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Monster Truck Bedding: Where to Find the Best Buys For Decorating a Child's Bed in Big Wheel Truck Style

Grave Digger is one of the best-known and most famous monster trucks.

Grave Digger is one of the best-known and most famous monster trucks.

Kids Love Monster Truck Bedding

If you know a child who is fascinated by monster trucks, give them some monster truck bedding. You’ll be thrilled and amazed to watch them hop into bed for naptime or bedtime with their favorite monster truck like Grave Digger.

Decorating a child's bedroom is a fast and inexpensive way to give it an instant face-lift. You can simply add a few touches like some new pillow shams or a throw with a monster truck theme or go all out and buy matched sheets, pillowcases, comforters or even curtains.

The nice thing about doing a theme like monster trucks is you don't have to buy all the pieces at one time. For instance, you could start with the larger items like the comforter and shams, and add smaller accessories pieces like throw rugs or wall décor as your time and budget allows.

Where to Buy Monster Truck Bedding

Shop at your local bedding store or save time and money by shopping online with merchants like these:

Itsy Bitsy Wear (Etsy)

Purchase personalized treasures like a pillowcase emblazoned with a monster truck and a child's name by shopping at Itsy Bitsy Wear. After all, what monster trucking loving child could resist seeing his or her name splashed across a pillow showing Grave Digger making an awesome move? As a plus for the eco-conscious parent, the pillow is made in the USA from 100% cotton, so you can feel good about your purchase being good for your child and the environment. A personalized gift like this is sure to be cherished for years to come.


Check out your local Walmart store or browse the Walmart website for monster truck bedding items like throws, blankets and sheet sets. Their line of Monster Jam bedding features the authentic Monster Jam logo on a blue background or realistic graphic depictions of famous monster trucks like Grave Digger.

Sheet sets are available in full and twin sizes, and you can add accessories items like curtain panels or a Monster Jam Pillow Buddy to complete your child's bedroom décor. The pillow buddy is a decorative monster-truck shaped pillow of the ever-popular Grave Digger.

Do you want to create an new bedroom look for your child's room but you are low on funds? You might want to check out their BillMeLater plan. You'll save by not paying any interest or having to make any payments for 6 months on qualifying purchases that are paid in full within the six month period.

Monster Truck Beds

Decorating a child's bedroom with monster truck bedding is a good way to keep your truck crazy fan happy, but for those who can afford it, nothing beats pairing that bedding with the ultimate gift for a monster truck fan - a custom-made bed from Tanglewood Design.

These beds are made in the USA and can be ordered unpainted, so you can customize it yourself, or hand painted. The hand painted designs are unique and signed and dated by the artist who created them. Some assembly is required, but setup instructions come with the bed.

Production takes about 6 to 12 weeks, so this will not work as an impulse gift, but if you can afford the price and the lead time, this makes a gift that will be cherished for a lifetime. Here's just one of the many positive reviews from the website: "I'm very impressed with the creativity and awesome designs that Tanglewood Design Inc. fabricates. I also give this Great Company a 5 Star rating because it's made in the U.S.A. -- R.A. Nielson"

About Grave Digger and Monster Trucks

Grave Digger is the most famous of all monster trucks and the name of a team of vehicles that race the United States Hot Rod Association (USHRA) circuit. Grave Digger was created (and originally driven) by Dennis Anderson.

There are actually several Grave Diggers and drivers, which allows for multiple appearances to crowds of adoring fans. Monster trucks are trucks outfitted with huge wheels and tires and used for competition and entertainment.

Grave Digger the Most Famous Monster Truck of All

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Finish the Look with Monster Truck Accessories

Part of the fun of decorating with a theme such as monster truck bedding for kids is choosing all the neat accessory items that help pull together the theme.

Don’t limit yourself to just bedding or décor items, however. There is a wide range of monster truck themed merchandise from which to choose.

Here’s a few ideas to get your creativity flowing:

Monster Truck Parking Sign: Any child would be delighted to display this sign in their room or on their door to warn the world to beware their monster trucks or suffer the consequences

Monster Jam Removable Wall Decorations: Extend the fun with removable wall decorations that are so easy to use your child can affix them all by himself. As a plus, he or she can move them to different locations whenever a new look for the bedroom décor is desired.

Another neat way to decorate the room is by using some lightweight monster trucks to create a free form mobile over the bed.

Use fishing line to suspend the trucks from the ceiling and vary the length of the line to create the mobile.

Decorate around the creation with some glow in the dark stars or other glow in the dark stickers for the ultimate monster truck nightlight!

Recoup Your Investment

Kids grow fast and outgrow interests and hobbies, so don’t be discouraged if the monster truck bedding is a passing fad with your child.

Sell the items on auctions sites online such as eBay, at local children’s consignment stores, or hold a yard or garage sale at your house and recoup your investment because monster truck theme items are perennial favorites with most kids.

Which Monster Truck Would You Pick for Monster Truck Bedding?

Donna Cosmato (author) from USA on August 10, 2012:

Thanks for letting us know about another monster truck fan, furniturez!

furniturez from Washington on August 08, 2012:

My grandson loves monster trucks!

Donna Cosmato (author) from USA on April 27, 2011:

Grave Digger and Big Dummy are our faves!

Tania Cowling from Florida on February 26, 2011:

Very nice decorating idea. I will keep this in mind for my grandson.

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