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Mini & Small Compact Fridges, Refrigerators and Chillers For Students Including Table Top Fridges.


Mini & Compact Fridges & Refrigerators for Sale.

Perfectly unique and small fridges are excellent for those trips away from home. Ideal for students, camping trips, or for use in small accommodation when there is limited space.

Size Matters

Many mini fridges are to small for students use, as the internal size only holds limited stock. Opting for the correct size small refrigerator initially, will prevent a new fridge being required sooner rather than later.

Prior to purchasing your choice of mini fridge, ask yourself several questions.

1) How many people is it for ?

2) How much space is there for a fridge ?

3) How many days worth of food needs chilling at any one time ?

4) How much can I afford ?

Haier Mini Fridges

2.7 cu ft with Freezer Compartment.


The Haier 2.7 cubic feet mini fridges come with a small freezer compartment. This fridge unit is ranked very highly amongst students beginning their further education.

NB: Prior to ordering any mini refrigerator, please take a moment to study the picture. This will give each person an idea as to how much food can be stored in the fridge at any one time.

Also study the external dimensions to give an idea into the overall size of the entire unit. Cleverly done, the above image shows 2lt bottles in the door, but the bottles on the shelf are possibly only 500ml size.

Performing visual checks on images and having an idea of the size will usually ensure disappointment when receiving the article.

Haier Mini Fridges

1.7 cu ft storage with small freezer compartment.


This small table top fridge is suitable for individuals whom do not need to stock enough chilled goods to last a week. Designed to be as compact as possible for people on the go.

Excellent for small camping trips or concerts to store liquid refreshment in. Measuring by cubic feet can sometimes be deceptive. This 1.7 cubic feet storage capacity mini refrigerator includes the storage spaces space within the door.

Click on the smaller images for full selection and discounts available .


Considering the general size and cubic storage, this mini fridge offer excellent value for money. Cheaper than the Haier 2.7 cubic feet storage capacity, this cheap fridge is a floor standing unit which is perfect for most students.

Easily capable of storing enough food for an average week with some chilled drinks. The freezer compartment is also larger, which for some can be used to store frozen experiments.

Designed with style and to be user friendly, the twin can dispenser holds eight average sized drinks cans.

Please click on the smaller images to view full selection and discounts available.

The Cool Chiller

Can be a mini fridge / freezer, or just a mini freezer.


This mini chiller has a distinct advantage over many other mini fridges. Except for its vibrant color, it can turn into a mini freezer.

The whole unit is designed for those weekly shopping trips where the collection of ready-made-meals needs to be frozen and not chilled.

Slightly more costly than normal 1.7 cubic feet storage capacity mini chillers, but possibly could pay its' own way by reducing the amount of food thrown out due to 'use by' dates.


The mini refrigerator or freezer.


At the touch of a button, it changes from a fridge into a freezer. This students friend has a lock to help prevent pilfering or midnight food hunts by fellow students.

A table top chiller with a small capacity of 1.1 cubic feet, and only approximately 20" high. Suitable to fit almost anywhere as it is nearly pocket size.

Medical Portable Fridges

The ideal mini chiller for insulin.


Powered by mains of from the car, caravan, or trailer, this mini medical refrigerator is ideal at any time. Easily portable for any occasion such as festivals, road trips, or camping, the importance of this fridge cannot be under estimated.

Diabetes is a growing concern in every country. Looking after insulin correctly can affect the results of blood tests.


Don't forget the microwave.


Out of the fridge and into the microwave. The students banquet is ready within minutes. Typically, students use a microwave more times at college or university than at any other time in their life.

Re-heating food is a favorite hobby of students, especially through the long nights whilst studying. The microwave is one of the students most beloved accessories as it nourishes them and heats up hot water.

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Home from home food.


All children miss home cooked food, Sending them off with a few days supply of ready cooked home made meals maybe essential.

It gives them time to find shops and get the hang of things, knowing that whatever happens, they have a piece of home with them for comfort.

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