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How to Effectively Extend the Life of Metal Hoses


The PM-type plastic-coated metal hose uses BM as the core, and the surface is PVC material to cover the cable along the core surface. Due to its lightweight, good flexibility, easy installation and reliable connection with tool equipment and machinery, and resistance to oil, splashing water, etc. It is widely used in electric power, chemical industry, metallurgy, machinery, Cable Glands in UAE, and other industries. It has good flexibility, corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, and tensile strength.

With the rapid development of the optoelectronic industry, the demand for products is increasing. The stainless steel braided sleeve gradually replaces the bellows traditionally used in automobiles. It is made of polyester and does not shrink. The casing is lightweight, good flexibility, friction resistant, sound reducing, and cost-effective. Mainly because it inherits the advantages of bellows, it can save more space than bellows, and compensates for the great shortage of bellows is not easy to bend. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance, static electricity protection, anti-aging, etc., which can effectively ensure the operating efficiency of vehicle circuits; The woven sleeve after aging can ensure that the wire harness does not absorb dust so that the engine compartment wire harness is as bright as new.

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Let's pay attention together to these details:

One: The value of the radius of curvature of the plastic-coated metal hose is strictly regulated because when the radius of curvature is (5-10) d, the shape of the wave pattern is mainly changed by the change of the valley and the radius of the flange. When the radius of curvature is small (5-10) d, the residual deformation should occur not only in the waveform of the corrugated curvature section but also in the wave section of the straight section. In such conditions, the hose is destroyed after several deformation cycles.

Two: The influence of the installation state of the plastic coated hose When laying the metal hose, it can be installed in a straight state or a curved state. Regardless of the type of metal hose installed for the length of the metal hose used for the equipment, the center section H must be specified, and its value is H = (2 ~ 3) d. It is used to prevent the flexible part from being excessively deformed in the recessed joint and breaking easily. Because the corrugation directly adjacent to the connecting part of the joint is subject to the greatest load, furthermore, the residual thermal stress caused by the welding or brazing end joint reduces the fatigue strength of the piece of joint. Connection. The practice has shown that the most frequently damaged parts of metal hoses are found here.

Three: Stress Relief During Installation of Plastic Lined Hoses In many cases, the embedded parts are covered with rubber which can greatly enhance the working capacity of the metal hose to alleviate the load. The bending working capacity of the metal hose is expressed by the number of bends before failing. This number is related to the thickness of the corrugated wall, the distance of the wave, the height and radius of the wave pattern, the radius of curvature, the internal pressure, and the diameter of the hose. The flexing of the hose is due to the deformation of the peak and bottom of the wavy pattern. At this time, the space of the inner profile between the two adjacent corrugations decreases, while the space of the outer profile increases. The smaller the wall thickness and wave distance of the hose, the higher the wave height and bend radius, the longer bending times it will withstand without damage.

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Four: stainless steel braided sleeves. The characteristic metal reacts with oxygen in the atmosphere to form an oxide film. The iron oxide formed in ordinary carbon steel continues to rust, which continually expands the rust and eventually forms holes. To protect the surface of carbon steel, you can use rust-resistant paint or electroplating metal, but this is just a protective film. If the protective layer is damaged, the steel underneath will start to rust. To prevent further oxidation and make stainless steel look ordinary, the natural shine of the stainless steel surface can be seen through this extremely thin oxide layer. If the surface layer is damaged, the steel surface will repair itself again with the atmosphere, thus forming a "passivation film", which will continue to maintain the effect.

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