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Kajorie Melons

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Kajorie Melons


What is a Kajorie Melon

A Kajorie melon is an unusual yet beautiful copper-red fruit, striped with green and creme.

The seeds are rare, and were first collected by Joseph Simcox in India. No one from this country had seen them, or were able to find seeds. It became a decade long quest of Joseph Simcox, a botanical explorer, and world food plant ecologist.

Kajorie melon seeds are only available in small quanities in commerce.

What do Kajorie Melons look like?

This heirloom melon is an eye catcher, with its, dark green stripes, barred by light green evolving into persimmon as the melon ripens. Kajorie melons are so lovely you might have trouble cutting into them.

The amazing Kajorie melon is just as ornamental as it is early. They have been compared to looking like beach balls.

When you open a Kajorie melon, you'll find pale green flesh or peach colored flesh with a light sweet take like honey dew. The pale green flesh is very sweet and aromatic. It tastes like a ripe honey dew and looks like a beach ball.

Kajorie Melon on the vine this year


How Do You Plant Kajorie Melon Seeds

Plant the seeds in hills, one each deep, and two inches apart. Space the hills about 3 foot apart in rows of at least 3 feet apart.

To save room you can also grow Kajorie melons on a trellis.

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Kajorie melons grow best in hot sunny areas. Plant your seeds in spring time after all danger of frost is past.

It takes 70 days from germination to harvest.

The little Kajorie melons weights about 2 to 3 pounds and is delightfully fragrant.

Kajorie melons should have at least 8-12 hours of sun each day, and they are not frost hardy.

Kajorie Melons growing on a Trellis in my back yard.


How Do You Know When Your Kajorie Melon Is Ripe?

Your Kajorie Melon is ripe when it changes color, to be the beautiful copper-red fruit striped with green and creme. It is like it actually is speaking out, "please pick me."

Ripe Kajorie Melon


What Do You Have To Be Careful of When Growing Kajorie Melons

When growing Kajorie melons you must be careful not to over water the plants as the melons are approaching maturity.

Because Kajorie's will easily cross pollinate, with cucumbers and squash, plant far away from vining crops.

Facts About Kajorie Melons

Each vine produces 6-9 melons. You can tell when they are ripe when they turn an orange color.

Any unripe picked melons can be picked after first frost and they will continue to ripen in storage.

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