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Best Food Processor - Magimix Cuisine Systeme 5150

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Magimix Food Processor

The Magimix Food Processor is by far the best food processor on the market.

It does everything you would expect of a food processor, and quietly. It is easy to lift and manoeuvre around in the kitchen, or to store away when not in use. It is sturdy, well-built, easy to use and by far the best utensil you will ever need for your kitchen.

The Magimix Cuisine Systeme 5150 food processor is perhaps the most expensive on the market, but it is also the very best product you can buy in its class. I myself have a Magimix food processor that my mother bought for me almost 30 years ago.

It was expensive then too, but it is also the best utensil I have in my kitchen. I use it for so many things and it always does a great job of grinding, chopping, slicing, grating or whatever I want to do with it.

My Magimix food processor has also NEVER broken down, not even once, in its lifetime despite the fact that I use it daily.

All parts are also replaceable.

Years ago, during a house move, I lost one of the rubber feet and I could have replaced it easily by contacting the company, but never got round to it. Even despite only have three feet for balance, my Magimix food processor is not unbalanced.

I also managed to lose the food pusher on my last house move. It is replaceable too, and while I can use the machine very well without it, I do miss it. I end up using wooden spoons (very carefully I might add) to push down the food onto the grater or slicing disc, and stopping just before it touches the spoon. This is a bit awkward, I would really like to get round to replacing the food pusher which just meant I could push down hard bread, or carrots or whatever I was chopping/slicing/grating and 2 seconds later it was done.

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Magimix Grand Chef Food Processor  R1

Magimix Grand Chef Food Processor R1

Magimix Cuisine Systeme 5150

The latest food processor French manufacturers Robot Coupe have brought out is the Magimix Cuisine Systeme 5150.

I would want this if I didn’t already have a Magimix Food Processor. This features all the things my model does (grand chef R1) plus a storage box for your accessories, all of which come with the machine.

This is the food processor that simply never breaks down and delivers every time, and one no kitchen should be without.

It is absolutely the best food processor there is.

Magimix Cuisine Systeme 5150

Magimix Cuisine Systeme 5150 food processor in chrome

Magimix Cuisine Systeme 5150 food processor in chrome

Magimix Cuisine Systeme 5150 food processor in black

Magimix Cuisine Systeme 5150 food processor in black

Magimix Cuisine Systeme 5150 food processor in red

Magimix Cuisine Systeme 5150 food processor in red

Magimix Cuisine Systeme 5150 food processor in white

Magimix Cuisine Systeme 5150 food processor in white

Magimix Cuisine Systeme 5150 Features

Coming in the range of colors shown here, the Magimix Cuisine Systeme 5150 comes complete with 3 different sized bowls (mine only came with one) of 16 cup, 9 cup and 3 cup, depending on what size you need.

This would be a great feature because sometimes the one size I use is not big enough for all my food preparation needs. It's no problem to do half and half, just takes a bit longer. How convenient to be able to use a larger sized bowl!

I should have known that the makers, Robot Coupe, would think of everything needed for the best food processor on the market.

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The Magimix Cuisine Systeme 5150 also comes with a Sabatier double metal blade, as did my Magimix food processor, and I must say the metal blade accessory is the part I use the most. It chops the hardest of vegetables in double quick time easily and quietly into as small pieces as you require - you just leave the machine on a little longer to get it to cut smaller. This accessory is also brilliant for preparing baby food (in my house baby ate the same as we did - I just ran a little portion through the processor and it completely liquidised it).

Also coming with the Magimix Cuisine Systeme 5150 are 4 discs. One for slicing, one for grating, one for slicing vegetable julienne and one for grating parmesan/chocolate.

Two came with my Magimix food processor - a slicer and a grater. The grater will grate cheese, chocolate, bread or anything else you want grated. Just pop the disc into place, put the lid on and use the food pusher to push whatever you want down onto the grater and it grates really quickly - like 5 seconds for a full length carrot. The results are perfect every time.

New accessories that come with the Magimix Cuisine Systeme 5150 are an egg whisk, a citrus press, a juice extractor and a cream whipper. None of them came with mine and what useful additions they would be! Having said that, the double metal blade whips cream up perfectly, and whisks eggs. A citrus press and juice extractor would be brilliant although!

The Magimix Cuisine Systeme 5150 also comes with a double edged plastic dough blade, a spatula and a lidded storage unit for the accessories.

An added accessory that my mother bought for hers was a plastic protective cover, and if you buy a Magimix Cuisine Systeme 5150 food processor I suggest you get one too.

My mother's kitchen is big enough for her Magimix Food Processor to sit in a corner of the kitchen, out of the way but ready for use (she uses hers a LOT too), and the cover keeps the dust out. I lift mine out of a cupboard for use daily because I have neither a cover, nor space in my tiny kitchen to be able to leave it on a worktop.

Magimix Cuisine System 5150

Magimix Cuisine Systeme 5150 Accessories

A full range of accessories are available for the Magimix Cuisine Systeme 5150, including spare blades and cutting discs/graters/slicers and bowls, but I wouldn't worry about them too much because the accessories that come with the basic machine will last you for years. I wouldn't even worry too much about buying them now in case one day they stop making replacement parts, because I can still buy a full range of parts for my 30 year old machine. This is rare nowadays to find a company that will still supply parts for older models, but Robot Coupe obviously care for their customers and for their reputation. Absolutely every single part of my machine has spares available should I ever need them. This really is the product of a lifetime, made to last a lifetime, and I have no doubt this is the best food processor on the market today.


IzzyM (author) from UK on June 06, 2013:

I haven't personally used it, but have no doubt it is a fantastic machine that can cope with a huge amount of work far better than any of the cheaper brands.

Eric Carter on June 05, 2013:

This seems like a great food processor, one that is definitely welcomed to any kitchen area. Izzy, have you had any experience or insight on the Robot Coupe R2N food processor ( Ex: ) ? I was thinking about buying one, but I'm not quite sure yet. This article has sort of swayed my opinion. Thanks for the great article, take care.

IzzyM (author) from UK on December 17, 2010:

With a brand new baby it would be a boon for you! While lots of food processors can mix up baby food, there are not many machines that are still helping you prepare veggies or whatever for the kitchen 16 years later too!

Sunnyglitter from Cyberspace on December 17, 2010:

I want one of these!

IzzyM (author) from UK on November 16, 2010:

I'm sorry to hear you were unlucky with yours. You could be right - maybe the older versions were better made, or maybe yours failing was a one-off. Who knows? Hopefully you will get it sorted and it'll continue to work for the next 30 or so years :)

JP in VA on November 16, 2010:

My Magimix 5150 had trouble after three years of light use. I was making a batch of bread dough, and the blade stopped though the motor kept running. The spindle was stripped and the inside of the main blade was partially stripped. I have found a replacement spindle online for around $10, but I can't find a replacement for the main blade. I'll order the part, and hopefully figure out how to replace it. Then cross my fingers that it will work with the old blade. The reason I paid $500 for the Magimix instead of $200 for a Kitchenaide was because I read about this happening with the Kitchenaides. Not real happy with my Magimix, wish I had yours! Next food processor I buy will be an old model, when they were still made by Robot Coupe.

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