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How to Organize a Small Bedroom for a Child

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If you're in need of some organizational inspiration for your child's bedroom, check out these tips on how to organize a small bedroom. You'll be able to make the space work harder with clever storage ideas and easy decor hacks. From under-bed storage to custom-built bookcases, this article has got you covered. With a few changes, you can have your child's room looking great in no time.

How to organize a small bedroom for a child with 6 easy steps

To help get you started on your journey of organization, here are six easy tips for how to organize a small bedroom. If you follow these tips, you'll be able to transform the space into an organized haven in no time at all.

1) Use under bed storage

If you have a small bedroom, then under-bed storage is perfect for doubling up on space. You can use this area to store your child's toys, clothes, or even shoes. Giving these items their own designated place will not only ensure they're out of sight but it'll also keep the rest of the room looking clean and tidy too.


2) Use custom-built bookcases

If your child is a keen reader, then having a dedicated place for their books will make everything easier. You can use custom-built bookcases to create the perfect reading nook and keep the room looking finished at the same time. If you don't have enough room to build one large bookcase, why not try using an under-bed storage box instead? With a lid to keep the books protected, it's perfect for keeping everything together.

3) Opt for open storage

Open storage is always best in small spaces because it allows you to de-clutter while still making things look neat and tidy. If your child has plenty of toys lying around, opt for open storage so they can keep everything to hand. With adjustable shelves, you'll be able to make the most of your space without having too much clutter hanging around.


4) Keep decorations minimal

Small bedrooms are best kept by making decorations minimum because it allows you to create a bedroom with space, or at least the illusion of space, for your child. Opt for small wall hangings and keep the décor light and airy for a bedroom that's perfect for sleeping in.

5) Make use of vertical space

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If you need some extra storage space but don't have room for large under-bed storage boxes, make use of the wall instead. You can buy fitted shelves or even free-standing shelving from your local DIY home improvement store and use these to keep everything organized. Just make sure the storage boxes or shelves are within easy reach of your child so they can access their possessions without too much hassle.


6) Install an area rug

If your child's bedroom is covered with laminate flooring, adding in an area rug can help make everything look finished. Area rugs are perfect for brightening up the space and creating a warm feel too. They also offer great opportunities to add in some clever organization hacks like labeled storage boxes or even fitted shelves too.

3 simple decor hacks

With simple decor hacks, your child's bedroom can be transformed and give the space a new lease of life.

1) Use a printed sheet as a headboard

Headboards can be expensive to buy for small bedrooms so why not try using a printed sheet instead? All you have to do is attach it to the wall with some strong adhesive and you'll have a great-looking feature in your child's bedroom. If you'd prefer, use a plain printed sheet as a visual block and keep the décor light to create an easy-going vibe.


2) Use colorful storage bins

Making use of brightly colored storage bins will brighten up your child's room and help to make everything look fun too. You can buy them from most home improvement stores, making them a cheap decor hack for you to employ. They also offer clever storage ideas for your child's bedroom too.

3) Add in some plush accessories

Plush accessories can work wonders when it comes to creating a luxurious children's bedroom. From the sofa to the rug, you can transform your child's bedroom with these small additions and give everything a more comfortable feel too.



If you're struggling with creating more space in your child's bedroom, then these decorating tips and hacks will help you de-clutter without making the room seem too busy. With simple decor changes, you can ensure your child's bedroom gets the makeover it deserves.

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