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Kilim Rugs and its Unusual Motifs

Kilim Rug

Kilim Rug

The world is progressing rapidly, and industries and businesses are growing swiftly in this present age with the advancements in technology. Technology has changed the world as a whole and made everything easy and effortless. Online shopping is a hot trend in the modern age, and people are going crazy about it. Online shopping is full of surprises and fun. You can find everything on the internet at affordable prices. Home decoration is trending nowadays, and people are falling for it. It is an effective and healthy activity that keeps you busy and gets you a classy residence at the end. Home decoration is evolving, and it is at the peak at the current time due to online shopping. Numerous decoratives are available on the internet with reduced prices, and people are decorating their spaces with them. These rugs are beautiful and have multiple types. Their making takes place all over the world by skilled artisans and weavers. Kilim rugs are thick, and they can transform your site into a princely palace. They have a wide range of intricate patterns and coloring tones. We will discuss Kilim rugs and their unusual motifs in this article.

What is Kilim Rugs

Area rugs are elegant, and they are the best decorative of the present age. People love to buy and decorate their places with them. Kilim rugs belong to the family of area rugs, and they have unique features as well. These rugs are flat and do not have thick or thin piles. They are old, and people used them as praying mats or sleeping mats. Their composition is so easy and takes less time as compare to other area rugs. They are not so dense and fluffy and less durable than regular carpets. The primary production of Kilim rugs takes place from Turkey to Pakistan by expert and skilled artisans. The best feature of the carpet is that you can use it sideways. It will save you money and change the look of the area respectively.


Kilim rugs are antique, and they have a strong background. It isn't effortless to tell the exact era, but they are approximately 1000 years old. Some people believe that they existed back in the 13th century in Turkey. They were composed of organic materials and animal skin initially. Later, it began to evolve, and nowadays, wool, silk, cotton, and other materials replace the old ones. Later, different regions started producing Kilim rugs, such as Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. They were extremely durable and top-quality rugs. People use them for decorating their homes as they were beautiful and extremely comfortable.

Unusual Motifs of Kilim Rugs

Area rugs are adorable, and they are readily available on the internet. They have various shapes and designs that are lovely and catchy. Their bold and intricate color patterns can change the look of any place. The unusual motifs are famous, and people are crazy for them. They have varying motifs, and each motif has a different story and background. Some of the prominent and trending motifs of Kilim rugs are as follows.

Protection Symbol

Kilim Rugs are impressive, and they are full of traditions and beliefs. They have various motifs, and each of them is special and unique. The protection symbols are old and widespread. People love them and believe that they bring good luck and happiness to them. They will protect them from all the evils and consequences. The most common protection symbols in kilims are eyes, cross, and amulets. People love these symbols and want to place them in their places as a symbol of good luck. Ancient tribes created these symbols because they were a part of their beliefs; that's why you cannot observe such characters other than kilims.

Tree of Life

Kilim rugs are antique and artistic. They are almost 1000 years old and created by the nomadic tribes to make their life comfortable and easy. The nomads were full of beliefs and traditions; they were simple and had nothing to do with their lives, so they created these rugs to spend their lives. The views and practices of these people reflect in these motifs and compositions. The most popular motif of the kilims is the tree of life. It represents holiness and the connection between a man and God. They were firm in their belief and thought that the motifs could get them more close to God.


Kilim rugs are poetic, and they have a strong background. Kilims are a part of Turkey and Pakistan as well. But it originated from nomadic tribes and then expanded to these countries. The tribes were simple, and they had strong beliefs. Kilim motifs are charming and reflect the opinions and traditions of their craftsmen. The lifeline motif is a popular and classy motif of kilims. It represents motherhood and fertility where a woman is standing with her both hands on her waist. Elibelinde is famous in the world, and people use them to decorate their places. Its class and charm will fill your home with elegance and grace.

Weaving Manners of Kilim Rugs

Kilim rugs are poetic and memorable. They are full of class and traditions, and people love to decorate their places with them. Their appearance is catchy and transforms the entire home. Kilim rugs are almost 1000 years old, and their weaving techniques are unique and antique as well. The tribal people use simple tools like a comb, shuttle, etc., for weaving these rugs. These techniques are still applying on modern kilims but in a slightly different way. The weaving techniques of these rugs are special and unique. The carpets are flat and do not have piles. You can also use them as prayer mats or sleeping mats, or as curtains to decorate the place. The most popular and trending weaving technique of kilims is the Flat Weave technique. Flat weave weaving is trending, and it has the following subclasses.


Kilim rugs are antique, and they have special weaving techniques. The carpets are unique because of their structure and composition. Kilims have various knotting techniques, and all of them are incredible. Interweaving is an ancient knotting method that is incredibly catchy and adorable. They are hand-made and look stunning. They are best for decorating any space, and people love to use kilims to beautify their homes. They are majestic and will change the look of your whole place.

Soumak Weave

Kilim rugs are old and have a strong history. They were hand-knotted and used unique composition methods. Soumak weave is an ancient weaving technique of kilims, and people love it very much. This weaving method creates lovely and complex procedures. Soumak weave uses mathematical originals to create an intricate and appealing trim that is incredible. These designs are hand-made, and no machine is involved in its production. It is a masterpiece and ideal for transforming your area into a princely palace with its complexity and beauty.


Kilim rugs are majestic, and their composition is unique as well. Kilims are old, and they have several weaving methods. These methods make them unique and different from other area rugs. Brocading is an ancient weaving technique that makes bold and intricate designs. Extra wefts are involved in this ancient weaving technique to introduce more details and precision. The designs are charming and perfect to transform any surface. The patterns are catchy and prominent as compared to other knotting techniques. Brocading is also involved in making custom designs and trims for people. People are in love with this technique, and they love to decorate their house with these artistic beauties.

Plain Weave

Kilim rugs are artistic, and they are flat weave as well. They are plain rugs and do not contain piles. They are flat, and you can use them as prayer mats also. They are lightweight and easy to carry and maintain. You can wash them at home without any external support or wasting your money. Plain weave is the most common and popular weaving method of kilims and people appreciate it very much. The straightforward weave technique is unique as it has even space between each weft and warp. The overall appearance of the design is aesthetic, and it looks very decent and sophisticated as well. It is ideal for creating a festive and calming ambiance at your place.

Slit Weave

Kilim rugs are incredible and charming. They are old and evolved with time. All of them are unique and old. These methods are ideal for creating the most delicate and lovely designs. Slit weave is the imperative weaning method of kilim rugs. The slit weave method uses the weft and wrap and connects them from starting to ending points to create a mesmerizing pattern. Slit weave is responsible for creating geometric and symmetrical designs that are catchy and lovely. The slit weave technique produces consistent and immutable ways that can change the look of your entire area.

Tips for Maintaining Kilim rugs

Kilim rugs are attractive and sensitive. If you do not look after them well, they will get damaged. They need proper care and treatment; otherwise, they will fade away. Here are some useful tips that will help you to maintain the kilim rugs at your home.

Block Sunlight

Kilim rugs are sensitive and require special care and assistance. If you want your carpet to stay long with you, then protect it from the sunlight. Place your mat in an area with no UV radiation as it will damage its color and beauty. UV radiations are harmful, and they can easily damage the life and health of any area rug.


Kilim rugs are delicate, and you have to treat them well. If you have a kilim in your home, then try to rotate it and reposition it often. Place if to low traffic area from high traffic area and vice versa. It will save your rug from getting damaged before time.

Flip the Rug

Kilim rugs are artistic, and they need your time and care. These rugs have fringes that often twisted with each other due to high traffic and loss and damage. Flip the carpet often so that the frames get straighter and your rug will stay fresh and new.


Kilim rugs are beautiful, and they need timely maintenance and care. These rugs are sensitive and get dirty quickly from the footings of the audience. It is an ideal approach to vacuum your carpet twice a week as it will save them and keep them fresh for a long time.

Kilim Rugs are a masterpiece, and they have a strong background. These rugs are flat and full of traditional and moral values. They have antique weaving techniques, which makes them even more special. We are recommending you top online outlets for buying affordable Kilim rugs.

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