a red edge to make the flowers look more unique and beautiful. A multicolor rose has been created in recent times to make this gorgeous flower look even more interesting. You can buy these for your loved ones and look at their surprised reaction when they learn that these flowers are real.


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