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Interior Design on a Budget in 2020

Evie Sparkes is a published novelist, content writer, and company director from the UK.


Making The Most of Your Home on a Budget

When we hear the term interior design we think of luxury. We don't think budget, but in fact, you can make some amazing changes to your home with a very small budget. Think vintage, old school mixed with modern. Eclectic is very 2020!

Whether you are re-designing your living-room, dining-room or bedroom or maybe you're thinking of freshening up the whole damned lot, here are some handy hints and tips for doing it when you have very little cash but lots of enthusiasm.

Shopping For Old New Furniture

So what I mean here is, shopping for furniture that's new to you but is in fact old so less expensive and sometimes it's even free if you know where to look!

Maybe you've never considered shopping for furniture in charity shops. If you haven't then it's a great place to start. Some charities even have separate stores for interiors. You might be able to pick up a newish sofa for under £100! Charity shops are actually very particular about the stock that they take in for resale. Sofas, chairs and the like, usually have to have the safety tags attached and be in excellent condition.

What about Facebook marketplace? This really is a great place to shop for bargains. As long as you can collect larger pieces then you really can find some amazing items for sale. You get to barter too!

What to Look Out For When Buying Furniture Online

if you are buying from an online store that perhaps has a great sale on always check to see if the website is secure and look for customer reviews too. Preferably not the reviews on their website.

Buying Furniture From Ebay

Whilst Ebay can be a great way to pick up some quality nearly-new furniture it's wise to check out the seller's feedback before purchasing and also ask them about their returns policy. Make sure that you find out if they offer delivery or collection only. It's easy to over-look these aspects.

Faux Leather Dining Chairs Over Real Leather

You really can pick up some fantastic chairs that look just like the real thing. The cost of imitation leather is much less and there are some fantastic bargains out there.

Faux leather is easy to keep clean and teamed with a solid wooden table they really do look way more expensive. A little bit of luxury without the price tag.

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Online Stores

Looking for a bargain? - Covered dining chairs - All kinds of bargains here - Lots of on-sale items


Up-cycling your old furniture is becoming the fashionable thing to do and it's fun too! Have a look at the stuff that you have been thinking was fit for the tip and consider what you might be able to do with it. Anything goes too. There is no right or wrong. Style is individual and our uniqueness is what makes us great.

It's always best to think about you and your personality rather than what is in fashion right now. Fashion's come and go and just because something is the in-thing it doesn't mean it's the best thing.

What about covering the dining chairs that you have? what about sanding down your old dining table and oiling or staining it? Painting white doors heritage green, cream or painting just one of them bright red? I have a red front door. It took me three years to persuade my husband to let me do it and we get so many compliments from passers by. Technically this is exterior design I guess.


Faux Breakfast Bar

A great way to install a breakfast bar when you don't have the budget or don't have the space is to add a wide sturdy shelf along a wall and pop some skinny bar stools underneath. Voila! Your very own breakfast bar without the huge price tag.

A breakfast bar is a great informal place to sit with visitors or sit with a coffee on a lazy Saturday morning.

Rugs Over a New Carpet

Large rugs really can make all of the difference to a room. If your carpet is a little tired but you don't have the budget to splash out a new one then why not add a rug to the centre of the room. You feel like you have made a huge change when in effect you haven't.


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