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Keysmart Comes Clean With CLEANTRAY and CLEANLIGHT


Keeping Away From Germs and Bacteria

Cleanliness has never been more important than today, but iust washing your hands isn’t the end-all answer. We used to go through daily life, both inside our house as well as outdoors and in our cars without a care in the world as to keeping things sanitized and what we touched or were in contact with. Those days are over, big time. But is it realistic to try and keep things free of germs and bacteria every minute of the day — of course not. Since one has to live one’s life and not have such things constantly on your mind, maybe technology can step in and make this an easier and more sensible process? Sure — providing KeySmart has snagged a bit out of your wallet/purse and what you have in your house and car is their CLEANTRAY UV Light Sterilization Case and the CLEANLIGHT AIR Portable UV Air Purifier.


The CLEANTRAY Takes Care of What You Carry

The CLEANTRAY is basically a rectangular box about the size of a paperback book and less than a pound— inner dimensions being L 7.8in/200mm x W 3.9in/100mm x H 1.1in/30mm — with a lid. No mercury or chemicals or any junk like that involved. But yes there are electronics inside that need to be powered by being plugged into a wall outlet. So while it’s portable and can go from room to room or elsewhere, you do need that AC to get it going. Don’t look at the underside of the lid, because it’s inside the container area where there’s the ultraviolet (UV) LED lamp that kills 99.9% of the germs and bacteria invisibly crawling all over everything. So with stuff inside you close the lid, hit the switch and wait for the short 5 minute cycle to blast the UV and nuke the trouble. Obviously it turns itself off as well. The UV is going to last for a pretty long time too, because it’s rated at 10,000 hours. Just don’t go dropping the case, FYI.

You also have an option that some might like and others not — in that you can add essential oils to enhance not the UV effect but the odor of those objects placed inside. Called aromatherapy, it’s a big business in its own right but worth researching/considering.

The CLEANTRAY UV Sterilization Case will fit a smartphone of up to 7 inches as well as other small-ish items. A face mask surely fits into this category of being able to fit inside for sanitation. But it’s not restricted to just a phone and mask — why not a smart watch or your spectacles? Or pen or sunglasses? It doesn’t come in designer colors but considering what it does, who cares? More importantly it is eminently affordable.


The CLEANLIGHT AIR Takes Care of What You’re Breathing

The CLEANLIGHT AIR Portable UV Air Purifier on the other hand, expects to be used in a car because it covers a smaller space than a home-specific purifier. That’s not to say you couldn’t use it on your desk or at a table you are sitting at — you’d just have to be within its range and limits. Its purpose is to filter the air before being breathed in so that it is free of germs and bacteria. But it also filters the air from the more known annoying smells resulting from crap like smoke and dander and pet stuff and air pollution floating around. It does this about 99% through a HEPA filter (the correct and best kind of filtration you can ask for) and easily fits into a cup holder 70mm or larger — today’s cars having so many cup holders that worrying about losing one is a joke. You can access the filter and use the included sponge to add oils and smells — there’s that aromatherapy again. Filter replacement is recommended after about 500 hours (3-4 months of average use).

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Power Comes From USB

The CLEANLIGHT AIR has a two speed motor and doesn’t make the kind of sound that causes annoyances — more of a “white noise” that easily gets ignored after a bit of time (or if you have the stereo/radio going you wont even hear it). The power to run it comes from a USB input (so you work with one of these in the car, as an example), but doesn’t take away from where others might need to use that port. That’s because it has its own USB output for plugging in a phone, etc.

The CLEANLIGHT AIR Portable UV Air Purifier is made from durable aluminum and doesn’t produce ozone. More details on it and the CLEANTRAY can be found at

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