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Hyla Vacuum Review- Pros and Cons

Hyla Vacuum Named for Frog

The Hyla Vacuum was named after this little tree frog!  Whether he's cute or creepy, I'm not sure!

The Hyla Vacuum was named after this little tree frog! Whether he's cute or creepy, I'm not sure!

Hyla Vacuum- What is it?

So, what is a Hyla? You're probably looking for the Hyla vacuum and air purification system, and not the Hyla tree frog for which it was named after, (now you know why there's a frog over there haha!). They actually named it after a frog because the Hyla is considered a green cleaning system. It uses water to essentially create a suction where dirt and particles are then trapped in that same water. Ever go outside after it rains and notice the nice fresh smell? That rain helps to purify the air, smells great doesn't it? You can't hardly find a more natural way to purify your air, or clean for that matter. You can use your Hyla on carpets, hardwood, upholstery, car seats, and you can use it to shampoo! It's a lot like a Rainbow, but better! I bought a Hyla about a year ago, I'm not going to lie they are expensive. Since then I've used mine almost daily and here are some of the benefits!

Hyla Vacuum

Hyla Vacuum Demonstration

Hyla Vacuum- Benefits

The benefits to owning a Hyla are numerous. This is a complete home cleaning system. You can clean your floors, curtains, car seats, upholstery and the air while your doing it. Or if it's not time to vacuum you can disconnect the vacuum head and just run it for about thirty minutes to purify the air. You know its working because after you're done and you can actually see the dirt in the water. It's something to behold let me tell you. I had no idea my house was so dirty until I bought one of those. I'm glad to say it's much cleaner now. Then when you get your carpets good and dirt free after a few sweepings you can use the shampooer. I went ahead and got one with mine and we've used it about three times. It is absolutely amazing how much better my carpet looks. When we bought one my mom also bought one with a shampooer, she has white carpet and dogs (terrible combination). She went home and after about a month she used it, carpet looked brand new again.

So, if you couldn't tell, in my opinion this is absolutely one of the greatest vacuums you can own. There are still some more benefits to it. It comes with an array of fragrances, including one called eucalyptus. Now when we got ours we had a baby who was 3 months old. He had just developed a stuffy nose so we immediately got it out and ran the purifier with that fragrance in it. We even added a little extra water into the basin to help humidify the air. It really seemed to help him. He also had colic and would cry and cry at night, same night we used the eucalyptus he was also crying and crying with his colic. Literally with in just a few minutes he was out like a light. We used that vacuum every night to put him to sleep until his colic resolved. We had tried other vacuums in the past but this one worked much better, it has more of a deep sound to it than most vacuums and I'm guessing that's why it worked better. What was even better about it was we also purified the air at the same time!

The Hyla comes with a large variety of attachments too. You might be more familiar with the Kirby or Rainbow vacuum. Well the Hyla is right in line with those (the front of the line if you ask me) if you remember how many attachments they came with. It can become a blower or a sprayer also. It comes with a muffler to decrease the noise if it's bothersome to you, and a whole host of other attachments.

Hyla Vacuum and Air Purifier- Get Ready to Go GREEN!

Get a Hyla and live green.  The Hyla uses water only to cleanse the air and trap dirt!

Get a Hyla and live green. The Hyla uses water only to cleanse the air and trap dirt!

Hyla Vacuum- Is it for you?

So, is a Hyla for you? Well if you couldn't tell by my review I highly recommend it! Actually in all honesty they are not cheap. But this is a vacuum with proper care and maintenance every once in a while could last you a very long time. It could be the last vacuum you ever buy. They are very durable and built to last. My mom has friends who have had theirs for years and years. You can get cheaper alternatives, but are they as good? I don't know, what I do know is that this one is great. I have read a few complaints out there just like with any product. Most were complaining that the water would stink. Well of course, it's full of dirt! You do have to dump the water right away. If you don't dump it, it gets stagnant and very smelly. The original asking price they started at when we bought ours was $3200. Don't pay this much!! Haggle with them! Even though I'm not at liberty to disclose what I bought mine for (I signed a paper saying I wouldn't) it was much less than that. If you aren't comfortable haggling with them get a friend or relative who is over to do it for you and shoot them very low at first.

So if you decide to get one I think you'll be very pleasantly surprised, if not absolutely elated! If not, well keep it in the back of your mind in case your ever in the market for a vacuum/air purifier again. I hope this was informative and good luck!


Kerrie on March 28, 2020:

How well do these clean hardwood and tile?

Alexandra Clark on September 25, 2019:

Love the product and the Sarah the sales rep. She was not pushy and was very friendly and understanding. The Hyla is a great product to have especially with having the family size I do along with the animals. Helps with the dust and everyday dirt and dander. Happy to have this in my home.

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Kinsey on May 02, 2013:

I will never buy a Hyla again. After spending over $800 on ebay to purchase a used one I recently just broke the water basin. No one sells the parts and because I didn't purchase it directly there is no warranty. I have called Hyla corporate in ft Lauderdale and left several msgs with no return call. Customer service is pathetic. I have no problem paying for the basin. I now have an $800 vacuum I cant use after 1 year....Very pissed!

Jenny Stub (author) from Missouri, US on August 28, 2012:

I can't blame you there! And I agree all those types of vacuums are ridiculously over priced. But yes the Hyla is awesome! There are some complaints out there about it, but like you said as long as you dump the water, you don't have any terrible odors or residues left. And that's what a lot of the complaints are, how the water smells. Yeah I'm with you, I love the Hyla, it does a great job!

kenshinzu on August 28, 2012:

I love the HYLA and how it cleans the air. I worked as a dealer for a short time and although they do have shady practices I would still buy the machine. As long as you dump the water after running it for 35-40 minutes, your house will not stink and you won't have to worry about the residue. Just get some degreaser like dawn to clean out the water basin and that's it. I will be getting mine off eBay because the machine is way over priced in my opinion. I would never finance a machine for $2495 when I can get it for much cheaper and although it may not have the 5 year warrenty I know a dealer that I can get parts for free if something happens. He has already sold seven and he is a new dealer. I've never seen the rainbow in action, but I'm pretty sold on the HYLA, but would never sell it again. I'm not too bad at sales, but I had such a bad experience and going door to door is not for me.

Jenny Stub (author) from Missouri, US on August 22, 2012:

I understand it's difficult for the salesman. In fact, my husband sold Robocleans door to door for awhile. But you can't expect to go in and these people not try to get the best deal they can, that's part of being a salesman. There should be a fine line between coming down on the price enough to make someone happy and still making a little commission. Knowing how things went for my husband, I know it can be a very tough business. My husband started off making $400 per full price sale and $200 for a discounted sale. Once he had sold so many (and that was a lot), his commission would double. He never made it to that point. Not because it was a bad machine, the Roboclean in my opinion is actually better than the Hyla, but most people just can't afford to pay almost $3000 for a vacuum no matter how good it is. So my suggestion is still to haggle, a discounted sale is better than no sale.

robmon on June 12, 2012:

I began selling the Rainbow at 20 years old. I started out as a dealer and owned my own distributor ship by the age of 22. It has now been 22 years since I started out and we have changed our inventory to the Hyla for many reasons. When it comes to 'haggling' with them in the home... this is a very difficult thing.... the dealer may be receiving 3 or 400 dollar commissions... but what you don't realize is that they may go on 5 to 10 shows that week with NO sale.... Most people who sell these systems in the home only do so for 2 to 6 months. So they never get to the place where they sell 50 to 80% of their demonstrations. So for some one to insist on cutting their commissions, when they are likely only receiving 3 or 4 hundred for the WEEK.... is not right. They may get better at it and then be able to cut a little or offer extra products... but this is usually not the case. I have been doing this for many years and have always held a 50 to 80% closing... I know what I can do and cant.... but I also know... that if I cut you a "deal" and then a dealer who is new and only sells $25 to 30% of their shows.... goes to your friend, family member, co worker's home they expect them to do the same... and It is not fair for me to create that ripple effect for them. It can be a tough business with a fantastic product. :-)

Jenny Stub (author) from Missouri, US on April 28, 2012:

Wow that's unreal! I can't believe they let a for sure sale walk out the door! The Hyla salesman came to our house. We haggled with them about an hour and ended up getting the price dropped by over 1,000. We also bought 2, one for us and one for my mom though. So that helped, we had them throw in the shampooers too. Actually if you consider the price of them with the shampooers, we basically got a buy one get one free deal. That's why I say haggle with them. But if they are unwilling to take a for sure sale of someone who just walks in the door, I guess that's their loss!

Joanna McKenna from Central Oklahoma on April 28, 2012:

A relative who was selling Rainbows was staying with me for awhile, and she let me try one out over a coupe of weekends. I absolutely loved it! I had NO idea how filthy my townhouse was!

I couldn't afford one at the time, but later (after the relative changed careers) I came into a bit of money and went to the local sales office to buy one. I didn't tell them I already knew how much of the price was commission for the demonstrator, but did tell them a relative had one, and no one would have to come to my home to show me how to use it. I simply wanted one to buy one. Right now. I had the cash to buy the complete system and ALL the accessories, but they would NOT budge on the price.

So here's my ONLY problem with cleaning marvels like the Rainbow and Hyla that HAVE to be purchased through a dealership. If one already knows how wonderful they are because a friend or relative has one and you've seen the results, wouldn't it make more sense to let a that person buy it at a significantly reduced price without making the (potential) customer haggle? Just chalk up the "lost" commission to great PR and FREE advertising?

I can't fathom the mindset of a company that would let a potential customer with cold hard cash in hand walk out the door. After all, I came to them...they didn't spend a dime or shoe leather to sell their product to me. Any car salesman knows that selling an expensive item at a lower price beats a NO SALE any day!

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