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LED Lighting - Indoors or Outdoors

LED Lights for Indoors and Out

Have you thought of using LED lights to brighten your home environment both inside and out? Since LED flashlights are extra bright and last longer than traditional incandescent bulbs it would be a natural assumption that the same would apply to LED lights used for other purposes as well. The popularity of LED lights is growing due to their multiple advantages which include but are not limited to:

  • produces more light per watt so they work well in energysaving devices
  • daylight color
  • easy to direct which increases their value as spot lights for art work or safety purposes
  • can be used with dimmers without loosing the true color of the light
  • are not affected by frequent on-off usage
  • are sturdier and can even be dropped without breaking
  • long life - 60,000 to 100,000 hours
  • provides almost instantaneous full light
  • are typically smaller than other lighting
  • do not contain Mercury
  • generates less heat

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LED lighting for your home


Since LED lighting is still rather new to homeowners it is suggested that you should replace your normal lighting slowly. One reason is to make sure that you like them and the other is the cost. A single LED light bulb could cost as much as $45... But, before you decide that LED lights are not worth the cost consider the savings in the energy costs and the number of hours that they last. A full 12 hours per day for an entire year is a low estimate. Suggested places to try LED lights include but are not limited to:


  • lamps
  • recessed lighting
  • porches
  • nightlights
  • bathroom
  • kitchens - undercounter


Choice for lighting your home is abundant in today's market. Incandescent bulbs are cheap initially but do not last as long as some other lighting technology. Fluorescent bulbs are more expensive than incandescent bulbs but they last longer. In the beginning their light was yellow and dim but then the daylight fluorescents solved that issue. Recently however, they have been reported to contain Mercury so a broken one places you, your family and your home in danger. The Halogen bulb provides bright white light but can be dangerous due to the heat produced. Now LED bulbs have entered the home lighting scene. They are expensive to purchase but are inexpensive to use. They are not the brightest light but they are the best directional light.


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I am seriously considering trying LED lights in my home. I like the options that LED lights give you. Indirect lighting would be easy and would not have the danger of too much heat as with halogen bulbs in an enclosed area. At this time my home is full of compact daylight fluorescent bulbs and now I hear that they probably contain Mercury. Maybe the best plan of action is to pick and choose the areas where each type of bulb is used.









SwipeAuctions on September 22, 2010:

I looked at installing some LED bulbs but I found that some of the bulbs are built in to the fixture and cannot be replaced.

Great Hub!

ANANT BHISE on January 08, 2008:

good information for led bulbs for homes

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