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Ideas for Designing Your Wardrobe

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A wardrobe, often called a cupboard, is a free-standing cupboard for storing clothes. A wardrobe can also refer to a big cupboard or cabinet for storing clothes or other linen, such as built-in wardrobe, fitted wardrobe, walk-in wardrobe, etc. The term "locker room" was given to a room where the wall space was filled with safes and lockers, the drawer being a relatively recent development. The modern wardrobe with its hanging areas, sliding shelves and drawers slowly developed from these cupboards and lockers. After the bed, the wardrobe is the most used piece of furniture in your bedroom. That's where he keeps his hand-knit sweaters, quality shoes, ripped jeans, vintage leather belts, long-sleeved shirts, work pants, shorts, and all those accessories you buy at your favourite fashion store. Use and the load it supports. Check out this post if you're not sure what types of costume designs are available.


This is the traditional style of wardrobe used by most Indian families. It's been around for a long time. the closet and find things easily. When the blinds are fixed with hooks, you can also hang some accessories like shoulder bags, ties, scarves and belts on the back of the blinds. You can also place bags, hangers, shelves and a chest of drawers as you wish in this closet to create different compartments for your different accessories.


These wardrobes are ideal for those who frequently change the overall layout of their home or move their entire home due to work or travel commitments. With free-standing cupboards, storage space is not only available inside, but also above the cupboard. A high ceiling, for example, these cabinets give you extra overhead storage and help you make the most of your vertical space. These cabinets also offer great customization in terms of colors, finishes, and door styles. Even if your bedroom doesn't have enough space for a large built-in wardrobe, a free-standing wardrobe is a great alternative.


One of the widely used and is also Space Saving - This is the modern wardrobe design favoured by most of the modern elite. It has sliding doors that move back and forth along metal tracks that are attached to the top and bottom of the cabinet and are not held on hinges.

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Horizontally swinging doors offer the greatest benefit in terms of space saving as they don't take up the space in front of them. Apart from that, this type of cabinet does not impede the flow of traffic in the room. This makes this cabinet design ideal for compact and tight spaces. Due to its sliding design, it can also be used for large spaces that require a long closet. These closets are very important for small spaces that have less space between the closets and the bed, saving space.


When you have the luxury of ample space, walk-in closets can take your bedroom to the next level of sophistication. These closets provide ample storage for all your belongings, from shoes to jewellery, without exposing you to cluttered drawers and cluttered clothes racks.

Create extra space and let your accessories breathe better by introducing variable shelving alternatives and smart storage solutions where you want them. You can sort and organize your accessories more effectively because everything is not cluttered. This means you can always find what you are looking for quickly and easily, without having to search through and rummage through a crowded closet. Imagine getting ready every morning with clothes so organized, wouldn't that be quick?

Customised Wardrobe

Do you have nooks and corners in your room empty? Don’t you want them to turn them into usable spaces? Then custom cabinets are made for you! You can turn every nook and cranny of your bedroom into a highly functional storage space for your extra gear. We shall help you choose the right combination within your budgets.

Our vendors create custom wardrobes on-site (at your residence). In contrast, you can choose from a variety of modular wardrobe designs in our catalog that come in predetermined proportions and are simply constructed in your bedroom.

When you live in a small space, every square foot counts. Investing in a custom wardrobe can help you turn slant walls and corners into practical spaces. In small spaces, standard modular wardrobe designs are impractical. As a result, tailor-made closets are the best way to make the most of every nook and corner in your home.

The author of the article is founder of Neya Arts, Priya Garg, residing in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh She is a Handcraft Designer, Artist, and Web Designer. She loves to write in her leisure time.

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