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Living in these strange times


Living in these strange times:

Do you feel “ all run down “ without being able to tell of any positive physical sickness.

Feeling overworked, being confined to the house or a small area, busy with your house and family and not caring for yourself.

You can help yourself, without taking pills and that is by getting outside in your garden where the air is pure, and the sunshine bright and warm. Nature is waiting to give her pleasant companionship to whoever seeks to get to know her acquaintance. Some people will not want to bother, just do the “same old” and moan.

However, for those of us who are enthusiastic and prepared to move themselves in an effort to get back to their old self that with a little bit of effort in the garden, there is joy and healing to be had.

Whatever the season, your garden will itch and throb with life and if you put yourself in contact with this to soak up all of the free vitality your life and attune will change beyond believe.

Go out there and drink in the wine of life that has an innumerable delights along with sensations that you might well never know existed.

You can tell somebody, to get out and take some exercise outdoors but if it does not appeal because of this or that then let them go to the gym and spend a fortune, but as for you, look to your garden and regain your health and vigour.

What about those who have no garden, like myself, who lives in a down town flat in Oxford.

Never fear, if you want to do it there are ways and means: allotments, shared gardens, community gardens, volunteering to name but a few.

I went down the allotment route; I found a local allotment, applied and got an allotment all within the same day. Here in Oxford there are 33 allotment sites, in your town there might be more or less, just go take a look.

I have found that villages around Oxford have loads of spare plots because most people who live in a village have a big garden, therefore the allotment sites are crying out for people.

As to shared garden, by this I mean you find somebody in your local area that has a garden that for one reason or another ( no time, too fail, to busy etc ) they do not use it or the space is too big for them. Have a chat with them and make some sort of deal with them. There is a very good web site in the States for this type of sharing it is called:

https://sharedearth.com. I cannot find one in the UK.

Community gardens are a great idea, they are gardening clubs where you get a bit of ground to grow on and at the same time you meet with like minded people, have talks, visit other gardens, eat and generally have fun.

To find one in your local area, just punch in “Community Garden” and go and take a look. There are serval in Oxford and bound to be some in your local area. On the RHS web site there is a page on how to set one up.

If you do not want to garden as such, try volunteering.

This involves working outside with like minded people.The ones that I have been associated with include: cleaning up along the Thames path and planting trees with the Oxford Tree group. You are bound to have some sort of group in your area.

The main thing is to find something you enjoy and get out and do it. Do not do things from a sense of duty, or simply because you have been told too.

What you need is some form of project that has an object in it, a definite object, rather than the more or less whimsical one of "regaining health." being outside will arouse enthusiasm of the very best kind.

Having a garden or bit of land will give you exercise of the ideal kind that will keep you delightfully busy and that you will think no more of what is going on around you, this will come upon you with startling suddenness one day. There will no necessity to repeat the prescription, for a few weeks successful gardening work, fixes “ the garden habit “ for all time.

Nothing else can have the means to give so much contentment and exercise in happy sequence as gardening, or give such a fascination over the person who allows themselves to come under its influence.

There are amazing things that you can learn in the garden to make it all the more engaging and enjoyable, like having the book of Nature open, page by page before you.It sets your thinking and wondering magical things and that really is what takes place before your very eyes.

Go, try it.