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India’s First Bamboo-Ware Brand: Biomize

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Plastic and their byproducts has become a severe global issues and creating landfills and polluting marine eco-system. This has reached to an alarming situation in last decade and became the biggest problem of earth. Extensive usage of single use plastic and non-recycling of the plastic products globally is the main cause of this current situation where humans completely started relying on plastic. There was dozens of articles coming every week where various ecologists and environmentalists are raising their concern over this but nothing great is being done so far. Recycling of plastics is one way to solve the problem but India being such a huge nation, recycling is not possible due to various factors like lack of awareness, lack infrastructure and lack government initiatives towards environmental issues. Indian Government recently banned the single use plastic in almost 25 states but due huge lack of awareness, absence of better alternates and higher cost of other packaging material usage of single plastic is yet very prominent.

In 2019, Biomize applied for a patent of bamboo fiber formulation, which was breakthrough concept. Bamboo fiber is made from the fibers of naturally abundant bamboo by converting virgin bamboo trees to pulp and after minor mixing of some ingredients to give it strength and durability. This bamboo is capable of replacing the plastics from Indian households first and then globally in India con contribute towards the fight against plastic. Bamboo fiber formulated by Biomize is almost 99 % bamboo and is completely bio-degradable.

India is country known of its huge forest biomass and major jungles in Northern Part of India have bamboo plantations in abundance. But due to lack of innovation and initiatives by concerned bodies, not much emphasis have been given to increase the usage of naturally abundant bamboo biomass. India has the largest bamboo cover in the world and if Indian’s can adopt bamboo in their lifestyle as Korean, Japanese and Chinese have done, it can a huge bane for India. Government of India is promoting bamboo plantations among the major bamboo producing states to increase their livelihood people living in those areas. Commercial value of bamboo crop is still very low but Biomize is working on various initiatives to bridge the gap and come up with a viable solution to reduce plastics and generate enough livelihood to bamboo belt which is also good for our ecosystem.

Gautam - Founder of Biomize

Gautam - Founder of Biomize

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