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I Lost Over 101 Pounds!! I Feel So Much Better!!

I have probably tried every diet, and way of eating there is. I finally found something that really works, and is healthy.

How I Got Fat

I have struggled with my weight most of my life. I was a bigger built girl than most girls, so I always felt fat, and I felt inferior. My mom loved to bake. She would bake the best cakes and pies. Her cinnamon rolls were out of this world. Plus good old home cooking with biscuits. Yummmm. I like good food.

Well, my weight went up and up. I would lose weight, but put it back on again. In my thirties my weight went up to over 350 lbs. I was not healthy, and couldn't get around sometimes. I tried, but didn't know how to lose the weight. I even went to a doctor, and weight lose things (which are not cheap!)

I was out of control. My doctor called me and told me that my sugar was out of control. Ohh, my, one more thing out of control in my life. I loved cakes, pies, chocolate, and most anything with sugar. I sold Avon, so I don't know if they still do or not, but they would have the best chocolate things. I would eat a whole chocolate bunny. I not only loved sweets I loved savory foods too. Pasta, I love Alfredo sauce and shrimp. I could eat almost my weight in pasta and shrimp. You name it I loved all foods.

What Do I Do, I Was Sad

Well, first things first. I needed to get my sugar under control! My doctor put me on two pills. One was metformin and I don't remember the name of the little pink pill. I started exercising especially at night in my bed. I have back and hip problems, so I couldn't jog or even walk very long plus I would get out of breath very easy. I had a very strong hospital bed because I have sleep apnea they gave me a hospital bed. The bed held up under all the stretches and leg lifts thank goodness. But, I did my exercises every night. I didn't want to die I have three grand children.

When we went shopping I would get a shopping cart and walk all around the parking lot. I stopped getting sweet tea at McDonalds and got unsweet tea instead. I wouldn't eat potatoes and bread for about 4 months. I really watched what I ate. I craved sugar so I would make things like cream cheese and honey and chocolate hmmmm really good. I would dip things like walnuts and fruit in the chocolate dip. That satisfied my sugar, and the honey didn't make my sugar go up. When I went to the doctor I would hold my breath when he would go over my sugar with me. It was fine he would tell me.

Well, I did a crazy thing, I would not recommend to anyone, I stopped taking the little pink pill. I didn't tell the doctor I would just go and have my blood tests, and he would tell me they were fine. After a couple of months I then started to stop my Metformin. I kept going to the doctor and getting my blood tested, and got the same results. I was fine that made me happy. I finally told my doctor that I had gone off my meds, and he was not happy with me to say the least.

I was very happy because I had lost some weight with all I had done. I got down to 300 lbs which was a milestone to me. No matter what though I could not lose any more weight. I would go to the doctor and my clothes would feel looser and I would feel like I had lost more weight. The scales would show I would have even gained a pound or two. I would get depressed!! The nurse was sweet she would say well muscle weighs more than fat, but that didn't help at all.

I Found Out a Secret

I went on like that for a few years. I got tired of doing a thousand leg lifts and arm stretches in bed at night. I would sweat a lot so then I would have to shower at 10 pm at night. I wanted to shower earlier so I stopped all those exercises. I couldn't even tell a difference when I stopped doing them. I thought great, but I do believe the exercises helped me to get where I am today.

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I loved to find out all I could about health. I believed one day I would find something that would help me. I saw documentaries on a lot of things. Then one day some doctors were talking about our microbiome. I thought wow that really makes sense. They were promoting the Keto diet. Well, I tried that, but I didn't see any results, and it was hard too. I thought would be easy because I like to eat that way, but I wanted something sweet too. Cream cheese honey chocolate just wasn't one of the things I could eat. I gave up pretty quickly sadly to say.

Then one day I saw a documentary on fasting. Well, I'm thinking I can't do that. They started talking about intermittent fasting. I thought well maybe I can do that. The next day I started intermittent fast for twelve hours after I had eaten last. Which was the night before. That didn't hurt so bad. I was impressed.

I Kept On and Won

The more I practiced the intermittent fasting the easier it got. I was feeling better, and my clothes were actually fitting loser. From what I understand when a person practices fasting, and even intermittent fasting their sugar can balance out. I was even wanting to eat better. Sugary foods didn't have their pull on me like they did before. Before I started the intermittent fasting I had gone back to eating what I pretty much wanted to. Which wasn't a good thing. I did try to eat protein and fats before I ate sugary foods though and that did help.

I want to say that even when I started the intermittent fasting I was still eating pretty much what I want to. The fasting though made me feel more satisfied, so I couldn't eat as much.

I started to make my fasts longer. On most days I would go 16 hours without eating. I haven't had any blood tests, so I don't know what my stats are. I have one scheduled though and I will give an update. I am slowly changing my eating habits. I have gotten a keto bread book, and wow these recipes are good. I am eating banana nut bread right now with raisons and dark chocolate chips. Ohh, wow, this is good.

When I Realized That I Could Do This

My daughter had gotten a scale to weigh on. I was very afraid to weight myself because I had been so disappointed so many times before. When I got on the scale I was so surprised. I asked my daughter are you sure these are right. LOL She said yes mom!!

I had lost 98 lbs from my highest weight that I actually knew about. I weighed about two weeks later and had lost almost 4 lbs more. I had lost more than 101 lbs. I think I lost about 40 lbs in about three months. That is when I really started working on the fasting and choosing better foods. We also would do salad smoothies which helped me a lot.

I can't eat wheat it makes terrible water blisters and sores down my throat and mouth. That's one reason I got the keto bread book. The breads you make are with coconut flour and almond flour, so they don't raise your sugar. I can now have my bread and eat it too. My mouth is almost totally healed. I am so happy.

As of today 10/29/2020 I have lost another two pounds. :~D Yaya I can and will get the rest of this weight off. That makes 103 lbs gone. I thought I would never lose this fat, lol.

So, don't be afraid to do intermittent fasting. Do your research there is a lot of information out there. It has helped me tremendously. I feel a lot better. I love every day now.

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