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Loft Bed Plans - Great Detail

Need to save money & space? – Build a Loft Bed. It’s fun!

Most people have a bit of an understanding of what a Loft Bed is. If you are not sure what a Loft Bed is, it is basically like a bunk bed but without the lower bed. Instead, you would have perhaps a set of drawers or a desk and maybe a space for the TV or for your computer or anything that you want to have under the top bunk. The reason for a loft bed is to save space. Without doubt, a loft bed is a great and innovative way of expanding your room without moving the walls.

As I said before, with a loft bed you can make a surprising amount of space and create more areas for other activities. This is the main reason why loft beds are the obvious choice for bedrooms that are small and have limited space. College dorms for instance would be a great place for these loft beds. So, Loft Beds are a great piece of furniture to have in places that have limited space.

Save money

Get a Loft Bed if you want to save a lot of space. If you want to save money also, may I suggest building one? Building a Loft Bed can be quite easy and enjoyable when you have the right set of Loft Bed Plans. They can be one of the few pieces of furniture that anyone can build with just a few basic skills in woodworking.

It’s not hard. Especially when you have good resources like the right tools (of which you don’t need many) and just as importantly, with good quality plans, Loft Beds can also be quite inexpensive to make.

Building your Loft Beds with quality plans will ultimately save you a lot of money rather than buying one from the store or even online. You will need however to think about weather you are able to put in the time and effort to build one. For me, I love woodworking so the time spent doing it is a great source of enjoyment. For you, it could be quite different. You might not have the right tools or the work space for you to some woodworking. Also, you may not have time.

If you have decided to build your own Loft Bed and you don’t have a lot of experience then you should look for a Loft Bed that will be reasonably easy to build. One that has a design that is not too complicated. You will need to give a bit of thought into how the design of the Loft Bed will suit your room.

Think about what head room you will need. How tall is the user? How much room is there underneath the bed when sitting at the desk? That is if a desk is what you are going to have there.

What type of Loft Bed

There countless types and designs of Loft Beds. Likewise, there are numerous types of plans to suit these designs so it might be a good idea to spend plenty of time thinking about what you need. Think out side the square a little bit. Spending some time now could save you a lot of pain and frustration later.

Here are a few other things to think about.

  • What size workshop will you need? How long will you need the work space for?
  • Will you be able to get it into your room once assembled?
  • How would you like it to fit in the room? Where, and against which wall?
  • Will it clear things like light power points and switches, even window frames?
  • If there is a book shelf on the wall will it need to be moved or taken down?
  • Will you be able to open the door to your bedroom?

I had a great piece of advice a few years ago about building woodwork projects – build it so that it can be dismantled easily and reassembled easily. If you decide to move house sometime in the future, you will be able to dismantle your Loft Bed and take it with you and then reassemble it at your new house.

Remember this. You are going to need quality Loft Bed Plans to build a quality Loft Bed. Your plans will need to be easy to understand with very clear step by step instructions. No one likes to get halfway through a woodworking project and give up because of substandard plans and instructions. Believe me! It’s not worth the hassle. Get hold of some quality woodworking plans

If you would like a bit more information on quality Woodworking Plans then click here

I hope that this info has been helpful. Take from it what you will.

Happy woodworking!

Woodworking - Enjoyable and fun!

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The Finished Product

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Loft Bed Plan

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