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Indoor Water Fountains Can Transform the Environment in Your home


Writing is a hobby which I have picked up again after being away from it for four decades actually, while I was busy with a career.


The sound of running water is always soothing to the mind and pleasurable to the ears, and there is no better way of creating this atmosphere, than through the installation of indoor fountains. They can also make for a work of art and act as a focal point for your interior decor.

Fountains Enhance Moods

The sound of running water makes the air fresh and cool and can act as mood enhancers that allow the stress to fade away. You have a sense of nature, which you can accentuate with some indoor plants. Indoor fountains are relatively cheap, easy to maintain and if you go online looking for them the plethora of choice can be the only difficult part in buying one. The gentle sounds of water falling can help people with insomnia and soothe cranky children. Their cascades also have an effect of masking outside sounds and thus have a white noise effect.


A Changed Ambiance

Indoor fountains can be those that are a feast for the eyes and if you use natural materials like stones, wood, bamboo, slate, marble or others the freshness of nature enters your home. These fountains can be wall mounted, tabletop models or other designed to fit specifically into the space you have allotted for them. They do not have to be part of your living room, and can always fit into the hallway, some niche or even below the staircase leading to the upper parts of your home. You can combine them with fishponds and some aqueous plants to give an even better ambiance.

How Do They Work

Most fountains will have small pumps that constantly recirculate the water, and the only maintenance you may need is to replenish any evaporation losses, and probably change the water every week or two, especially if you have fish and plants. The range of designs that are available can help you to make it a part of any decor that you have so that it fits in naturally. Look at specialist firms who can advise you correctly of the model that suits your home, your personal preferences, and your budget.


Fountains Boost Your Mental energy

One thing that most fountain owners are rarely aware of, is the fountains produce negatively charged ions from the falling water. These tiny particles affect the mind and lift the spirit by boosting the flow of oxygen to the brain. As a result, your mood will be elevated and your mental energy will be boosted. They work as effectively as any medications that are anti-depressants. They also leach out the allergens, dust, and smoke from your internal home environment.

So, just go ahead and make your home a better place by installing a water fountain. It will be an addition and an expense you will always be happy you made.

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