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Container Gardening Ideas: Reusable Items For Pots

Gardening is one hobby that is fun, healthy, and rewarding. Picking fresh vegetable from your own vegetable garden and herbs is like a treat for yourself, gives that little tingling of happiness knowing it was tended by your own hands. Harvesting is the reward from all the hard work of watering, feeding, and all that tending. Not only that you are hundred percent sure they are indeed fresh, but having your own herbs or vegetables even on containers can save the time with a trip to the grocery, and money of course.

Some may not have enough space for a garden, but needing a big space isn't an excuse of not having a garden if you really into it. Here's some ideas along with photos on reusable items that can be use for having a container garden.


A basket of herb

(Above photo) Few weeks ago I had bought a spearmint from Walmart so I could have a lemon and spearmint water mixture. I love the fragrance of this herb and had transplanted it in a container. Now there was more than 3 spearmint crawlers.

The beautiful basket above was from a parish fiesta we went into last Sunday and everything is half price since it's the last day, the basket is about 50 cents or less than that so I took it. I thought it would be something unique for our container garden so here it is. I filled it with soil, and laid it next to the spearmint and guided its crawlers in there. The other crawler already has roots and I would just wait for the other one before cutting it from the mother plant.

A thought:

With a herb basket like this, it would be a beautiful gift for a friend who shares the same hobby. Just wrap it, tie a ribbon with a card and it's going to make a lovely, minty gift!

Gardening with grocery bags.

Gardening with grocery bags.

Bag the plants!

First thought of reusing a grocery bag is to always have it ready in your car for your next grocery shopping trips. Or you probably will just fold them, keep them somewhere on the kitchen and forgot all about it.

So next time you go on a grocery trip, or did a little house cleaning and spotted grocery bags, put them in the garden or somewhere it can remind you they're there. It can serve another purpose, and in your garden! And it adds style too.

Save that trip you had planned to head on your nearest recycling center and make a herb garden with your soda pop plastic bottles. Or start with the container garden first and after you are done, the extra bottles goes on the recycling center and use the money to buy seeds or just add it on your gardening budget.

Soda Bottle Hanging Garden!


Plastic bottles for planters!

Another way to reuse water bottles are making them for a planter. They would be a good choice for herbs, put them in a sunny spot on a window sill or by the kitchen sink where's there's sunlight. It would be easier for you too to pick needed herbs.

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Create a bottle tower planter

Another great idea for a container garden is making a bottle tower. All needed are:


*scissor for cutting the bottom of the bottle


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* and your choice of plants for your tower garden


Gardening with a theme!

To add fun and more creativity to it, you can also add a theme to your gardening. What I mean with that is, making a kitchen theme maybe by using some old pans, some strainers, an old kettle that's of no use would be a good choice too. And maybe set an old spoon and fork to make the kitchen theme shine and plant some herbs in there.

Kitchen theme example:

* A strainer that's no use that is just about to go on the trash bin could be a planter.

* An old kettle

Snack time theme!

* A plastic cup or bottle

* A plastic glass

* A pitcher

* A bowl

Those are just some ideas for a theme. Your choice of course and on what available recyclable stuff is sitting in your home or back porch.


Even foot wears can be planters!

So you don't have enough space, and not only that, the budget is short too. If you can put soil in it, it can be reuse as a planter. And this boots and shoes can be colorful and creative all at the same time.

What you get from using boots and shoes for planters?

* Reusing them saves you money, gas and time too. That is the money each planter or container cost if you choose to go to a garden center, the time you will spend going there and the gas you will use. So why not reuse your old shoes and boots and use that time for planting instead.

* Getting more space in your garage, shoe rack, or wherever you stock those old foot wears. Make room for current shoes.

* Admit it, some of us, just don't want to throw away those old shoes and boots. They hold memories. They could be the very first shoes you had from the first paycheck, or someone so dear had given, or the kids boots and now they are all grown ups. Why not add life to them and grow herbs?

* Saves space. They are a great way to save space. They could be hang on fences so the ground could be of use to some other plants that can't be hang and needs to be on the ground on a bigger pot.

Let The Plants Use The Old Bike

Sometimes its just hard to see an old bike go and we just let them sit instead in the garage, or we just let them stay forever somewhere at the back porch, ignored. So why not include the old bike in the gardening and let both plants and bike be happy. The bike could be of use, and it adds design in the garden.

Tires As Planters

Reuse those old tires. They make good swings, and I remember I had a swing before made from an old tire. But another great way of reusing these old tires is growing your favorite vegetables, flowers, and herbs in them.


precy anza (author) from USA on June 16, 2013:

Yes Avian :) I had seen the wagon too :) Had seen one in a front yard while I was driving home and it was beautifully reused :) Thanks for stopping by!

Deb Hirt from Stillwater, OK on June 14, 2013:

These are all great things to do, especially the bicycle or even an old wagon. I have friends back in Maine that even use the toilet bowl and the tank. Anything goes nowadays. Great work, precy anza.

precy anza (author) from USA on June 13, 2013:

Thanks for the visit drbj :) Totally agree to that. Beautiful aren't they?! I don't have old boots to use like those but if I had some, and as colorful as those, they would no doubt could cheer me up, such happy colors.

drbj and sherry from south Florida on June 12, 2013:

The bottle garden is a great way to use old bottles, conserve space and conserve water for your garden - all at the same time. Thanks for sharing this, precy. Like the kinky boots with flowers, too.

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