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Liftmaster Chamberlain LM33 Commercial Door Remote 813LMX

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New remote versus old

New Versus Old Remote

New Versus Old Remote

Replacement remote extended instructions

The Liftmaster remote LM33 has been discontinued and the logical replacement for this 390mhz three-button (open close stop) is the 813LMX. The new remote comes with programming instructions (press the secret button inside the remote until the yellow light comes on then press any remote button three times to set the frequency of 390hhz.)

Omitted instructions

New replacement programable remote

New replacement programable remote

Additional instructions

The old and new remote both use dip switches to set the opener code. The old remote LM33 uses 9 dip switches and the replacement has 12.

Just set the first 9 dip switches on the new remote to match your old one and ignore the last 3 (leave the last three in the factory position of ON.)

This method works because I just tried it on my 3-button door control today.

The new replacement remote 813LMX uses a pancake battery number 2032.

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