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Minimalist Decor

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Minimalist decor made a splash in the interior decorating scene years ago and continues to be a household favorite. The monochrome color schemes with accent colors are seen throughout the world, from those living in poverty that have chosen to be minimalists out of necessity to the stark white walls of celebrity homes. Minimalism is much more than just another trend. Instead, this decorating style is here to stay.


What is Minimalist Style?

A minimalist decorating style is a decorating style that is taken from minimalist living. Minimalist living involves living with the bare necessities that you need and often involves not splurging on things that are not necessary. This lifestyle can involve not buying clothes that are not needed or living off-grid and simply enjoying the land. It's the exact opposite of capitalism.

Minimalist decorating follows this same theme. Instead of a house full of clutter, a minimalist decorating theme focuses on the things that are necessary, such as a table and chairs or couch.

However, many people opt for decor as well, such as wall art or other tasteful decorating pieces. When decorating, use clean lines and keep decor items to a minimum to achieve a cozy minimalistic look in your home.


Minimalist Living Room

Before you begin decorating your minimalist living room, it's important to decide on a look that you would like for your entire home. While white walls and a monochrome color scheme are popular, these are not your only options. You can also opt for a cozy minimalist style with natural colors and warm accent colors. The style that you choose will determine the decor that you pick for your entire home.

Minimalist Living Room Wall Decor

When decorating your living room wall, it's important to focus on a few wonderful pieces of art instead of several smaller pieces. This will help you maintain a minimalistic style while adding a pop of personality to your living space.

Paintings with colors and textures are ideal. Textures will add character to a room while paintings with reds and browns will increase the warmth in the room. Minimalistic decor can create a cold, sterile environment that can make guests uncomfortable. Paintings are the perfect way to avoid this effect.

Minimalistic wall decor ideas go far beyond hanging a few paintings. For additional texture, use beautiful Persian rugs as wall hangings. Opt for artwork in various shapes to create a modern appeal. Timeless paintings in classic colors will create a monochrome look that most minimalists love! You can also hang plants, children's artwork, or classic family photos to create a cozy feel in your living room.

Minimalist Living Room on a Budget

Minimalist living is inspired by a minimalistic lifestyle, so it shouldn't break the bank. Purchase fewer large furniture pieces to leave plenty of white space in your room. Minimalist spaces are designed to have the essentials, so you should consider whether you truly need an item before buying it. Then, shop at thrift stores for key pieces that would be expensive if purchased at full price.

Keep in mind that minimalist design often features sharp lines, just as we see in modern design pieces. Simplistic tables with metal and glass are both affordable and stylish. Consider eliminating a coffee table from the room as these aren't always necessary. Then, pick up a throw pillow or two in bright colors to add a pop of color to your living room. That is all you have to have in a minimalist living room!

Minimalist Furniture Ideas

Minimalist furniture often eliminates unnecessary furniture. The furniture that you do have should have a purpose and not be overly cushioned. Instead, opt for simple, modern pieces of furniture with additional pillows for comfort. Consider accent chairs in a neutral color with a modern design style that will coordinate with a minimalist decor style.

Tables can be simple, metal tables. Wooden tables that are small, nesting tables are exceptional ideas if you have a neutral palette as the primary color in your living room. Opting for pieces of furniture that do not have large, bulky legs and overstuffed furniture guarantees that your living room will flow perfectly with the minimalist aesthetic

A white sofa is a wonderful idea. This color pairs well with wood floors, earth tones, and vibrant colors. If you have an open floor plan, white furniture will create plenty of open space for you and your family to enjoy.


Minimalist Kitchen Ideas

Having a minimalist kitchen can seem like a challenge. There are so many things that you think you need in a kitchen. However, that's not always the case. It is possible to decorate your kitchen in a minimalist style by decluttering and using these awesome tips.

Minimalist Kitchen Decor

Your kitchen decor should focus on quality instead of quantity. Avoid putting collections and various knick knacks throughout your kitchen or on top of your kitchen cabinets. Instead, remember that less is more.

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A few pieces of modern artwork will pair well with simple yet modern kitchen furniture. Use decorative pieces that are multi-purpose, such as glass or ceramic canisters that sit on top of the counter for sugar and flour.

In kitchens that have plenty of natural light, consider using a more natural theme with a neutral color palette and plenty of greenery. Even when decorating in a minimalist style, it's impossible to have too many plants.

Consider upgrading your lighting when designing your kitchen. Wall sconces will pair well with industrial minimalism while hanging lights will coordinate perfectly with modern minimalism.

Minimalist Kitchen Essentials

One of the first things that homeowners will need to do is declutter the kitchen so you are left with the bare essentials. Most homeowners tend to accumulate things over time. We're all guilty of having a few small appliances that we haven't used in months. Here are the minimalist kitchen essentials that every home needs to have:

  • Two baking sheets
  • One or two spatulas and serving spoons
  • Two skillets
  • One sauce pan
  • One large pot for pasta
  • One set of knives
  • One knife sharpener
  • Enough dishes for two meals
  • Vegetable peeler
  • Can opener
  • One set of measuring spoons
  • One set of measuring cups
  • Four mixing bowls (these can also be used as serving dishes)
  • Two cups per person
  • One reusable water bottle per person

These are the basic essentials that every minimalist kitchen will need, but each homeowner will need to tailor this list to meet their household. For example, if you actually use all of your small appliances there's no point in throwing them out. You'll also need anything that you use for custom things, such as cake decorating. Start with this list, and then add to it as you see fit to make sure that you can enjoy an uncluttered space when you make meals.

Minimalist Kitchen Design Ideas

Minimalist kitchen design is all about decluttering and organizing your kitchen. If something does not serve a purpose, it needs to head to the local thrift store. This rule also applies to small appliances that have not been used in at least six months. Decluttering your kitchen will transform it from a negative space into a relaxing area where the family can enjoy meals together.

As you decorate your kitchen, it's important to avoid large, bulky things that take up too much space. Instead, focus on simple pieces that serve more than one purpose. For example, instead of a large wooden kitchen table, consider a modern kitchen island that has bar stools for seating.

Utilizing vertical storage is a must in minimalist homes. Consider hanging knives and pans on the wall instead of putting them on the counter. Invest in kitchen organizational items that you can neatly stack in the cabinets to maximize storage space.

Finally, you want to keep most things off of counter space. Instead, utilize wall space, drawers, and cabinets to store most items. This will instantly make your kitchen appear less cluttered and more minimalistic.


How to Decorate a Minimalist Bedroom

Minimalist bedrooms are often portrayed as bare and cold, but you don't have to sleep in a stale environment to appreciate having a minimalist home. Minimalist homes can use neutral tones with beautiful colors, such as royal purple and bright blue, at center stage to add more energy to a room. Opt for chic design elements to transform blank spaces into your personal paradise.

Cheap Minimalist Decor

Minimalist decor in magazines often consists of one large statue or abstract piece of artwork that costs thousands. However, there are plenty of ways that you can add a splash of color without breaking the bank.

Throw pillows are the easiest way to add personality to minimal spaces. Pick up a few pillows to put on your bed or on chairs. Small but cute rugs are cheap, comfortable, and make wonderful decor pieces. You can find other decor items, such as beautiful vases to sit on your vanity, at affordable prices at local dollar stores and department stores. Remember, cheap doesn't mean ugly.

DIY Minimalist Room Decor

If you're a fan of DIY minimalist bedroom ideas, you already know that you can instantly make your room look amazing with some time and a few art supplies. Break out the canvas and paints to make your own paintings for your room. Turn a mini trashcan upside down and paint it to create your own DIY nightstand. Check out this video for more awesome minimalist room decor inspiration.

Minimalist Storage

Remember that less is always more when it comes to creating a clean space. Instead of large, bulky dressers, consider minimal wardrobes that provide ample space for your clothing. Portable clothing racks are a wonderful idea. Utilizing baskets and other storage items that you already have to store socks and underwear is a nice idea. Vertical storage, such as shelves to hang jewelry on, is a great idea. These create more decor in the room and suffice to provide you with a more organized space.


Minimalist Bathroom Decor Ideas

Minimalist bathroom decor ideas are always a challenge. You want your bathroom to be decorated, but if it's too decorated you run the risk of appearing to have a minimalist home design with a maximal bathroom. Keep in mind that small items are necessary for small rooms to avoid this common minimalist decorating mistake.

Minimalist Bathroom Vanity

When choosing your vanity for your bathroom, opt for a smaller vanity that provides ample space for the necessities. A wire or metal vanity with a small stool is a great idea. You can also create your own vanity by installing a floating glass shelf.

Minimalist Bathroom Organization

Consider industrial minimalism for your bathroom. This means that you'll use primarily metal pieces of furniture for storage. These work well with the minimalist decor scheme, but the shelves provide plenty of places to store the essentials. Then, utilize a simple square basket for the necessities. Store the items that you don't use frequently away in a cabinet so that your bathroom doesn't appear cluttered.

If you have a small bathroom, opt for shelving to make use of vertical space. Shelves that are designed to go over the toilet are a great option.

Minimalist Bathroom Essentials

Part of designing a minimalist home is getting rid of clutter. You need to eliminate the items from your bathroom that you simply do not need. The only things that you need in a bathroom are:

  • Shampoo
  • Body wash
  • Two towels per family member
  • One washcloth per family member
  • Toilet paper
  • Soap
  • One hand towel
  • Skincare necessities
  • Bath mat
  • A discrete toilet paper holder
  • Towel rack
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste holder
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Bathroom organizers

Although these are the minimalist bathroom essentials most families will need, you can add or subtract from this list as you see fit. Some families may discover that they also need essential oils, bath bombs, or other bath necessities. If your family keeps tissues in the bathroom, a tissue box cover may be one of your minimalist bathroom essentials as well.


Minimalist Decorating Ideas

Minimalist homes in magazines are known for their monochrome color schemes, but the world is full of people with personalities that simply don't want an all-white house, which is understandable. Thankfully, there are tons of minimalist decorating ideas that can help you achieve the look you want while maintaining your minimalist style.

Minimalist Decorating on a Budget

Minimalist decorating on a budget is more than possible, it's actually what most people living a minimalist lifestyle wind up doing. You can pick up a statement piece at a thrift store to create a focal piece in your living room. Creating a gallery wall of your children's artwork is another great idea. Pick up brightly colored accent pieces and set them on a console table to add color to a room. There are so many ways that you can accomplish minimalist decorating on a budget, you'll be surprised.


One of the main goals in creating a minimalist environment is to get rid of things that you do not need or use. Go through each area of your home and gather everything that you do not need, and have not used in six months. Then, sell them online to make some extra money for new decor.

Quality is More Important Than Quantity

When decorating, it's always important to remember that you want quality pieces of decor instead of several pieces that are not of high quality. Remembering this when choosing a statement piece will help you take your time and select the perfect piece for your minimalist home.

Opt For Functional Pieces

Functional pieces of decor are decorative items that also serve a purpose. For example, I have a decorative vase that I use to store makeup samples. It's beautiful and looks wonderful in my bedroom. If you didn't know that it was full of makeup samples, you would simply think it was a decorative vase. You can also use decorative baskets as functional pieces of decor.

Open Space is Important

Open space is always an important theme to remember when decorating. Not only will this save you money because you will purchase fewer things, but it will also help create a minimalist haven that feels refreshing.

Avoid Buying Large Furniture

Furniture is often the biggest expense when redecorating, but that is not the case when decorating a minimalist home or room. Large furniture does not coordinate well with this style. Instead of a bulky wooden dining table, opt for a cheaper, simple dining room table. This is a great way to save money when trying to find minimalist decorating ideas that are affordable.


In Conclusion

When decorating with a minimalist decorating scheme, it's important to remember that less is always more. You want simple instead of extravagant. Utilize a more monochrome color scheme for large pieces of furniture, and accent pieces to add color to a room.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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