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How to take the tight squeeze out of small home living!

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Amy has been an online writer for several years. Her goal as a writer is to spread as much knowledge as she can about saving money.


Your ideal home doesn't doesn't always come with the right amount of space

You've finally moved into your perfect home, the only problem is that you don't have the right amount of space. When I found my perfect home I wasn't sold on it's size being that it was only 1000 square feet. I was sold on the bright cheery effect it had on me and it's location. It was close to the ocean, which was the perfect place for my family. Due to our lack of space, my family of four and I had to make some major adjustments before we moved in.

As our move in day became closer, I began to research ways I could utilize my new and much smaller home to the fullest. I also wanted it to appear more spacious, roomy, and comfortable even though in reality it was just a starter home. Here are the ways the helped my family maximize everything we could out of my now smaller home.

Do away with your large chunky furniture that just won't fit. Before the move, we got rid of a lot of old large furniture that we had for years. Being that our space was going to be a lot smaller there was no room or use for it. The only piece we couldn't part with was our king size bed which we were creative enough to put it to good use by lifting it up on bed stilts. This simple decorating technique gave us three times the storage space underneath our bed for storage containers.


Shop around for multi-tasking storage furniture. Multi-tasking furniture that can also be used as storage has become increasingly popular over the past few years. There are many high quality sites on-line geared towards this kind of furniture. Surprisingly, I found my best items at Ikea and Costco!


Use as much white as you can. The color white is crisp and fresh, it also reflects light and makes rooms appear bigger. We choose white for our home décor items like our dishes and pillows and it really helped our small space appear much larger and cleaner than it had before.



Bring the outside in! Landscape prints, botanical items, and fresh flowers all blur the distinction between indoors and out. Use them in your home to keep from feeling cramped in.


Committing to a single color scheme throughout our home made small rooms feel like one big connected and open space. We went for a bright airy off white tone, the light color made the inside of our home seem larger than what it really is.

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Drawers underneath the sofa and kid's beds kept everyday items and toys out of sight and out of mind. In addition to that, an even bigger help was baskets in cubbies for our mail and linins to keep everything neat and tidy.


Use every inch of your home. I actually found a slim built in cabinet that also served as an armrest and side table in my living room.

Efficient built in storage utilizes every inch. I found this awesome corner ledge and used it above the door. Sometimes shelving at the head of a bed can hold books and make the space more cozy.


Small space living means editing often. Our family frequently gets rid of unwanted items in our home and donates them to our local Goodwill store.

Outdoor living areas can work as extra rooms year round. We made our backyard work as an extra living space in both cold and hot weather. We used a top of the lone fire pit in the Winter when we felt the need to get some air. In the summer we created an extra room by using an awning and some really comfortable outside furniture to dine and lounge out on


Even though the process of researching ways to make our small home better was a bit time consuming the reward made us fall in love with small space living. Somehow everything ended up fitting together and really worked better than in our previous larger home. Living small has brought our family closer together has brought a sense of liberation into our lives. We can now afford to do the things we love the most but couldn't do before. Our family has never been happier!



CANDYCE THORNTON on January 05, 2017:

Great tips! I absolutely love the storage around the bed. Any information on where you bought those pieces from? They would be a great addition in our master bedroom and give us plenty more storage and drawer that we are looking for. Thanks for your advice!

Julie K Henderson on March 04, 2015:

What a wonderful, informative article. I love how you put your king bed on stilts in order to have extra storage underneath.

Claudia Mathews on March 01, 2015:

I love small spaces, they are usually cozy and make you feel right at home. I live in a 700 square foot small, oddly shaped apartment but it is very homey. storage is not a problem because I have learned to stop holding onto excess stuff I never was a process, because I love to shop at thrift stores and garage sales and retail stores and online and everywhere haha. This is a great article, Thanks for writing it.

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