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How to put up chain link fence, install chain link fence, 4, Mesh


How to put up chain link fence, this is a step by step guide of how to erect chain link fence by yourself. Saving lots of money.

This part is about attaching the mesh itself, by now, all chain link posts, supports, brackets, tensioners and the straining wire should be erected and ready to attach the fence with.

If not, please see the links below describing in detail how to do this properly, and there is also one which will help you erect chain link fence on a stepped wall.

If you have any problems, please contact me via the comments box below and I will get back to you. please leave your email address. Putting up your own chain link fence will not only save you money, but will give a sense of satisfaction at having done it yourself, and the fence will be exactly where and how you want it.

Clip Gun

Clip Gun

Fencing Gun or Wire

Attaching the fence can be done in two ways, you can cut little bits of wire, about 6cm in length, and as you put on the fence, you will twist these pieces of wire around the mesh and onto the straining wire, keeping the fence upright.

This way is very time intensive and can take hours to do a small stretch. Using the gun and clips is simple and very quick, it works just like a normal paper stapler, whereas the clips wrap around both the fence and the straining wire.

If using the gun, do not squeeze to tight, as the clips need to allow tightening of the fence later. Check with a local tool hire company to see if they have a clip gun.

Mesh Around a Platina

Mesh Around a Platina

End Post and Platina

With chain link fence, you begin at the end where the platina is. So with the first roll of mesh, lay it down on the floor very close to the end post, and on the side where the mesh will be, not on the side of the supports.

The roll will now have to be unrolled, just roll it out all the way down the side where the fence will be, once unrolled, hold the last few pieces of the roll and pull. only pull until the mesh is slightly tight, still on the ground.

Then go to the end post, and feed the platina through the first link, you will notice that the mesh will slot around the platina easily, with the links of the mesh alternately going from back to front on the platina. Once you have put the platina from top to bottom in the mesh, you then attach the platina to the post, put the nuts onto the three bolts, but do not tighten yet, just attach finger tight.

Attaching the Mesh

Once the platina is on, walk from the end post, lifting the mesh toward the posts and straining wire, and clip the top line of the mesh to the top straining wire. The clip will need to be put about 10 cms after the first post, this will keep the mesh up against the fence whilst you carry on working.

Go along the whole roll of mesh, clipping just after each post until the last post where the roll reaches, then stop. Go back to the first section, a section is now the part between each post. and place one clip in the centre of the section on the top straining wire, just to hold the fence up.

Now look along the top of the first section, if there are links in the mesh which have risen or dropped below the rest of them, these will need to be twisted gently back into position, once you have checked the top, and all is ok, check the bottom line of the section, sometimes it can knot up, once all is fine, go to the first post.

Now you need go grab the fence just after the first post and pull tight, this part is easier with two people, whilst it is being pulled tight, a clip will need to be put on as near to the post as is possible on the mesh and the straining wire, again on the top row, then when you let go, the mesh should hardly move backwards towards the end post. You now do this to the middle straining wire, then the bottom straining wire. Now go along each post doing the same until the end of the first roll of mesh is reached.

Clipping Sections

Once you have clipped by each of the posts, go back to the first section and clip along the top row, every 30-45 cms. Then do the bottom row, not the middle. Go to each section and do the same. Remember, the clips must be in the same horizontal row of the mesh along the top, if your clips differ from a row, the fence will not be tight and will not look level.

Once this is done, unroll the next roll of mesh, leaving the first end close to where the first roll finished. Lift the new mesh to the first post past the end of the first roll, and clip both sides of the post, this will hold the fence up temporarily. Ensure that the ends of both rolls of mesh meet each other.

Then with one piece of mesh, which is usually found loose in each roll, you will need to weave it down slowly, joining the two rolls together. Once this is done, unclip the clips on the first post which you put in temporarily, and start again by pulling the the new roll of mesh tight and clipping just by the post.

Continue with these procedures until all the fencing is up. At the last end post, pull the fence tight and put in the last platina and attach to post.

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