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Incorporate Black in Your Space: A Guide to Neutral and Black Bedrooms

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Neutral spaces are prevalent for a reason. The look of crisp white sheets and thick off-white drapes with some blush and beige thrown in there, is the look of serenity and maturity, one that I love.

Neutral bedrooms with their minimal tones and muted, interesting jute-like textures are no doubt extremely desirable but at times, they may look a little bland and then the witch in me wants to paint everything black.

That, however, is of course not something I would recommend you to do, no matter how strong the desire is. Instead, let me show you ways to incorporate black into your space to spice it up just the right amount. These items would give you that classic Black and Neutral Bedroom look.


Making the skeleton of your bed black.

The best thing about making the bed frame black is that you can still keep your bedding neutral which of course is a sure-shot way of making your room look richer. You can check out my thoughts on bedding here.

By making the bedposts black you are setting the stage for so many more subtle ways to incorporate black without it ever overpowering the quiet elegance of the room.

Take for example the black handles of the chest of drawers on either side of the bed (in the image above). You are not as drawn to them as the black bedposts and yet they add so much depth and character to the room.

Also, you can simply use black-accented side tables to complement the black bed frames.

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And in the image below notice the black bold frames, lining the walls on either side of the bed, complementing the bed quietly and yet loudly.


Take away tip: If you’re drawn to a black bed skeleton, complement it only with other smaller black decor items (more about my favourite decor pieces later on). Avoid using black rugs and do not pair a black bed with a black wall. That will only make the room loud and suffocating.

Lately, I have been obsessed with the combination of black and neutral. I am SO EXCITED to even simply talk about this gorgeous look.

Tip: This is better suited for the living room rather than a bedroom.

Black when incorporated correctly with neutral and muted tones brings about such an amazing contrast.


LOOK AT THIS BEAUTY!! Look at how the black window panes add so much to the space. The furniture is still subtle and light and yet not boring at all.

However, it is only the pairing of these dark panes with the right dark decor that provide an upgrade to the room.

For example, in the image above, look at that gorgeous black chandelier. And in almost every black and neutral room you’ll find a beautiful centre table/coffee table with a dark wood countertop and sleek black legs. This is a combination made in heaven.


In the image above, Look at the centre table. Notice how the black window panes and the black metallic legs of the table complement each other. I love how they’ve used a tan couch to accent the wood and then finished off the look with grey and white rugs and poufs.

This might be one of the most popular ways to incorporate black in any room. It is bold, loud and unlike other methods, it does no,t even require getting other selective decors. It is enough to add all the edge you might want to add.


When it comes to decorating and styling an accent wall, simplicity is the key. The black wall itself is such a bold piece that adding unnecessary decor would just make the entire ensemble suffocating. Instead go for minimal, complementary styles and colours.

The best items to decorate the wall with are a mirror, a console table or a bench and planters (having vibrant green plants).

And the complementary colours to go for are- olive green and tan.


However, making an entire wall matt black might not strike your fancy and I can understand why. In that case, it is still possible to create a moody accent wall. Here’s how:


Instead of a black wall, paint the wall grey and then decorate it with a black-rimmed mirror and this beautiful black-accented console table.

The black planters and the black chair only add to the beauty of the space.

All the above-listed methods fall flat if you don’t pair them with the right type of decor. You don’t even need to do any of the above if you have enough (and correct) black decor.

Some classics:


They can single-handedly add all the black you might need in space.


These can be cabinets or bookshelves or even display spaces. They can do a wonderful job of highlighting an otherwise neutral room.


3. LAMPS: Black lamps are such statement pieces. If you choose a side table that only has black accents instead of being completely black, you should go for a black table lamp.



Believe it or not, study tables are PERFECT for adding moody tones to a small room. In a room that does not have enough space for side tables and coffee tables, study tables made up of dark wood and black accents are a great alternative.

Anyway that’s it for today!! I hope these tips help you to acheieve that perfect neutral and black bedroom design.

Let me know if you ever implement these!

See you in a few days!

All the Love.

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