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Low Budget Beautiful Interior Renovation

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beautiful Interior decor

beautiful Interior decor

5 budget home decor tips for beautiful Interior.

Hey everyone, I am a newbie here and when I renovated my home I thought to give you all a sneak peek into my home and share some tips that helped me to make my home look beautiful.

Here sharing 5 changes that instantly upgraded my space and made it look aesthetically pleasing.

1. Add plants:

Plants can instantly change the look and feel of your home. adding some small and big plants here and there in different corners of your home can upgrade the room and make it look more pretty and natural. bringing nature inside is relatively inexpensive and beautiful.

here are some ways to add plants to your home:

1. Add big pots near the sofa in the living room, and by the side of the window.

2. Add small plants to your coffee table, workstation, or your bedside table.

3. If you are lucky enough to have a balcony you can opt for a grass carpet.

4. If you are a plant lover must give it a try and wall-hanging planters I have added one.


2. Replace the regular seating:

Yes, this is a must. Replace your regular chair seating with poufs, ottoman, and beanbags, add poufs near your sofa to make some extra room for your friends. If you are a fan of Japanese home decor you can also opt for low-level seating, this makes your home look very pleasant, minimal and give it a nice cozy vibe.

Here are some options you can explore to choose the perfect and unique seating that goes with the style and color of your home.




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I have bought all of them from a very amazing website named "IKIRU" it is India's first theme-based online home decor store they have an excellently curated collection of home decor, kitchen utilities, home furniture, and soft furnishing. let me know how you like them.


3. Color of your walls:

It sounds weird but a freshly painted house looks mesmerizing and smells heavenly. Try to go with the trend and paint your home in neutral tones like shades of white, brown, and beige. If you like it colorful you can add a pop of color by painting one wall with a bright color or adding wallpaper to it.

Here are some wonderful home decor themes that have the best combination of colors to offer for your home.

Coastal theme color palette:

seagrass green, blue, white, and shades of beige.

Rustic theme color palette:

wood brown, beige, and warmer shades of white.


4. Do it yourself:

I had an old glass jar that was of no use in the kitchen, so I decided to turn that into a candle holder wanna know how? You must go and visit youtube and Instagram reel for some amazing DIY and hacks to create your own candle holder and many more relevant items at home.

DIY is one of the most cost-effective ways to instantly upgrade the feel and look of your home. Imagine home beautiful that candle holder would look in the home that you just saw in the video.

More DIY ideas:

1. Old cotton cloth pieces into new cushion covers.

2. Old jars into storage boxes.

3. old wooden and terracotta containers into new planters.

4. Unclutter the old mess

5. Clean your home. Period.

How you can expect your room to look aesthetic when it is filled with all the old unnecessary mess. clean your home, throughout the old unused items, reuse whatever you can, apply DIY on small furniture pieces to give them a nice vintage look.

Here are 5 beautiful interior changes that I have made in my home that really helped me revamp my home in a very low budget. If you are planning to revamp your house but are concerned about the big fat interior budget plan, try these small changes and see if this works for you too.

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